Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Crazy For Noodles In Malacca

There's a place in Malacca we'll try to go nearly everytime whenever we go back to my hometown. Hubby and I just love to eat at this place. It's a restaurant selling noodles. Maybe it's the taste of the noodles drench in oil. The oil is from deep frying the pork lard. Maybe it's the crunchy taste of the fried pork lard. Maybe it's the home-made chilli paste. But whatever it is, it keeps us coming back for more.

You can choose from yellow noodles to kuay teow or even mee hoon depending on your preference. But for me, the combination of yellow noodles and kuay teow is the choice for me. We always have our noodles dry and it comes with a bowl of soup filled with 'yong tau foo' meaning tofu stuffed with fish paste. You can have your bowl of noodles plain, or you can have it with their chilli paste. You can also have it with sweet sauce. You can even have it with dark soya sauce just like how my nephew likes it!

I beg your pardon in advance because the pictures I'm going to share doesn't do justice to the how it tastes. Yours truly forgot to bring back her faithful camera and had to use my camera phone as a substitute.

The combination of kuay teow and yellow noodle drench in oil. Notice the fried pork lard and onion.

The dry noodle comes with a bowl of 'yong tau foo' - fish balls, stuffed to fu, stuffed beancurd.

This home-made chilli paste that makes it even more interesting.

I like it like this mixed with the chilli paste.

Other sauces if chilli is not your cup of tea. The sweet sauce, dark soya sauce and light soya sauce.
The name of this restaurant as stated on their sign board is 'Restoran Yong Tau Fu Cheng Fong'. You can hunt for this restaurant at Jalan Temenggong, Bukit Cina. It's at the end of Jalan Temenggong, the last shop house on your left, before approaching a roundabout. The restaurant is also opposite a Sikh temple called Gurdwara Sahib Melaka. It's not difficult to find but be sure to be there early because everything will be sold out by noon especially on weekends. Hope you'll like it as much as we do!


  1. Noodles drenched in lard sounds fantastic! I have to go check this out the next time I'm in Melaka. Don't go down often though. Next time tapau for me-la! Beehoon mee please.

  2. This type of noondles are my favourite. Your pictures of food make me drooling too.

  3. Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog. Now I know where to eat great noodles in Malacca. I love noodles :)

  4. When I'm in malacca i rarely go out makan hence I dont really know where are the good places to eat! @_@

  5. OMG..the pork lard sure goes with the noodle. as for me, I ll prefer the kuayteow and meehun combination. Next time I shall try the yellow noodle with kuay teow.

  6. They sure look sinfully delicious!! Lard... glorious lard!! :)

  7. Germaine: Go down Melaka often starting from now lar. Not far also right? Then I'll bring you around..hehe.

    Sheoh Yan: Glad to know we have the same taste. :)

    mommy to chumsy: Glad to be of help. You should try it ok? Thanks for dropping by too.

    Merryn: I go out to eat at least once lar. Don't want my mum to cook and cook mar. Kesian dia.

    Yee Ling: Pork lard very delicous with noodles right? your combination also can. Anything goes.

    Catheryn: Hehe..sinfully delicious I agree! You like pork lard too? ;)

  8. I am planning to go to Malacca with my son's girlfriend and I must ask her to take me go eat this noodle.

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  10. Hi Carolyn, hey! I never knew you from Malacca? Holy Smoke!
    I too was from Malacca. Studied at the Anglo Chinese School, my sisters at MGS.
    I grew up at Limbongan.
    Still got tons of relatives in Malacca, but by now many have departed to the happy hunting grounds.
    You by chance a Nyonya lady?

    Love those noodles....I used to love go to Bunga Raya road, eat that yong tau fu by tht lane where the first food store sells car siew fun.
    Wonder if its still there?
    You have a nice day, Carolyn....



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