Wednesday, November 23, 2011


My daughter is not the greatest artist in the world. She doesn't even draw everyday too. But when she does draw, I try to capture it on my camera. This is her idea of a happy family and happy home, I guess.

Sweet isn't it? Although her flowers are bigger than us. Interesting!
Then there was one weekend where I had a gathering with close friends we haven't met for quite a long time. The children found a playmate and it became a playdate for them.

Look at that! All three of them giving me a sweet smile for the camera.

Joseph is trying to do the peace sign but he failed. LOL. Oh well, he'll learn it one day just like how all children do. *slaps forehead*

Joseph wants to get in the car! Just incase you're wondering, yes that is Fullhouse at Sunway Giza Mall.

Now both girls want to join him. Joseph is trying to make the peace sign again. LOL.
Later that day, still in Sunway Giza Mall, we went to Tong Pak Fu, a dessert outlet hailed from Hong Kong. It is serving hot, cold and western desserts. I had Tracka Durian Snow Ice and Chocolate Lava Cake. After I tasted the Tracka Durian Snow Ice, I can hear Belinda Carlisle's song "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" playing in my head. LOL. I simply love it! It's yummylicious and you know how I love durian right? Too much for my own good! Tong Pak Fu should give me free vouchers for promoting this dessert. :P

There, my Heaven on Earth. Awesomeness and Sweetness! The Tracka Durian Snow Ice.

The Chocolate Lava Cake was not too bad but after tasting that Durian Snow Ice, I didn't bother finishing this. Not even the ice-cream! I'm an ice-cream lover you see.

Sweet! Must take another picture even before we leave. LOL. That green dress is another of my MIL's masterpiece.
And have I told yet that one of my favourite flower is hydrangea? Sweet!


  1. I'd say she draws pretty well! Must go and try that durian dessert! Since you promo so well!

  2. I didn't know about this durian thingy at Fullhouse! Nvm, there's one Fullhouse branch at SS2mall, very near my place. See when got chance to try heheheh...

    Btw, Joseph looks so cute smiling up at you! And the Elizabeth's drawing is precious!

  3. the drawing is sweet, sweeter than the chocolate you had there!! And the kids are so adorable!

    fullhouse set lunch is a MUST TRY! :)

  4. hahha i remember me drawing like that too once upon a time! i think i still draw like that... hmmm...

    btw the durian dessert looks awesome! will give it a try!

  5. Carolyn, I love Joseph's piece sign, he used all his ten fingers hehe... so cute. Elisabeth look so pretty in that green top and polka dots bottom dress your MIL made for her. My compliments to your MIL for the lovely design and color matching. From the drawing, I can see Elisabeth is a happy kid. How not to be with such loving and caring parents? The weekend is here again, what is your plan for your kids?:D

  6. haha, you skip your husband face in a picture.
    My daughter also like to show piece sign follow her brother, but same, failed.

  7. Germaine: Thank you! Yes must give it a try, that dessert.

    Jenny:That durian dessert is not from Fullhouse. It's at one of the shops in Sunway Giza Mall.

    Catheryn: Is it? Then I must try the set lunch next time..:) Thanks for informing.

    Jun Sern: Nah, your drawing now is so much nicer. Yeah, must try that dessert ok?

    Quay Po:'re just too kind with your words. This weekend no plans yet. Hope you have a good weekend!

    Liew:I didn't skip his face. He wasn't even in the pic. hahahah. The main focus was the kids. Your girl too? Maybe they're still too young. Still trying to master the peace sign. hehe.

  8. Love the desserts, love the "peace" signs created by Joseph... this is his new era peace sign.. haaha.. ours are outdated by the time he grows up.. :)

  9. Her drawing is sweet, love it(especially the little house)!

    OMGut... u are teasing my tummy now, feel like making myself a chocolate lava right away!

  10. I didnt know Full House have this durian dessert. Guess the last time I went there was the new opening.

    The girls must have lotsa of fun.

  11. Pink Fullhouse car is nice, my girls took a pic with yellow Fullhouse car at Sunway Pyramid.

  12. aww..such a sweet drawing from your princess. gosh the desserts are making me drool. have yet to try that place out.

  13. Ohh...didnt know Giza have this dessert house Tong Pak Fu..LOL!! I thought is at Full House. Need to visit Giza jor..hehehhehe

  14. the choc lava is so tempting! T_T love itttt!


  15. reanaclaire: thanks for dropping by. yeah, i like Joseph's peace sign too..:)

    Alice: I purposely want to tease you because I think chocolate lava is a piece of cake for you! Do it and blog about it ya.

    Sheoh Yan: You must be in KL this school holiday..:)

    mommy to chumsy: yes, do try that place out. bring Ashley..she'll love it.

    Yee Ling: Yes, and recently I saw Tong Pak Fu in KLCC too!

    Fish: Go try it ok? hehe



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