Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wordless Tuesday

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Cousins Get-together

During the weekend, the cousins were reunited after a long break due to our busy lives. They withdrawn from each other at first but the next day they were playing and shouting already.

My husband’s side of his family came for a visit over the weekend. We went to Bangsar Shopping Centre’s The Ming Room restaurant because my hubby wanted his parents to try their Peking duck. Bangsar Shopping Centre was nicely decorated with Christmas decorations and Eliza got excited exclaiming, “Wah, mummy why got so many bling bling?”

The next day we had dim sum for lunch and after that they all hang-out at my place until dinner time where my mother in-law cooked up a storm for us.

So that’s when my house become topsy turvy. Haha. But it’s nice to have the family gathered once in a while. A merry feeling, you get. Those two little ones didn’t even have their 40 winks that day. With the youngest one putting a fight when he was dragged to his cot. So we gave up in the end.

I would’ve taken more picture if not for my being unwell. I had fever during the weekend too but still went out with my in-laws.

Making monkey face after swallowing the papaya

All enjoying the papaya

Another bite for the little one

Elizabeth enjoying herself

Kasie, finally you have your wish: to see Joseph in his towel just like Eliza last time;)

Opps! Can't hold too long already.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh Crab!

Another craft day with my daughter some time back. Only managed to blog about it now.

It took me so long to find the cup holder. Finally got it from McD when we ordered through the drive-thru on our way to Genting.

It's not that difficult to do. Eliza had fun painting the whole cup holder and putting glitter glue on it! Just in case anyone of you are curious on where I get the idea from (I'm clearly not a genius), I got it from Playhouse Disney Asia's website.

Here are the pix.

Hey, it can be a hat even!

The end result

From another angle.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Over the past weekend, we went back to Malacca. Yesterday, we went for Sunday mass at St. Francis Church. It was quite crowded that we had to split and so Elizabeth sat with her cousin brothers and grandparents.

My mom told me after the mass that Elizabeth asked her many questions until she was dumbfounded. My mom doesn't know how to answer some of her questions. Part of the conversation went like these..

Elizabeth: Mama, this one is church ah?
Grandma: Yes.
Elizabeth: Why this one is church one?
Grandma: ...
Elizabeth: Why we come to church?
Grandma: To pray.
Elizabeth: Pray what?
Grandma: ...pray to God.
Elizabeth: Why we pray to God?
Grandma: To say thank you to God and ask Him to take care of us. Take care of Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: Oh. After church we go where?
Grandma: After church we go for lunch.
Elizabeth: After lunch we go where?
Grandma: After lunch we go to shopping centre.
Elizabeth: Which shopping centre?
Grandma: Tesco.
Elizabeth: After Tesco we go where?
Grandma: After Tesco we go home.
Elizabeth: Oh.

My mom was already panting. LOL. Ok I exaggerate. Wah luckily I had a break from answering her questions. Thank God for my mom.

On the way back to Malacca
Deliberately don't want to look at the camera

Yesterday was a very hot night and I decided to switch on the air-cond but Eliza was not in the know. I switched it on after Joseph fell asleep. Eliza didn't know because she was sleeping in her room. As usual, nearly every night she will pay a nightly visit to me. But last night, she didn't even wake me and all of a sudden when I turned to my left, I was (Erhh??) surprised to see her lying beside me. I guess the air-cond made me slept so soundly. She must've crept up my bed without me knowing. Come morning and I threw her some questions.

Me:When did you come and sleep on my bed?
Eliza: (No answer)
Me:Why did you come and sleep on my bed last night?
Eliza: Because I like air-cond la, you don't know meh?

Hmph! Air-cond lover.

My nephew - the kids magnet

Look at the littlest tai kor

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cheeky Little Boy Part 2

Joseph has done it again for the umpteenth time! Running away from us as we were about to enter the lift. No matter how many times we call or beckon for him to come, he will just keep running with a cheeky laugh and talk in his baby language as if to say, "You cannot catch me (2X)". Which was what we actually did after giving up, catch him! Once he is in the lift, we have another task: to get him out of the lift. Haha. He will be busy pressing the buttons on tiptoe.

Although I don't have a chance yet to snap a picture of this but he always managed to give me a heart attack when I see him standing on the kid's chair. Mine you it's not that stable because it's light. And no matter how many times you take him down, he will still climb up. Another heart attack moment would be when he walks around on the bed. It's really so scary and it makes me feel like I'm a goal keeper blocking Joseph the ball from coming through.

Remember I mentioned in previous post that he will cry from his cot when I go to shower? Well, if he's not in the cot then he will terrorise me when I shower and play peek-a-boo with me by opening and closing the sliding door. Sometimes even walking in to join me and I had to turn off the water then scream to my hubby to carry him away. Now you would say why didn't I just close and lock the bathroom door? That's because I couldn't bear to hear him screaming, crying and banging the bathroom door for me like as if doomsday is coming. Haha. Well, I can't help it if I'm his idol right?:P

Enjoying his ride until he refused to get down.

He likes to dig for things in drawers, cupboards, cabinets and move them around the house or throw stuff inside the drawers. Something which is different from his sister. She on the other hand is a milder case and sometimes even putting the stuff back at its place. Neat eh?

Cheeky just love to play with his food. You give him a bowl of grapes and he will stuff them all in his mouth until it's too full or he will take some out from his mouth and put them down on any surface (book, floor, sofa..you name it) and then put it back again in his mouth. I think I've burnt enough calories just stopping him from playing with his food.

Another skill he has mastered is the art of complaining. Yep, even though he is still not talking. He likes to try and snatch whatever toy or things in his sister's hands. If he fails, he will run to me crying. It's like a way of him complaining to me that his sister bullied him. Tsk tsk tsk. Kids these days.

Nowadays, if I can, I'll try to fold the clean clothes after he sleeps. Why? Because one minute you'll see nicely folded clothes and another minute they're all over the floor. Even unfolded clothes in the basket were not spared. He'll take one by one out and throw them on the floor. With his oh-so-serious face, "sorting" clothes is a serious business for him.

You know if you pretend to be angry or pout your mouth in disapproval of his behaviour, you would expect him to be guilty and refrain from what he is doing. But no, this cheeky will come up to instead and pinch your face with all fingers. Most of the time, my nose will be the victim. I'm not surprised when the babysitter told me about this too. Recently, he has started to push your face away besides pinching. Haha.

Cheeky's kissing skill needs to be mastered even though I do enjoy them. Who wouldn't if it's coming from an adorable flesh and blood of yours. No matter how wet and slobbery, Cheeky, Mommy is loving every kiss that you've planted on my face. Keep 'em coming!

First time in the tub together

Monday, November 8, 2010

Elizabeth is 4!

My little princess is four years old already. I gave her a surprise party at her kindy on the 4th November, two days before her real birthday because her birthday falls on a Saturday and Friday was Deepavali.

I had to keep it a secret from her. Altough the teacher nearly spoilt my plan by mentioning it to her. Of course I tried to deny it after that and divert her attention to something else because she kept bugging me for her cake. So I did the goodie bags and cupcake topper in my office. Only took them home a day before with the cupcakes and hid them in the car boot until she went to bed.

The cupcakes with toppers. I only made the toppers.

The goodie bags

The next day, I had to dress up to pretend as if I had to go to work and send her off to kindy. Then I went home, waited until it's almost snack time and then off I go to the kindy again. Elizabeth was so surprised and happy to see me. The kids were all excited too. They dropped everything once they knew there is going to be a cake.

So the tables were set, we took photos, we sang the birthday song, birthday girl blowed the candles, they ate, they drank, they asked for more, they looked into their goodie bags and the kids were so adorable. I later told my husband about this and he said maybe I can be a kindergarten teacher. -_-

Oh Elizabeth got a new bf now. Haha. Last time it was Goh Yi Tong this, Goh Yi Tong that. "I want to have Goh Yi Tong's type of slipper." "Teacher Zee said Goh Yi Tong handsome boy." "Goh Yi Tong's t-shirt today is Ben 10." Now it's Jason this, Jason that. "Jason d0n't allow Goh Yi Tong to talk to me." "Mommy, Jason's house got toilet or not?" "Mommy, where is Jason's mommy and daddy?" " Iyer, Mommy you see Jason's eyes. So funny." Oh dear, I wonder who's next?

En-Beethoven class. That's Jason on her right.

That's Goh Yi Tong, third from the right with the peace sign.

The kids are singing to the birthday girl

Jason helping Elizabeth to blow the candles. How sweet.:P

This is Jason again.

After celebrating, I went home and the kids had to resume classes again. Then I picked her up again after her classes finished and took her out to 1 Utama as a treat. Let her on some rides and took her to a play zone. Her lunch was at Waffle World and she enjoyed it so much. "Mommy, why the waffle got ice-cream?" So surprised to see ice-cream on waffle and gave me the thumbs up many times.

Enjoying herself to the max.

This year, she had a double celebration for her birthday because we celebrated again on the real day, 6th November. The celebration wouldn't be complete without a cake and this year it's cupcakes again only difference is they are unique cupcakes of her favourite cartoon specially ordered from my junior in secondary school. Her work was marvellous and everybody admired it especially my little princess who exclaimed that she wanted Leo, the bespectacled one, "because Leo is a boy!" That's what she said. Haha.

Happy Birthday once again dearie. I can't believe that you have grown so much and it seemed like only yesterday when I first held you in my arms. Looking forward to many more wonderful birthday celebrations together with you. XOXO.

Her second set of birthday cuppies for the real day

We celebrated in Seremban with my in-laws and she chose the cupcakes for each of us.

Can't wait to get her hands on the cupcake before dinner

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cheeky Little Boy

Joseph is already 16 months old. So far this cheeky little boy has never failed to provide joy and laughter in our lives. Here are some fun facts about him:

1. He is very attached to me. When I shower in the mornings before going to work, sometimes he would be woken up. He will be like so devastated and cry from the start until I finished showering from his cot. If he woke up before I enter the bathroom, then I have to leave the door open to let him see me showering otherwise he will be even angrier. I can’t help but to laugh sometimes to see him crying like that. He’s getting better now. Sometimes he doesn’t cry until I finished showering.

2. During the weekends, sometimes we would just sleep in a little longer. This cheeky boy would sometimes wake up earlier and so in order to get attention he will throw his pacifier or pillow at me from his cot to wake me up. Ouch! If it’s the pacifier.

3. He likes to be naked. If you are a little slow in changing his clothes, then he’ll run away from you naked. Oh ya, he also thinks that once we take off his clothes, it is bath time because he’ll be waiting for me in front of the bathroom.

4. He will bounce his body up and down and bopping himself when he hears music.

5. He wants a share also when someone is eating or dining. If we are dining outside, he will scream his lungs out to demand for another bite. I just hope we won’t be thrown out at any eatery one day.

Creating a masterpiece on the paper and also the table!

6. When the babysitter carries him or when I carry him too, he will run his hand on our you-know-what and pinch it. Don’t worry, we are trying hard to cut this bad habit of his.

7. He understands our conversations more and more each day. So the more you say no to him, the more he will do it followed by a cheeky laugh.

Now I’m only waiting for the day when he will call me Mommy. Please be soon, Cheeky (his nick). Mommy can hardly wait.

Gasp! Flasher!

Look at my handsome boy

They don't call me cool for nothing! Rowdy boy.

Tai ko

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Am 3 Plus, Going On 4

4 days more to Elizabeth’s 4th birthday. I remember last year when she turned 3, all of a sudden it’s like she unleashed her inner being that she has never released before. She was able to speak well, form sentences and her command of vocabulary increased. This year, I’m waiting to see what she is going to reveal when she turns 4. But even before turning 4, she is now wittier in her conversations (that’s a nice way of saying that she actually talks back).

Elizabeth: Mommy, what is this word? Low what?
Me: Mmmm..(reading magazine).
Elizabeth: Mommy!
Me: Huh? Oh low cholesterol… Faster chew your food. Nah! (while trying to feed her)
Elizabeth: I haven’t eat finish lar. (looking at me through the corner of her eyes)
Me: Talk to me nicely. Don’t do that face.
Elizabeth: I love you, mommy.
Me: Mmm..swallow your food. I don’t want to see this (pointing to the bulge on her right cheek).
Elizabeth: You read your book lar.
Me: I tell you, you better talk to me nicely ah. Just now at the park, you said you were a good
girl and I bought you an ice-cream, remember? And now you dare to talk to me like that.
Elizabeth: I love you, mommy.
Me: Ya..ya. If you talk to me like that again, I won’t buy ice-cream again for you.
Elizabeth: I WANT!!!
Me: Then you better be a good girl.

And it goes on and on. She also likes to eavesdrop and interrupt when Yap and I are talking.

Me: So are you going to buy the shoes?
Elizabeth: You buy lar. Go and buy lar.
Yap: This weekend.
Me: Eh where does this road come from?
Yap: There..from “Fat’s” house.
Elizabeth: Har??? “Fat’s” house? How come got “Fat’s” house one?

We burst out laughing after that.

Now let’s talk about her current obsession. If you read my previous posting, you would know that she just had her annual concert. Recently, I purchased the DVD of her annual concert from her kindy. Thanks to Yap who forgot to borrow his brother’s videocam, I had to resort to my digital camera which gave a very poor quality video as a result. That’s why I had to purchase the DVD in the end. So now, her latest obsession is watching her annual concert DVD. She can even ask to switch on several times a day. I think I can even memorise some of the dance steps already.

Not forgetting her second obsession is her Little Einstein DVDs. She has to watch them practically everyday while she drinks her milk before bedtime. And I’ll be putting Joseph to bed while she’s doing that. That theme song is already embedded in my head. “We’re going on a trip in our favourite rocket ship, zooming through the sky Little Einstein.” Ok, I better stop.

Oh yes, she still loves reading though. She will read her school books and also the books at home nearly everyday. And I must read to her a book everyday before bedtime. She likes a routine.
So this is my adorable daughter who makes sure she waves goodbye to me whenever I send her off to kindy and makes sure I wave back otherwise she will burst to tears. And this is my sweetie girl who also makes sure she says her goodnights and I-love-yous to me before she close her eyes to sleep at night. Yes, she will make sure I say back and it must be “I love you too” and not just “I love you”. She made it clear that I must add that word otherwise an agitated little monster will make its appearance. That’s my weird little kiddo. :)


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