Tuesday, October 28, 2008

'Tai tai' for a day

My husband had to do training last week at a local 5-star hotel called The Gardens Hotel. It is located in Mid Valley City and is also beside The Gardens Mall, a high-end shopping mall. So I took a day off to spend a day and a night there as my husband is not sharing the room with a colleague. Why not take the chance to rest and relax right? My husband can see his beloved daughter and I can get to enjoy the hotel's facilities. I'm not the only one enjoying it seems. Lil' dahling was like a dog let loose from its cage. LOL.

After work, I went to pick Eliza from the babysitter and also to collect my luggage from home. But I couldn't start my journey yet to the hotel because it was raining cats and dogs and according to my husband the cars on the road surrounding Mid Valley City were all bumper to bumper. Finally when I decided to go, lil' dahling refused to sit in the car seat. Squirming and screaming. I thought she likes to go for a ride? I assumed that she thought I was sending her off to the babysitter. It was a good 5 minutes there forcing her to be strapped. With her still wailing, I started the car and played some nursery rhymes for her to listen. She calmed down after a while when she realised I wasn't driving to the babysitter's.

Mid Valley City is like in a huge roundabout. So if you miss a turning, you have to make one big round again. I was trying to find the damn parking to The Gardens Hotel and I wonder until today why is the basement parking no where to be found. I ended up at the high leveled parking. I waited in the car for my husband to come. He helped me carry my stuff and Eliza seemed a little confuse with what was going on. She thought it was another shopping trip I guess. It was nice to be greeted by the guards, receptionist and the bell boy at the hotel. Felt so grand. LOL. Hey, I don't always have the chance to stay in a 5-star hotel by the way. Lil' dahling got really excited, really like a 'jakun'.

This is what you get with an excited toddler.

My husband ordered food through room service and they served my late dinner in the nick of time. We just ordered two 'Wa tan hor' (Fried kuay teow in gravy). The bill came up to RM 74! Nasty price! Luckily it was paid by my husband's company. It's a pretty decent room with quite an ample space (well at least enough for an active toddler). I like bathroom part most of all. It's like a room by itself complete with sink, wardrobe, toilet and shower room. This whole area had a wooden sliding door to conceal everything that's inside. Since the doors of the toilet and shower room are made of glass, the wooden sliding door comes in handy when my husband had to take a shower. You don't want a curious female toddler to learn sex education at that age do you? Of course when it's my turn to shower, I won't use that sliding door because Eliza has seen every anatomy of my body already. I have only one complain and that is the sheets and cover were too noisy. I know maybe the idea is to make it feel new and crisp but the noise makes me stir from my sleep everytime my husband moves or Eliza moves or even when I move! It's irritating the crap out of me.

We woke up to a rainy morning. But no fret because I don't have to travel outside the building. The mall is just beside the hotel and that's where I'll be doing my little excursion for the day. My husband left for work and Eliza and me had to occupy ourselves with our own activity. I called the duty manager to check whether the room has buffet breakfast for two. Sadly it was only for one. Thank God I called before I left. Otherwise, it will be rather embarrassing to be stopped while entering the cafe.

I don't know what's with the sofa thingy that she likes it so much! Also this video showing her excitement that morning.

It was a rainy morning and you can see the KL tower and Petronas Twin Towers from a far, partly hidden by the clouds.

Eliza and I were lazing around in the room until about 9am. I took her to the swimming pool to have a swim. I asked the pool attendant whether there is a children's pool and he said they are in the process of building one. The hotel is still considered new since the pool area is still under renovation. Pool was dirty actually with green moss on the floor of the pool and wall. But since I'm already there and I didn't want to disappoint Eliza I still went ahead into the pool. It was quite slippery with the moss so I had to be wade around the pool slowly while Eliza was held in my arms. She enjoyed nevertheless and her voice was the loudest(erm actually there's only Eliza and me in the pool). She enjoyed splashing the water and didn't want to leave the pool. I had to make a few U-turn back to her favourite spot each time I mentioned that I want to leave because of her protest. We went back to bathe together under the rain shower. Then it's time for my breakfast as my tummy started to rumble. I was feeling kinda posh that day, mind you! :P So I decided to have something western for my breakfast. I went scouting around and ended up at The Coffee Bean since they have breakfast sets. Too bad I really forgot to take pictures of it. My apologies. I even forgot to take Eliza's pic can you believe it? I ordered the breakfast set with salad, toasted bread, scrambled eggs and sausages in it with earl grey tea if my memory never fail me. Eliza was just enjoying pinching my bread and sausages. She never took any of the scrambled eggs. She's not an egg person. She wouldn't touch egg cooked in any kind of style at all. How can you not like eggs?

I'm really starting to feel like a 'tai tai' that day. You know one of those rich wives that don't have to work and really spend most of their lives shopping? Some of them just stroll around malls with their kid in tow. Ahem, just like me! I fit the bill just for that day lar. I can feel people staring at me and Eliza with that kind of look (there goes another 'tai tai'). Little did they know that I'm not a real 'tai tai' lar. I went around and around with no purpose. I only bought two motherhood magazines. What do you expect? It's a high-end shopping mall with those luxury boutiques like BCBG, Karen Millen, Armani, CK, DKNY, Ted Baker, etc. I don't even dare to enter. Of course I dare to enter some but then I really don't feel like buying anything that day. My husband came to meet us for a while during his break. Then he left again and Eliza was getting a bit cranky already so I put her back in the stroller, told her to go to sleep and as if like magic, she really did fall asleep after a few minutes. She was really that tired.

I had peace after that with a sleeping toddler I took the chance to walk around even more and even had my lunch all by myself. No disturbance. LOL. This time I remembered to take some pix but I forgot to take a pic of the sleeping baby. What a waste! Still feeling a bit posh, I ate at Pastis Cafe. Actually the real reason is I was too tired to walk over to Mid Valley Megamall where you can find cheaper food. So I just settled with Pastis Cafe where they have lunch set.

The set comes with salad, drinks and ice cream. I ordered this jumbo one foot long hot dog sandwich. The bread was really tough though. Wonder what was the knife for anyway. The bread was really tough to cut so I ended up using my hands most of the time. So unposh right? But what to do. I don't give a damn to those on lookers.

As you can see, I've eaten some of the potato chips. So you can see the hot dog with some relish, mustard and ketchup.

This is my all-time-favourite flavour for ice cream..VANILLA. Yeah, yeah I can almost hear someone say..BORING! The bill came up to RM 16.50 plus 10% service charge. Service was really not bad.

As soon as I finished my lunch, lil' dahling woke up. Darn and I thought I could get some sleep with her in the hotel room. After all that walking, I need to rest my feet. So I went back to the room to retire. Then it started to rain in the evening and I got lazy to pack and leave. I had dinner through room service again, spend a bit time with the husband and then leave. I was really so tired when I got home but I still had to unpack. Both mother and daughter were so tired that it didn't take long for us both to fall asleep.

It was a tiring day didn't really get to rest and relax. Nevertheless, it was a fun day. How I wish I could be 'tai tai' then I can spend carefree days everyday with lil' dahling. She really enjoyed it too. Ever since that day, when I leave her at the babysitter, she will cry and call out for me. Doesn't want to be apart with me.

Some more pix and videos. Enjoy!

The Gardens Mall. Couldn't take more pictures because the staff there were staring at me.

In the lobby of the hotel before leaving. She just couldn't keep still.

Still in the lobby. This time I put her in the stroller, confine her movements. ;)

Friday, October 10, 2008


These are some of the videos I took during one of the earlier classes at Gymboree Eliza attended. It's difficult to really take a lengthy video because that time she was still not actively participating. Maybe I should try to take again some other time. Till then, enjoy! Have a great weekend guys! I'm going back to my hometown this weekend. Malacca, here I come!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Weaning From The Pacifier

Yesterday was the 3rd night my daughter was off her pacifier. And it was the worst night instead. I thought it would get better but seems like I was wrong. However, I think I will still persevere and harden my heart until she totally wean herself from the pacifier.

I decided to stop lil' dahling from the pacifier since a few months ago but thought it would be too difficult for her to cope and understand. Initially, I gave myself till her 2nd birthday as the deadline. But recently, her both pacifier at the babysitter's and at home broke. So I took that as a chance for her to stop using the pacifier to sleep. I showed her that the pacifier is broken and explained to her that it is already spoiled and cannot be used. So I asked her to take and throw it in the wastepaper basket because she knows that anything that goes in the wastepaper basket is to be disposed.

The first day was not too bad. She cried a little and then kept crawling down the bed to retrieve the pacifier from the wastepaper basket. But I stopped her and explained over and over again. So in the end, she fell asleep on my chest. The 2nd day was not much different than the 1st just that she didn't crawl down the bed this time. She must've thought that the pacifier is not around anymore since I've thrown away the rubbish and replace the wastepaper basket with a new plastic. Little did she know that while she was sleeping, I went to dig it out again and hide it in the drawer. Just incase.

But yesterday she went beserk. I think she couldn't hold it any longer. Maybe her tolerance level is already off limit. LOL. She refused to go to bed. Screaming, kicking and crying fit ensued. I nearly wanted to give in but she fell asleep in the end out of tiredness I guess. Then at 1-ish A.M. she woke up and cried because she pooped in her diapers. After changing and fussing, she was ready to sleep again. She had difficulty falling asleep and kept tossing and turning. Then she lost her temper again and screamed. She's angry that she can't have her pacifier. Persuading her was no use. I got fed up and turned my back on her and covered my ears with the pillow. So finally she stopped because she was tired already. I felt bad so I turned back towards her and carress her to sleep. She managed to open her eyes and look up at me and called "Mommy?" Oooo touching.

But seriously, if any mommies out there. I hope you can share with me your experience on how you tackle this issue. I really would like to know. Hopefully she will be ok in a matter of days. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Girl With Attitude, Leaves Dad Heartbroken

I've been missing in action for weeks. I hope no one has stop visiting. :P There's many reasons behind my absence. For one, I'm experiencing a "blogger's block". My friend created this brilliant phrase. Another reason is there has been some changes going through my life. I still need time adjusting and am still trying very hard. It was devastating news but somehow I need to come to terms with it. Another reason is I was hooked on a hk drama I've been watching online and finally finished it.

Anyway, the main reason of me blogging is to keep myself updated with the things going on in my life with my lil' dahling. So far, lil' dahling has reached a few milestones worthy of mentioning here like doing her business in the potty. Just look at that cheeky face and sexy shoulder!

This video shows how excited she was when I wanted to bring her for a swim.

Lil' dahling also just recovered from fever and flu. Even though down with fever, she's still chatter away and active. She now allows me to wipe her nose whenever she has runny nose. She used to hate it and avoid me last time when she was a few months younger. Here's her picture of her pitiful face when she was sick. I still took her out galavanting anyways. Hey! It's the holidays, don't blame me. We can't just stay at home. Moreover, she enjoys it so much anyways.

During her sick days, she was more 'manja' than usual. So this is what you get. A sleeping-on-mom or dad's-chest baby.

Oh yes and another milestone. I just discovered lil' dahling knows how to use the cup to drink already. Though there were many spills, that's why I didn't dare to let her try before this. I just suddenly had the urge to let her try during this long break and she did it!

I am so happy that lil' dahling is finally letting her hair down in her Gymboree classes. She's participating in every activity! Woo hoo! I'm so relieved and so proud of her. It just suddenly happen during her 3rd class. During her first two classes, she picked to do certain activity and screamed whenever she doesn't want to participate. I tried my best to encourage her and assure her that I'm with her and that she's perfectly safe. Finally she relented and what reward did she get? Praises from her teacher. Praises, hugs and kisses from her mommy. I'm ecstatically happy and I think she's ready for her music classes at Gymboree. Yipee!

Lil' dahling has suddenly become so attached to me. She's so sticky like a glue until sometimes I can't breathe. But better appreciate it now before they get bigger and feel embarrass to be close to their mom. She's so in love with me that she follows me everywhere in the house. Sometimes she doesn't allow me to bathe or pee. Sometimes I even have to let her in the bathroom and let her watch me bathe or pee! So this girl with attitude, made her dad heartbroken because she only wants me. She only wants me to feed her, bathe her, change her clothes..everything lah! Her longing father can only watch in sadness. She calls me lovingly whenever she feels like it and I will respond to her. Sounds like we're lovers right? LOL.

This little girl would ask for her toothbrush whenever she sees us brushing our teeth. She would ask for her hair to be combed after bath and her hair must always be decorated after combing. If you decline, she gets angry. Such a vain girl at this age. I took her to church the other day and let her wear her hat while we were walking under the sun. So I took it off once we entered the church but she demanded it to be put back on her head. It can be quite hot in the church and I know that she was sweating but vanity got the best of her. LOL. She also picks her own shoes and sandals now to go out. She would make a fuss if you never follow her command. Now she's choosing her shoes, next what? Dress? She'll also gets angry when you channel surf while she's watching her Playhouse Disney. I experimented it yesterday..:P

That's all folks. Quite a long post to make up for my absence..hehe.


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