Wednesday, August 24, 2011

About A Boy

Here is a video of my boy disrupting his sister's piano practise..

Things you might want to know about my boy..

1. He is a very manja boy and is even more so when he's unwell.

2. He doesn't allow me to close the bathroom door while I'm bathing otherwise he will bang the door hysterically. So I've no choice but to bathe with the door open. for the whole world to see.

3. He likes to stand at the balcony and watch the vehicles go by. Every now and then shouting, "Car! Bus! Lor-ee!(Lorry)" At first everything is a car to him. Then lorry is also a bus to him. Thank goodness he got them right sort of now.

4. He likes to irritate his sister especially when they just woke up in the morning and still lazing on the bed. He'll crawl up to his sister and lie on top of her body.

5. He likes to play chasing. He'll try to run away from us everytime we try to wear his diapers, change his clothes, feed him and even to get him out of the car. Phew! What a task. Got me panting I tell you.

6. He likes to play with toy vehicles or anything on wheels and run them on any surface even using us as his 'highway'. He'll run them along our legs to our body and right up to our head!

7. He's a vegetarian. Not exactly 100% vegetarian but he prefers vegetables over meat. Not many children like to eat vegetables but my lil' dahling here can even eat celery! He hardly eat meat unless it's finely minced or it's fried chicken. He'll eat most of the fried chicken's skin. Thank goodness he accepts fish.

8. He likes fruits especially grapes and likes to drink Yakult or Vitagen.

9. He hates to get his hair cut and scared the hell out of the hairdresser with his high-pitched scream.

10. He can be quite stubborn and wants his way.

11. He's an active boy who likes to run run run especially when we're out. That's why we still need to confine him in his stroller.

12. This cheeky little boy made my jaw dropped the other day. I went to pick my children up as usual at the babysitter's and she was telling me updates about Joseph. She was telling me that he was very cranky that day maybe because he was unwell. She was going on about what he did and suddenly he ran past us up and down the hall with his fingers stuffed into his ears and said "Aaaaa...aaaaa...aaaaa"(with a cheeky smile on his face). We were both stunned but it made us laugh in disbelief also. I don't know where he learnt that? Turning a deaf ear. As far as I know, I've not seen anybody done that in front of him before. What else is this cheeky boy going to do?

Ok quite a long list too. I'm now imagining what his reaction would be when he's older and reads this. :D Hope you enjoyed it. :)


  1. Your little boy always bogel at home?
    Good that he's more vegetarian. My girl is so picky with her fruits, veggies and meat that I don't know what to call her. Cute little boy you got there! :)

  2. Hey, Ben also love grapes and Vitagen/Yakult!

  3. Kids are really adorable. I like the point 12, as my younger used to do that too when I lectured her. So cute right?

  4. Germaine: Refer to point He was bogel because he ran away from his father who was trying to put on clothes for him.

    Jenny: I think it's normal for kids huh.

    Sheoh Yan: Really? Wonder where they learnt it from. Swear I've never seen anyone done it in front of him before.

  5. the vege part is like ethan. ethan prefers vege to meat..

  6. Cheeky yet adorable, stubborn yet cunning, you are certainly blessed with such a gem!



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