Monday, April 28, 2008

Life is like a box of chocolate

Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're gonna get. This phrase sounds cute. But when you think deeper into the meaning it can be kinda scary. Scary thoughts can creep into the mind for the pessimistic. There will be many what if's.

Lil' dahling got sick last Thursday (24/4/2008). She caught a bad flu and also fever. She is feeling much better now. We all complain how difficult to take care of a sick child. Heck we have to put up with her crankiness. Wasted food and milk because she didn't have the appetite. Be as patient as can be with her non-stop crying. Actually this is nothing compared to the sufferrings some mothers have to go through.

I went to visit a colleague last friday at the National Heart Institute. Her 3 month old daughter was admitted for several complications. It was really heartbreaking to see her tiny baby so wrinkled and crying without a sound. Her baby was born with some disabilities. At first it was hernia although this disease occurs usually in male. Then her baby has cleft palate. Along with narrow arteries. She can't breathe well and it makes her stomach caved in. Just imagine a tiny baby having to go through several surgeries. Not only the baby suffers but the mother too. I couldn't help but cry. Just being in the hospital ward for a few hours and I already witness several other babies with their own cases. Babies screaming and crying in pain. It was really depressing and heart wrenching.

Whenever I look at lil' dahling, I really thank the Lord for giving me a normal and healthy baby. Every once in a while, we compare our baby's milestone with other babies. We can't help it. We are only human and I'm a paranoid mom. I guess my husband's advice to stop stressing myself out and the baby but just be grateful with a healthy baby rings true. We may never know what the future holds but we can only hope to get the best flavoured chocolates not only for ourselves but for everyone on this planet we call earth.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A day of fun for lil' dahling

Last Saturday, lil' dahling and parents were invited to a birthday party. The party's venue was in Great Eastern Mall, Kiz Sports and Gym. Party time was 5.30PM as stated in the invitation card. But as first-time parents, we always use our child's name as an excuse for being late. Hey it's quite true ok? We have to bathe her, change her, make sure there's enough diapers, fill up the flask, fill up the water bottle, make sure we bring the feeding bottle, make sure there's milk, extra clothes and bla bla bla. My husband always joke that we are moving house again.

So we were already late and to make matters worse we have to go through traffic jam. But it was worth it. It was quite an experience because it's the first time we went to a party in those kids playzone. We had to flash our invitation card at the check-in counter. Left the presents there and Eliza was given a sticker with her name on it to stick on her clothes like a name tag. Ok so we went through the gate and we had to look for the room. Some children were already playing at the playzone before the party started. Parents were gobbling up food, me included.:D Food was not quite enough. Only two choices of nasi lemak and spaghetti bolognese. I took a big plate of nasi lemak for my husband but he whispered to me that he was not full enough. Tsk tsk tsk! Lil' dahling was walking around without a care in the world. Curiously looking here and there.

The party started with games and I haven't even finish my food. Well, served me right for coming late right? The kids went to the playzone area first for half an hour. So while waiting for us to eat, I placed lil' dahling at the children's table to amuse her with the empty plates, fork and knife. Then the second games session started in the ballet room. Again the games are not suitable for lil' dahling yet. She didn't care at all. Walked here and there in the room as if it's her party. I was afraid the other kids would bump into her. Then it was the cake cutting session. This time the plates weren't empty. Oh no, Eliza tasted her first french fries already! I've got no choice! Thought I would only introduce it to her when she goes to secondary school. I know even my husband said I'm out of my mind. Anyway, she seemed to enjoy it. Boo hoo hoo. Holding two fries in each hand.

The cake cutting session was quite interesting because they had a mascot. The mascot in a form of monkey named Panzee came in much to the delight of the children. Each child got a party favour and everyone including adults got a taste of the birthday cake. After all the excitement, the party ended and I can see on every child's face that they had so much fun that day. For Eliza, it was only the beginning because I think the highlight for her was when she played in the playzone after the party. She was a bit hesitant at first because after all it was her first time. She played at the "baby gym" area and the "pool of balls" area. Of all the multi coloured balls only the silver ball caught her eye. And I told my husband that our daughter has high taste even at this tender age. Haha. It is evident that she enjoyed herself because everytime when we were on the way out of the playzone she would be missing and we would find her back in the "pool of balls" area. I had to practically drag her out of that place. It was indeed a day of fun for lil' dahling and parents as well. Seeing her happy has made us happy and thankful that we were invited to the party. My husband even reminded me to thank my friend for inviting us. To end this post, here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure ;)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Loved ones

Everyone has their own loved ones. For me, my parents, daughter, husband, "sunsetrose", "small packages", sister and nephews are my loved ones. I know for sure because they are always in my prayers.

Mom's birthday just passed not too long ago on the April 6th. And it makes me ponder over some things. I loved my parents very much and I'm sometimes afraid to think what would happen if I were to lose them one day. I don't know how I will take it or how I would live without them. Even though we say we love our parents a lot but still sometimes unintentionally we hurt them. I'm sure most of you will agree right?

That's a picture of my beloved parents with nephews and lil' dahling. I'm proud of my parents. My dad is a cancer patient. At first dad was frustrated but I think this experience has made him stronger. He has begun to accept it. Things improved since last year but recently during his recent checkup, the doctor told that he found some nodules at his pelvic area. However, he was told to come back for another scan this September to see whether the nodule will increase in size. Please don't let the nightmare begin. Mom just told me over the phone just now that she couldn't sleep last night.

Loved ones. Very dear people in our lives. They were the ones who take care of us. They support us and encourage us. They bring us laughter and happiness. Sometimes they even annoy us and make us angry (my nephews!) They complete us. Many times we often take our loved ones for granted because of our busy life. We should always remind ourselves to appreciate our loved ones. It's not hard. Just spend a few minutes with them or if they are across the miles, there's always the internet or telephone.

Thank you to all my loved ones who stayed to me through thick and thin. Making me feel so blessed and special. You complete me.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lovin' it

I just got back to work today. Recently, my babysitter went for holiday to HK for a week. Which leaves me to take care of lil' dahling myself. The first half of the week, I had my parents over to help me take care of her. Then for the second half of the week, I had the golden opportunity to be with her 24/7. Opps at least without the seven.

The times spent with her was enjoyable. And I was thinking, hey, I can live with this! It was fun imagining me being a housewive. lol. But as the standard of living is high and we just can't live on my husband's salary only, being a housewive is out of the question. Besides, who knows I will be bored one day staying at home most of the time! I guess everything has its pros and cons.

In actual fact, I am thrilled to spend more time with my lil' dahling. Seeing her smile when she wakes up. Feeding her. Singing to her. Dance with her. Read to her. Play with her. Watching tv together. Bathe for her. Take her for walks. Bearing with her and coaxing her through her cranky moments. Also discovering more and more things about her, delights me even more.

I hope you all won't think, here goes another typical first-time-mum bragging about what her daughter can do. I'm just a proud mum although her milestones can be normal or even slower than what other babies can do. Anyway, this blog is like my diary to type out the events in my life. So if you start rolling your eyes, you may choose to leave this blog. lol.

Eliza can be a darling. Nowadays, when I want to cook dinner, I don't have to strap her in her feeding chair so that she won't move around and let her watch her favourite Baby Einstein vcd. So what do I do is I just put her on the sofa and she won't budge. Now I can cook in peace. Lil' dahling is very loving. She loves to kiss all her soft toys and knows how to call one of them "pooh pooh". It's a Winnie the Pooh soft toy. Lately, she has learnt how to kiss her own parents finally! Thanks to her papa who never gave up teaching her. I've discovered also that she's beginning to understand what we are saying more and more. When she sees us dressed up, she'll know how to pull her stool out n give her shoes to us. We can't help laughing when she does that. Whenever I'm on the phone, she wants my attention and would keep saying "hello? hello?" But when I put my mobile to her ear she stopped saying and just concentrate on listening. The little tike. When I feed her and her bowl is almost empty, I will usually say, "finish, no more". She would then make a hand gesture by twisting her palm to indicate "no more". Isn't she cute? Her pronunciation is still not clear and she doesn't know many words. I just can't wait to have a conversation with her. Wonder when will that happen.

It's going to be the weekend again and I can't wait to be with her. I hope she enjoys being with me too..:)

Friday, April 4, 2008

American Idol

Yesterday I watched American Idol. So I thought I'd just share some thoughts. This season, I don't really have a favourite. One time I liked David Archuleta but then he got boring. But yesterday he sang a ballad again and I think he can sing ballads well. Maybe he was born to be a crooner..haha.

Last week, David Cook really impressed me with his rendition of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean. This week, it was ok only. He looked sick though which he really was. According to entertainment news, he was hospitalized after that.

Oh let me tell you, who I would love to see leave American Idol this week. I can't stand the sight of that braided long haired boy. Don't even want to remember his name. I think it's Jason. His voice is not even powerful. Just because some crazy girls think he's cute, a John Travolta lookalike?? You see his confident face every week. Eeeee. For me, he's not fit to be American Idol and he doesn't melt my heart.

DRAT!!! I just surfed and that sickening Jason Castro(now i know his name!) didn't get booted off! Why oh why? Are the voters deaf?? Ramiele Malubay got voted off. She's not my fav but then I thought it's too early to see her go. However, her performance yesterday was pitchy. Oh no, I have to see Jason Castro for another week. Sigh.

That's it. My mood's spoilt.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Time flies

Finally I have a blog. I've never thought I would blog one day. lol. This is my first post so be kind to me ok? lol.

I feel so old suddenly. Time flies and I can't believe that I'm already a mother for 1 year and 4 months. It seems like it was just yesterday lil' dahling came into my world. I remember how the nurse held her up when I just delivered her and she was crying weakly. She looked purple and I'm like thinking are newborn babies suppose to look like that? I remember my husband was at my side telling me, "Look finally our baby has come into this world. Baby so cute. So teeny tiny." I was so tired, weak and numbed. I just smiled to her when the nurse brought her closer. I was quite blur at that time and suddenly I realized the nurse took her out of the labour room. I told my husband, "Quick! Follow them. If not we'll lose our baby. Who knows if they exchange our baby with someone else's" I know I know I'm paranoid. Maybe I watched too many korean or hk dramas. lol.

Fast forward and now she's already 1 year and 4 months old. She really mean the world to me. Although she can be pain in the ass every once in a while. Yesterday I totally lost my cool on her which i seldom do. Even her papa said, "Uh oh by, mommy so love you can also get angry with you. How?" For the past 2 days she didn't want to drink her milk. She cried like as if I'm feeding her poison. It's so frustrating. Is her teeth growing again? I dunno. Does the milk taste like shit? I don't think so. It got to a point where I kept forcing her which isn't good right? heee..I know I'm guilty. She cried as loud as her voice box could allow her. The first night, I could still control myself. Felt so wasted to throw away the milk. Eliza, you made me angry because you don't want to drink your millk, milk is good for you and you wasted my damn MONEY! Milk is expensive dahling! Yesterday night, after attempting to feed her, I dumped the bottle on the table and raised my voice a bit at my poor husband. I told him to throw the milk and let him know i felt throwing the milk away. I was a bit psycho that time. He was like eh?? I vent my anger on him and he was the victim. I blamed it on him. Fortunately, he was a darling and came to comfort me later. Lil' dahling didn't even have a clue i was fuming away. She was fast asleep with her mouth open. Then today morning I tried to feed her milk again. Again she rejected me. Oh that was the last straw. I beat her thigh 3 times but it wasn't that hard. But enough to make me feel bad afterwards. She knows I was mad at her. She didn't want her papa to carry her. She only want me to come and 'pujuk' her. I ignore her at first. I was putting on makeup, preparing for work. She came to my side pretending like nothing happen, talking her baby language, trying to 'manja' with me. I told her to go away and she sat down on the floor and cry. Wah, nowadays babies are really smart huh? I succumbed to her cries in the end and picked her up. With guilty look she looked at me then turned away. Her papa wanted to carry her because I haven't finish putting on my makeup but lil' dahling just cling to me tightly. She only wants her mommy. Awww..isn't it touching?

I love you Elizabeth Yap Yi Wen.

You better drink your milk tonight..or else...


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