Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Row, row, row your boat!

If you remember from one of my previous post, I shared that Joseph's latest favourite nursery rhyme song is "Row, row, row your boat". Well, I've managed to record a video of him singing the song after literally begging him to sing for me. He knows that I want to record him on video so he was playing hard to get. Hmph! But after a few takes (talking like a movie director here LOL), I think this is the best video.

Happy viewing and listening. ;)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Nightingales

I took videos of my two lil' dahlings recently while they were both singing. They were already singing actually but I asked them to re-enact the scene again just for me to record it on video. Hence, the cue "1,2,3" from me at the beginning of the video. LOL. I know, I'm a crazy mother. I thought they looked so sweet singing that I have to blog about it so that I can view it next time when I'm old or they can view it next time when they are older.

The first video features Elizabeth singing in solfege and Joseph trying to sing in solfege too.

The second video features them singing with lyrics this time and don't miss the scene where Joseph is trying to do his unique 'peace sign' at the end of the video! LOL.

Memorable videos for me to treasure especially when they're not fighting or snatching toys from each other or hitting each other! LOL. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


My daughter is not the greatest artist in the world. She doesn't even draw everyday too. But when she does draw, I try to capture it on my camera. This is her idea of a happy family and happy home, I guess.

Sweet isn't it? Although her flowers are bigger than us. Interesting!
Then there was one weekend where I had a gathering with close friends we haven't met for quite a long time. The children found a playmate and it became a playdate for them.

Look at that! All three of them giving me a sweet smile for the camera.

Joseph is trying to do the peace sign but he failed. LOL. Oh well, he'll learn it one day just like how all children do. *slaps forehead*

Joseph wants to get in the car! Just incase you're wondering, yes that is Fullhouse at Sunway Giza Mall.

Now both girls want to join him. Joseph is trying to make the peace sign again. LOL.
Later that day, still in Sunway Giza Mall, we went to Tong Pak Fu, a dessert outlet hailed from Hong Kong. It is serving hot, cold and western desserts. I had Tracka Durian Snow Ice and Chocolate Lava Cake. After I tasted the Tracka Durian Snow Ice, I can hear Belinda Carlisle's song "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" playing in my head. LOL. I simply love it! It's yummylicious and you know how I love durian right? Too much for my own good! Tong Pak Fu should give me free vouchers for promoting this dessert. :P

There, my Heaven on Earth. Awesomeness and Sweetness! The Tracka Durian Snow Ice.

The Chocolate Lava Cake was not too bad but after tasting that Durian Snow Ice, I didn't bother finishing this. Not even the ice-cream! I'm an ice-cream lover you see.

Sweet! Must take another picture even before we leave. LOL. That green dress is another of my MIL's masterpiece.
And have I told yet that one of my favourite flower is hydrangea? Sweet!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Lil' Prince

I've noticed I haven't blog about Joseph for quite a while. So I thought I might just do a post on his updates or milestones since I have goldfish memory. :P

My lil' dahling is already 2 years and 4 months old. How time flies! He is still my cheeky little boy and never fail to entertain me with his antics. I'll list them down to be cherished forever so that when I'm old and grey I'll look back at this list and smile.

1. He has grown up and is more understanding now. If you remember one of my old post about him here. He will scream and cry if I bathe with the door closed. He used to bang the door hysterically. But he is fine now with me bathing with the door closed. He would still knock sometimes and try to open the door but no crying fit already. Sometimes I would leave the door open and he does pay me a visit once in a while when he's not too engrossed with what he's doing. He'll open the sliding door and look at me for a while then close and leave. Finally, I can have some ME time while bathing. Yay!

2. When I switched on the lights in the morning to prepare myself for work, he'll call, "Papa! Geh (get) up! Coo coo coooo" (his version of a cockerel's crowing).

3. He has learnt to appreciate books more. Is more attentive when I'm reading a book to him. His sister's interest in books does have an influence on him. My efforts to read to him every night before bedtime are finally paying off!

4. He is still a vegetarian. LOL. Now he even  doesn't accept fish. The other day I tried feeding him a small piece of fish meat and he spit it out! The only way to get him to eat fish is to use my fingers to separate the fish meat into fish crumbs. If I want to get him to eat meat, then I'll have to mince the meat. *slaps forehead*

5. He is learning more words everyday but as usual we parents find it amusing when our toddler mispronounced words.

seven = yeyen
get up = geh up
eleven = e eh en
rubbish = bubbish
finish = ee ish
brush teeth = ah teet
see saw = shee shaw
close the door = clo a dor
drink water = ik ahter
hiccup = ciccup

6. When he is running along the corridor, I think the neighbours will know because he likes to make a racket. He'll say "aaaaaaaaaahhh" the whole time while running. Tsk tsk tsk.

7. He still enjoys making me chase after him when I want to put on clothes or diaper for him. Same ol' trick everyday!

8. He has grown accustomed to cheese which he was not fond of previously. Monkey see monkey do here because his sister loves to eat cheese.

9. He knows how to wear and take off his favourite croc shoes without using his hands. He still face difficulty sometimes though.

10. He is beginning to show a fond attachment to his pillow. Sibling's behaviour can really have an impact among siblings huh. His sister is like best friends with her 'bantal busuk'. Now Joseph is becoming best friends with his 'bantal busuk' too. He calls it 'bei bei' since his sister calls hers 'bao bei' (baby). He even wants to take it along whenever we go out or whenever he goes to the babysitter's.

11. He can sing more nursery rhyme songs now. His latest favourite is "Re, re, re your boat, eny down the sheam, me yi me yi me yi me yi, ife is but a deam." LOL. Can figure that out?

12. Most of the time he'll be the first to arrive when I summon them to brush teeth or go to bed. He'll shout, "Jie jie! Come!" Does he knows he is the youngest or not? :D

13. He used to say "mai mai" (that's don't want in hokkien, because the babysitter speaks hokkien to him). But now he has upgraded to NO for everything. "You want to drink yakult, Joseph?" "NO!" Even when he meant yes. These past few days, we tried teaching him the correct usage of No and Yes. Now it's "Joseph, do you want to eat pudding?" "NO!..Yes!" Oh well, he'll improve. LOL. Today morning when he woke up, I greeted him, "Joseph?" He answered, "Yes?" That's a good sign...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Elizabeth is 5!

Another year and my baby is now 5 years old! It seems not too long ago when I blogged about her 4 year old birthday. Time moved on so fast. I wish I could freeze time! This year, her birthday party in school was done few days earlier because the real date falls on a Sunday. I did the usual cake ordering and prepared the goodie bags. Hubby has more time to help me with the goodie bags this year, thanks hubby! He also could make it for the birthday party in school this year. Thank God!

So what did the little highness wanted on her birthday cake this year? This year it's all about Disney Princess. She wanted Snow White and Cinderella to be on the cake so I ordered two cakes! One for the school party and one for the real day! The stuff for the goodie bags were purchased quite at the last minute so this time, I didn't make my own goodie bag like last year. Want to see how it looked like, click here.

My little princess with her Snow White cake.

A few shots before she blows the candles.

I want to have a pic too!

Blow! Blow! Blow!

The part where most kids are most excited about - get their piece of cake!

Erm..I know what you're thinking. Like one of my friend pointed out that this Snow White's dad must be Spongebob.

What does the birthday girl think of the party? With that smile, it must be a SUCCESS!

Everyone's busy eating their piece of cake.

The goodie bags filled with goodies..duh!

Very possessive la this bf!
The celebration never stop there. Two days after, we celebrated her birthday again in hubby's hometown. My mother in-law wanted to throw a small birthday party for her but her friend's grandchildren couldn't make it and Elizabeth's cousins were down with chicken pox. Nevertheless, it's a happy one for Elizabeth. My MIL sewed many dresses for her and she got her Cinderella cake.

Every birthday, I tend to discover that Elizabeth reaches a milestone. This year, I realised that she is more matured and she talks more like an adult. Like when she told her grandparents before we returned to KL,
"Ok bye bye, next time I will come to your house again".

Then when her father asked her to dance for us, she didn't want. When asked why, she just said,
"You join me lar". LOL.

We went for an event recently and I told her,
"You look disappointed, I'm sorry that they didn't have the hot air balloon ride as promised". She said a simple,

"I know".

Happy 5th Birthday my little princess. I love you more and more each day. Everyday, I'm learning beautiful and new things about you.  I pray to God to bless you with all the joy, happiness and glory in the world. May you sail through all the obstacles and challenges that come in your way to success. I am proud to have you as my daughter and nothing brings us more happiness than the smile on your face. I want to see that smile on your lips forever.

This is the Cinderella cake and they spelt my daughter's name wrongly! Hubby said this Cinderella got breast cancer. ROTFL.

Joseph is trying to imitate jie jie doing the peace sign. LOL.

My sweet little princess wearing one of the dress sewn by my MIL.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Crazy For Noodles In Malacca

There's a place in Malacca we'll try to go nearly everytime whenever we go back to my hometown. Hubby and I just love to eat at this place. It's a restaurant selling noodles. Maybe it's the taste of the noodles drench in oil. The oil is from deep frying the pork lard. Maybe it's the crunchy taste of the fried pork lard. Maybe it's the home-made chilli paste. But whatever it is, it keeps us coming back for more.

You can choose from yellow noodles to kuay teow or even mee hoon depending on your preference. But for me, the combination of yellow noodles and kuay teow is the choice for me. We always have our noodles dry and it comes with a bowl of soup filled with 'yong tau foo' meaning tofu stuffed with fish paste. You can have your bowl of noodles plain, or you can have it with their chilli paste. You can also have it with sweet sauce. You can even have it with dark soya sauce just like how my nephew likes it!

I beg your pardon in advance because the pictures I'm going to share doesn't do justice to the how it tastes. Yours truly forgot to bring back her faithful camera and had to use my camera phone as a substitute.

The combination of kuay teow and yellow noodle drench in oil. Notice the fried pork lard and onion.

The dry noodle comes with a bowl of 'yong tau foo' - fish balls, stuffed to fu, stuffed beancurd.

This home-made chilli paste that makes it even more interesting.

I like it like this mixed with the chilli paste.

Other sauces if chilli is not your cup of tea. The sweet sauce, dark soya sauce and light soya sauce.
The name of this restaurant as stated on their sign board is 'Restoran Yong Tau Fu Cheng Fong'. You can hunt for this restaurant at Jalan Temenggong, Bukit Cina. It's at the end of Jalan Temenggong, the last shop house on your left, before approaching a roundabout. The restaurant is also opposite a Sikh temple called Gurdwara Sahib Melaka. It's not difficult to find but be sure to be there early because everything will be sold out by noon especially on weekends. Hope you'll like it as much as we do!


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