Monday, January 4, 2010

First Day Of Kindy

I can't believe today is the day my dearest daughter is going to the kindy for the first time. I always listen to stories from my friends or colleagues about their children going to kindy for the first time and thought to myself, "I wonder when will my time come?" Well, I've got my wish today and boy it was really an experience.

I think most mothers will high five with me today because we might have the same experience. I was so anxious when we were approaching the school. Eliza was still innocent and not really knowing what to expect from kindy. She was ok as she enter the gate. Phew! I've passed one hurdle. She was ok when the teacher took her into the class. Phew! Another hurdle. Looks like it's all good. She was ok when the teacher sat her down on the chair and gave her some colour pencils to draw on a piece of paper. Phew! I'm so proud of you baby!

Then the dreaded thing happened. A boy came in the class and when his parents left, he let out a blood curdling cry. As you can guess, our princess started to cry too. Asking for her mommy to come and don't leave her. The teacher already warned us before hand that some children will be alright at first but will start to cry once they see another child cry. I felt like scolding the boy because it was all his fault. But I don't blame him actually. Her cry became louder and as time passes it became longer. My husband and I was getting worried and wonder whether it will ever stop? After so long finally it ended when the teacher decided to distract them with loud music and beckoned them to dance with her. Ok, it's time to leave now instead of loitering in the hall and peeping every few seconds. She might catch a glimpse of us and start to cry again. So we left for breakfast.

We decided to come back and check on Eliza again in the afternoon. There she was fast asleep..but on the floor?! I had to have a word with the daycare teacher and she told me that she was on the mattress at first but when the daycare teacher came near she quickly stick to her and ended up sleeping on the floor. The teacher tried to move her after she fell asleep but she opened her eyes and she quickly put her down in order not to wake her up. That was her story but I do hope it's true. After all we have to put our trusts in them right? Anyway, we left again and came back at 4.40pm to pick her up early. She was having her dinner halfway. But it's ok. I just don't want her to be the last to be picked up on her first day of kindy.

She told me after that that she cried in school because of the boy crying and that she wanted me. She also told me that she drank her milk and slept in school. She went on to say that we came to fetch her home and pick up dee dee. But last of all she told me that she doesn't want to go to school tomorrow. When I asked her why she said because she'll cry and want me and want to go home. Funny but of course that's not gonna happen. Tomorrow will be another challenge and I hope everything will be fine in no time.

The part where she was ok at first

She's actually crying

For a moment, I thought she spotted me.

Eliza in her uniform

Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a snail, Mommy

It's the first day of the year and it's a public holiday. And we are all cooped up at home. Why? Because the kids fell sick.

So Eliza was playing with her doodle pro and suddenly she exclaimed, "It's a snail, Mommy!" I wasn't really paying attention and just said, "Mmm" without even looking. Instead my husband took a look after she said the second time. He told me that it is a snail and then only I started taking it seriously. I was pretty impressed so of course it is a photo opportunity.

This is Eliza's version of a snail.


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