Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice

Today, the Chinese celebrate Winter Solstice or Dong Zhi in mandarin. It is also my nephew Benjamin's birthday today whose birthday falls on this chinese festival every year. Winter Solstice is the day where families get together and celebrate a good meal while not forgetting to have Tang Yuan. Tang Yuan is made of glutinous rice flour balls which symbolise reunion, serve together with sweet soup.

Like most years since I got married, we always go back to my hubby's hometown in Seremban to celebrate by just having a good meal and Tang Yuan. This year since it falls on a weekday, so we already celebrated it earlier last Saturday. My mother in-law cooked up a storm and I think we had about 8 dishes of food that day! Sorry no picture because as usual I didn't want them to think I'm a freak. LOL. So after that scrumptious dinner, Elizabeth kept pestering us to do something. And what is that mysterious thing you might ask. The story goes like this. That Saturday morning, my hubby saw a stall selling sky lanterns at the market and he bought it. I thought sky lanterns were usually released on Chap Goh Mei which falls on the 15th day of the chinese lunar year. But hubby thought it would be nice to release it on Winter Solstice just for the fun of it. It would be fun for the children too. Which is why Elizabeth kept pestering us to start releasing the lantern right after dinner because she was excited. So this year the celebration had something out of the ordinary for us with the sky lanterns or some call them wish lanterns. 

Hubby bought 3 lanterns but we only released 2 on that day. Each lantern had a special wish printed on it. It was a fun experience for the children. They were so excited to see it go up into the sky. Joseph was having fun running under the lantern while we light up the fire and waited for the lantern to swell. He made my heart jumped out of my chest many times because I was so worried his hair will catch fire! *shakes my head*

As mentioned earlier, Winter Solstice day is also my nephew Benjamin's birthday. As I'm typing here, my mum, sister and nephews are on their way up to KL. So tonight, we will be celebrating Benjamin's birthday. Happy Birthday Benjamin! You're a big boy already and here's wishing you a good life ahead and be a good boy ok? Happy Winter Solstice or Dong Zhi Jie Kuai Le!

My Christmas holidays begins tomorrow, so I won't be posting till my holidays are over. Hence, wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year filled with peace, joy and good tidings!

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I didn't take a picture of my mother in-law's tang yuan so here's a picture closest to how hers looked like.

My hubby attaching the candle on the wire. 

The sky lantern is lighted up!

My excited children and my sister in-law waiting for the lantern to heat up.

The wish on the lantern is "Xin Xiang Shi Cheng" right? Hey! My chinese still can pakai lah. Not bad, not bad. But erm..what is the meaning ah?

A pic without cropping just to show how high the sky lantern was and how it looked from where I stand. Up, up and away! Bye bye sky lantern!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Roaring Fun In Sunway Lagoon

Yesterday I blogged about the Amusement Park and what we did there in Sunway Lagoon. So after we have covered all the rides that my children wanted to ride, we went for our lunch and then we moved on to the Wild Life Park. Previously, the Wild Life Park has a separate entrance and ticket counter. But now everyone can enter already. Our tickets are the 3 Park tickets which allow us to enter the Amusement Park, Wild Life Park and Water Park. We did not manage to finish everything in the Wild Life Park because we were afraid of the time constraint. No visit to Sunway Lagoon is complete if you never spend enough time in the Water Park, am I right?

The Pet Village is quite fun to visit. Although it's nothing great but at least the kids get some interactions with the animals there. They tried their hand in feeding the animals and petting them.

I can't share any photos of the Water Park unfortunately. My camera isn't water proof and I'm sure you know once you have changed into your swimming suit and stuffed everything in the locker, you don't want to bring anything along. It would be troublesome especially there's no one to keep an eye on your belongings and we'll be busy having fun with the kids. However, the children did enjoy their time splashing, sliding and building sandcastles at the Water Park. Even though there are times where they freaked out. LOL. Elizabeth is especially afraid of those buckets of water that pours out once they are filled to the brim. She was afraid it would pour on her. Joseph was braver but refused to enter his own baby float. I don't know why he has phobia going into his float. Well, that's the fun we did in Sunway Lagoon!

Not sure what kind of bird this is but it was moving freely near us in the Aviary section.

Lovebirds in the Aviary section also.

I haven't seen a Malayan Tapir before. I find it cute. This one is quite shy though trying to stay as far as possible from the viewing glass.

I like Spotted Deer too but this one is showing its bum bum to me.

A kind of exotic bird.

This is an Asian Small Clawed Otter. This one swam up to us so close. We can even reach and touch it if we want to. 

I like them! They are so playful and friendly.

The hare and the tortoise. Sounds like the story title isn't it. Haha. Look! The tortoise's poo is as big as a human's.

Many were mesmerised by this Albino Python including Joseph who went to see it several times.

Joseph taking a breather in front of this place called Lake Monster. I can't seem to find the monster.

The three of us in front of some Macaws.

Joseph blowing a leaf into the Koi Pond. Naughty fella. He just enjoys throwing leaves or twigs into the Koi Pond.

I caught sight of this white monkey sleeping. Isn't it adorable? With his hands in a clasp and feet together.

This is at the Pet Village where we can feed and touch the animals.

The moment the rabbits saw people entering, they ran to us looking for food. We're feeding them kangkung.

"Must touch them all!!"

So cute Guinea Pigs feasting on kangkung too!

Finally Elizabeth wants to try feeding. Maybe it's because the Guinea Pigs are in the cage.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Amusing Fun in Sunway Lagoon

12th of December was a public holiday for my hubby who works in Selangor but it was not for me. So I took leave to enjoy with my family at Sunway Lagoon. Coincidentally, I purchased 3 tickets at a cheaper price(Joseph enters free) and the tickets expire end of December. So by hook or by crook have to go to Sunway Lagoon before the year ends. Since it was a public holiday for Selangor, we had already made plans to be at the doorstep of Sunway Lagoon before the ticket counter opens at 10 o'clock in the morning. The 'kiasuness' in us. LOL. We arrived just as plan but we were not surprised to see many people already there more 'kiasu' than us. First of all, we headed to the amusement park. We don't want to get wet first. 

The Christmas deco in front of Sunway Lagoon's entrance.

Everyone started queing up even though the ticket counters were not open yet.

This impatient little spongebob already walking here and there grazing his head at the line divider as he walked by. 

Elizabeth wants a picture with this blue ducky.

So keen in viewing the map of Sunway Lagoon.

Elizabeth pointing to her 'wristwatch' - with the band then you are permitted to enter.
The first thing she saw was this carousel and so thrilled to get a ride on it.

Opps guess I spoilt the picture. Didn't mean to cover my face. The lil' dahlings are so smiley.

The view when we were on the ferris wheel. This is the roller coaster but nothing of this sort of thrill rides for me. I'm too old for this sort of rides. 

Joseph and his peace sign again. We're still in the ferris wheel. We're in a wagon shaped carriage!

View from the wagon on another side. It's the entrance of Sunway Lagoon.

Another kiddie ride but adults are allowed to accompany their kids. 

Joseph was bugging me the whole time when he saw his sister on the ride. He couldn't understand why he had to wait his turn because Mummy wants to take picture lah. Haha. Finally he got his wish.

On the way to other rides, this was in the middle of no where and we haven't enter the Wildlife Park even. Just look at the tiger taking a dip in the cool water. Enjoying itself.

Spinning cup ride called The Apache Pots. I had to take care of the bags because we are not allowed to take bags along on rides. So Papa gets to go first with the kids. Can you see my excited girl looking for me?
Now it's Mummy's turn with the kids. Joseph with his peace sign again! Aiyoh somebody really gotta teach that kid.

We're on the very long suspension bridge. Can be quite scary if you're afraid of heights.

Leaving the suspension bridge already. Thankfully nobody fainted because of the heights..:P
Pictures overload already. Next post will be our stop at the Wildlife Park. Stay tuned.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Long Awaited Birthday Present

During our recent trip back to Malacca, we finally made time to stop by a bicycle shop. We have been procrastinating or couldn't find the time to pay a visit to a bicycle shop. Why do we need to go to a bicycle shop? It's because of a promise. A promise to a little girl, that we would get her a bicycle as her birthday present. She's already grown out of her tricycle phase and we think it's time for her to own a bicycle. But terrible parents we are and after a month after her birthday, we finally got her her long awaited birthday present.

She being a sweet and patient girl always relent when we coined up excuses or reasons to put off the plan to go to a bicycle shop. And when we finally got it, she wanted to ride it out in the open straight away but we told her not until we bring it back to KL. Then she had to wait until the following weekend when we can finally bring her to the park. Finally, she got to ride on it out in the open. Haha. And so marks another milestone, my daughter's first time riding a bicycle.

Elizabeth finally got her ride on her new bike! See, we haven't even take out the plastic bubble wrap on the bicycle.

Sister cycles while brother happily stroll along. I got a feeling he knew he's still too small for the bike and it's not his turn yet. 

You lead, I follow. Sister became a little lazy after peddling for a while and expected to be pushed. *slaps forehead*
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale

I did not manage to go to the Big Bad Wolf first sale in October. So when I heard that they are going to do another round called the Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale from the 24 -28 November 2011, I really didn't want to miss it this time around. The venue was in South City Plaza (Ok, I know this place. Shouldn't have problem finding it ^_^). So to the Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale I did and came back with some books in hand.

"The ones that were left behind" was the tagline and pretty much sums up most of the books you can find there. Some were torn, stickers were missing, stickers were pasted on the books already, CDs were missing and there were dog ears. But what do you expect for RM5 or less per book! The crowd was still manageable maybe because it was a weekday and it's not the last day of sale. But my goodness, some people really grabbed a lot of books like it's going to be doomsday. LOL. I saw one mother and her two children filled up two big carton boxes with books! :O

Since Christmas was the next month at the time of the sale, I got the books for my children and nephews as a Christmas present. I already had plans to use the books as Christmas present from hubby and me since their bigger present will be from ‘Santa’. Christmas presents cannot only come from Santa right? The kids will surely ask how come they don’t have any present from me. So here are the books that I’ve bought. Aren't they a steal or what?

This is a colouring book with 3 crayons in the shapes of a honey pot, butterfly and star for RM3. One of the crayon is broken if you can see.

Toy Story 3 storybook and CD so that you can listen and read-along for RM 3

Little Einsteins book includes stickers for RM 2

Another Little Einsteins book with stickers but unfortunately one of the sticker is missing for RM 3

A Little Golden Book Classic, who wouldn't want to miss it! RM 3

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book for RM 3. My boy will like this. It's a lift-the-flap book with stickers.

A Scooby-Doo book for RM 2

Another Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book for RM 3.


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