Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Row, row, row your boat!

If you remember from one of my previous post, I shared that Joseph's latest favourite nursery rhyme song is "Row, row, row your boat". Well, I've managed to record a video of him singing the song after literally begging him to sing for me. He knows that I want to record him on video so he was playing hard to get. Hmph! But after a few takes (talking like a movie director here LOL), I think this is the best video.

Happy viewing and listening. ;)


  1. joseph cute!
    sister try to help him. haha

  2. Aiyo, so cute! I like his "deeem"

  3. Awww...he is soo cute. Mau cubit his face..LOL!!

  4. Liew: Thanks. haha. Yes, sister want to help or maybe show off?

    Germaine: hahah..."deeem". I like too.

    Yee Ling: haha..thanks. Virtual cubit then.

  5. Fantastic!! He sang well and so is big sister. Would love to hear him sing again:D

  6. so cute his singing..certainly brought a smile to my face. :)

  7. Quay Po: Thanks! Will try to upload if i do get some more videos.

    Martha: Thanks! Glad that it did..:)



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