Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kids Say The Darndest Thing

Yesterday while I was driving Elizabeth to kindergarten in the morning, we had this conversation...

Eliza: Mummy, why teacher Sabrina and you got this thing? (cupping her chest with her two

Me: (Pretending to don't understand) What thing?

Eliza: Neh, this thing big one. (still cupping her chest with two hands)

Me: Oh, next time when you're older you, will have it too.

Eliza: Then I will also have to wear inside clothes and outside clothes? (she meant bra and a blouse)

Me: Yes. (laughing)

Eliza: Why boys don't have that thing one?

Me: Girls and boys are different. That is why they are called boys.

Eliza: Boys cannot have right? If got then eeee...not nice one.

Me: Yes, boys cannot have. (laughing again.)

Eliza: Then boys wear what?

Me: Wear outside clothes only.

Eliza: Oh, no need to wear inside clothes right?

Me: Yeah.

Funny isn't it? Maybe it's time I tell her more about the birds and the bees. ;)

Getting excited to go swimming.

There my babe in a bikini. LOL.

I start her young right? Kaka. See she's wearing inside clothes. LOL.

The water was so cold but he still wants to swim.

Peace out!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cruising Together

After I typed that title, the song Cruising Together by Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis started playing in my head. Haha. Want to know what we did last weekend? We went on a Greenery Cruise at Mines City. The weather was cloudy that day and I was afraid it would rain. The moment we stepped out, it started drizzling and I told hubby optimistically that maybe the rain would stop once we reach The Mines shopping mall.

When we arrived at the ticket counter in The Mines shopping mall, we were disappointed to find out that only the Greenery Cruise was available due to the weather. Otherwise we would've opted for the Discovery Cruise+Musical Fountain+Animal Wonderland. Oh well, maybe next time when the weather is better. Greenery Cruise covers only the South Lake and it's a smaller lake compared to the North Lake.

We had the opportunity to see and feed swans. I've never seen a swan before and this close! That was actually the highlight of this outing. Of course, to see how happy and excited the children was the best and priceless.

View from above - the boat cruise.

The brochure says 'The Venice of the East'.

My excited daughter.

Other passengers of the boat.

The expert driver of the boat.

Coming out from the tunnel and into the South Lake.

The Greenery Cruise. So now we know why it's called the Greenery Cruise.

The driver stopped for us to have a look at the fishes of the lake. That's ikan talapia. Quite huge.

Then we fed the fishes too. Have to purchase the fish food from the driver.

View of the lake.

My two kiddos so happy.

Elizabeth was so happy she started singing. LOL.

Hello there!

Black swan. So beautiful and also reminds me of that Black Swan movie.

Hello there again!

Eating the fish food we fed.

What a beautiful pair of white swans.

A private boat belonging to the owner of a house by the lake.

This house was own by a son of an ex minister.

Bye bye swans!

Look at Joseph. My husband have to hold him tight.

There are a few restaurants and cafes by the canal joining the two lakes. The view should be a nice if you dine at one of those cafes or restaurants.

We can see some people just chillaxing or feeding the fishes, sitting along the canal leading into the shopping mall. 

So dark you might say because we are in the tunnel.

The only shopping mall you can sail into.

Last picture before we get off the boat.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Putrajaya Floria 2011

Last Sunday, we went to Putrajaya for the Putrajaya Floria 2011 event. It's a flower and garden festival held at the Waterfront, Precinct 2, Putrajaya. Admission was free and so I thought why not? What made us interested to go was actually to see floats and the fireworks at the end of the float show.

The children were as usual excited to be able to go out. But were not so excited already when they had to squeeze among the crowd. It was crowded and everyone was fighting for the best view. The crowd made it hard to breathe and also made us sweat because of the heat. So that dampened the children's mood. The show haven't even reached to the middle of the show and the children already showed signs of wanting to go home. They were cranky and angry. So we left the place and already drove the car halfway until we discovered less crowd further down the lake! We quickly swerved to the roadside and parked our car there. We joined the less crowd there and continued with the show. The children were happy again. More space, more cooling and they don't have to fight for the best view because here we are right in front.

So I've learnt something from attending this kind of event is either you go there super early to get the best view or just go further away from the event where there's less crowd. Now what shall I do or where shall I go this weekend? Any ideas to share with me?

Float by YTL Hotel who won the Most Creative award.

Another angle of the YTL Hotel Float.

Johor's Float

Pahang's float. Pretty small right?

Terengganu's float. The winner for Overall Best Boat. Cantik ka?

The less crowd area where we stood. Overlooking the waterfront bridge too.

Tourism Malaysia. Nice colour.

Float of Perlis

Float by i-City - winner of Best Lighted. Think they must've stole some of their lighted trees and put it on the float. Haha.

Perbadanan Putrajaya..enough said.

Resort World Genting also took part. I recognised the logo first.

Brunei also took part. Think it's the only International contestant.

Float from Perak.

Ah this one I must surely say nice because from Melaka.

Let the fireworks begin!

This one looks like palm tree.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Top Ten Things I Wish I Could Do

I haven't done memes for so long.  I'm a little rusty. Usually I get tagged in Facebook and my memes are in there. Maybe this is the second meme in my blog? So here's my attempt and I hope no one will fall asleep. ;P Thanks MG from Mumsgather for tagging me. Here goes..

1. Be a SAHM (Yes, I do envy you SAHMs.)
2. Go on a holiday with the family. (So far I have not had a holiday with the family ever
    since I had Joseph)
3. Meet an old friend I haven't met for 14 years! (Correct me if I'm wrong..hehe)
4. Learn diving and obtain a diving license.
5. Bake anything on my own since helping mum to bake during secondary school don't
    count. Hehe.
6. Go jungle trekking.
7. Star watching and have professional equipment to watch stars. (Can't even see any stars
    here in KL lar...terrible!)
8. Be a supermum to my kids.
9. Ok I'm going to be a bit scary or morbid here for some of you but I wish I could bring
    my late father back to life. (Hope you still stay friends with me after reading this)
10. Going to the moon or space. (A bit far fetched but can this be counted ah?) Pandai
      berangan kan?

Ok I think there might be more but I just can't think of anything more at the moment. So from my list, I'm a right or left brain person huh, MG?

Now it's my turn to tag.

Liew Kok Ling

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Son's Ah Pak!

My two year old son, Joseph can speak a few words but still not in sentences. While I go to work, my babysitter will take care of him for me. My babysitter's husband is retired. So he will be around when Joseph is at her place. Joseph was taught to call him "Ah Pak" meaning old man. So he calls him "Ah Pak" or "Pak". It's funny how he pronounces "Pak" because as my friend said his diction is very good, he pronounces "Pak-k-k". Sounds like a parrot right? Hehe.

One day, I brought back some books borrowed from the National Library. As usual, I read to my children two books before they go to bed. I read to them a book about Dora, a popular cartoon character. As I turned the page to this page...

..he shouted MAP!!! We were surprised, yep even Elizabeth. I mean I have a Dora the Explorer VCD (it was a birthday gift from my dad to Elizabeth :) ) But they have not been watching it for some time. I'm amazed at his memory. When I was his age, I'm pretty sure my memory was as good as a fly's.

Then we came to another page and he shouted PAKKK!!! This time we were not surprised at first, we were puzzled instead. Eliza and I looked at each other giving a "what's he talking?" look. Then he shouted PAKKK!!!!! again. Louder this time sounding even more like a parrot. Luckily he didn't flap his wings hands but finally he pointed to this..

Can you see that "Ah Pak"? Eliza and me literally burst out laughing. We understood now. Kids are so clever in a funny way huh? Nobody told him that "Ah Pak" meant old man and yet he can link that picture to an old man. Believe me my babysitter's husband doesn't look like that at all. He has a head full of hair and it's not all white yet. And of course he doesn't have a moustache. Oh and he says the lady in the picture is Mummy and Dora is Jie Jie. I'm amazed again.

And why is it that children nowadays like to talk like an adult? Sometimes when I hear Elizabeth talking, I can't help but feel that she's a mini me. LOL. When we were kids, I don't remember talking like an adult. We just played it safe incase we get a tight slap from our parents. So we talked like how a child should talk. But yesterday, Elizabeth acting like a real princess said this,

"Wei, you see, I told you not to drive like that. You make my water bottle drop down! Must drive slower. Always like to drive so fast."

My goodness. Do I actually talk like that? Hmm..maybe I should talk like how a child should talk from now on. ^_~


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