Thursday, September 15, 2011

Frolicking At The Beach

I know this is a long post overdue but I only have the time to share about it now. The pictures I'm sharing were taken during the long Raya break. We went back to my hometown in Malacca and went to the Tanjung Kling beach just to let the kids have fun at the beach. It's not the cleanest beach around but it's the closest we can find. At least the beach is not a reclaim land or it's not blocked by huge rocks. Even some parts of the klebang beach is now blocked by huge rocks that you can't dip your feet in the sea.

Since it's the raya holidays, the beach was not crowded and there were only chinese people! The last time I went, there were quite many people of all races. Haha. The weather was gloomy so it was quite a nice weather to be at the beach especially when you're afraid of getting sunburn. So the kids had fun playing with the sand, building sand castles, wading in the sea water and just letting the waves splash at their legs. A relaxing holiday indeed.

Elizabeth is not afraid of the sand anymore but still do not want to take off her shoes.

Joseph enjoys scooping the sand.

Filling up the bucket with sand to build a sand castle.

Joseph: Hey, where have you been all this while, long lost brother(the sea)?

Hand in hand entering the sea water. Joseph is looking eager while big sister Elizabeth is about to raise the white flag.

He was delighted and got his pants all wet, so I took it off and let him enjoy the splashing of the water

Taken from afar. Spot the kids?
After playing enough with water he started playing with sand. I'm not sure what he's trying to accomplish with that position. LOL. But look at his diapers all filled with sea water!

Friday, September 9, 2011

So Happy Together

One day, during the Raya break, these two decided to become so chummy with each other. I don't know whether it's the charm of being in a small town called Seremban or it's the cool morning weather. I quickly picked up my camera and take some shots before they start growling at each other. lol.

Very normal scene between siblings right? One minute they are so nice and lovey dovey towards each other. They even back each other up. One minute they are at each other's throat. Pulling hair, beating each other, screaming, crying or complaining. Oh, what an ugly scene.

That's why I prefer to take the lovey dovey shots to let them have fond memories of each other. I'm sure you guys will love it too..:)

Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Dog Lover

Last Saturday, we went to visit a friend's newborn baby boy. They have a pet dog. So guess who was the most excited to see the dog? My lil' dahling, Joseph. He was touching it. Chasing after it. Trying to play with the dog. He followed the dog everywhere. We didn't know that he is such a dog lover. Or was it a dog bully? LOL. The poor dog seemed traumatised. But it was nice to see him getting up close and personal with the dog.

Sorry for the blurry picture. They were moving so quickly around.

Joseph's new found friend, the dog. LOL. He is not even interested in the little girl.

Poor dog is saying LET ME OUT! Joseph is saying PLEASE KISS ME!

Not a nice shot again but Joseph is begging for the dog to play with him.

After all the chasing, he fainted fell asleep in the car on the way home.

My lil' dahling princess is so dainty even in sleep. LOL.


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