Friday, June 3, 2011


TGIF! I'm so looking forward to the weekend not just because it's any other weekend but come next week it's my turn to be on school holidays break. Yeah, I need a break too although I'm still together with the kids. :P I already don't blog on weekends so pardon me if I'm quiet next week because my blog will be on hibernate mode. ;) Please say you'll miss me..:P
Besides announcing to the whole world that I'll be on a break, I actually want to share about an event I happily went last Saturday. The Mothercare MCarnival event. How did I know about this event? I signed up for their e-Newsletter so I got an invitation through e-mail. I saw they had a bunch of activities lined up for the event and thought why not participate in it since it's the school holidays and I had some things to purchase too.

Upon arriving at the entrance, we were given a coupon to redeem free popcorn and cotton candy. It was not a surpise to see many people at the Mothercare store.

I just can't avoid this. It's too big and colourful luring my kids to it.

Children's pit stop.

This was what they jumped into straight away when they entered the store.

Look at the queue. I feel a bit dizzy just looking at this picture.

There was a clown show. The clown was really funny. The children and even the adults seemed to enjoy the show except for my children who were afraid of clowns! Sometimes their makeup freak me out too.

Once you purchase more than RM 200, you are entitled to enter this wheel of fortune activity. I was eyeing for the RM 50 voucher but instead I got the mystery gift. It was a toy train.

You have to show a proof of receipt to participate in the activities like this Fun With Face Painting. Look at how excited my princess was.

What is the face painter painting on her cheek?

Oh it was a flower and a butterfly. But Elizabeth told me that she wants to look like Marty from Madagascar next time. *slap my forehead*

I thought the kids were suppose to have fun with beading but instead the staff were already having fun beading it themselves and just happily hand the finished product to the kids who approached them. Oh well, it was pretty though and my daughter likes it.

Joseph enjoying the free popcorn. That's the only time he will stop running by putting him in that walker and feeding him popcorn. Hehe.

I like the colourful balloon arch at the entrance.

Finally the long-awaited free cotton candy because the person in-charge was on a break.
It was way past lunch time when we left the store and after a long deliberation, we went to Nando's for lunch. A favourite dine-in place for both hubby and I. We used to go Nando's even when we were dating.

Wait a minute! Were there actually chickens in Nando's?

No, the culprit was actually this Chicken Little.  
Joseph was uncontrollable and I looked apologizingly at the waitress as I dashed out the restaurant. =_=' Have a great weekend everyone and I'll be back!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

To The Park We Go Again!

Since I was so mesmerised by the park's beauty in Desa Parkcity (from previous post), I went there again the very next day. Moreover the kids haven't been there. My brother in-law and his family lives nearby. So after paying them a visit, we dropped by Desa Parkcity to bring the kids before the sky gets dark. It is a beautiful park and there were so many people. Even dogs of all kinds of breed were there. Of course with their owners. We did not finish exploring every corner of the park yet, so we planned to return some day. It was a hurried outing at the park that day because we don't want to be home late for our home-cooked dinner. Enjoy the images!

Happy cousins playing together. Elizabeth wanted her picture to be taken. But where is Joseph? He was busy playing with toys.

Everyone enjoying the breeze and the scenery at the park. I spotted a poodle.

More dogs! Could be malamutes? Sorry, this is a bad shot actually but I just didn't have the time to wait for the perfect shot. 

Finally a chow chow dog from front view. I had to crop the picture because the owner's a** was like right in my face and I have no intentions to embarrass her anyway. Look at the spectators admiring the dog's beauty.

Doesn't this St. Bernard dog reminds you about the movie Beethoven? It was really huge.

Part of the reason why I can't take good pictures because I had to keep an eye on the children. I'm so paranoid especially at crowded parks. Joseph is still holding his father's hand in this picture. But not for long...

Once they caught sight of the children's playground, it was like all the gates of hell was open. LOL. Can you see my two little ones making their way to their destination?

They're getting away further already and I can see that my hubby is speed walking.

Now big sister is trying to stop her little brother from running away. She's always so worried of her brother's safety.

Elizabeth getting more adventurous and brave as she gets older.

Joseph ran so much that I had to put him on this metal hammock so that he would stay put for a while.

Elizabeth trying to pose like a model..hehe.

I haven't seen a swing like this before. Cool swing I'd say. The kids seem to be enjoying it.

Elizabeth wants a second go. Joseph already called it quits.

The treat of the day before heading home.


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