Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Love Jesus!

Since we didn't manage to catch the Big Bad Wolf Sales, we caught the Logos Hope Book Fair instead last Saturday. If it wasn't because of my mum and two nephews, we wouldn't have thought of going also. We met my mum and two nephews who were there for a day trip from Malacca.

Surprisingly, the journey didn't take that long to reach Port Klang Cruise Centre. It was a gloomy day and the skies were threatening to rain but fortunately it did not. Someone must have prayed hard. LOL. Upon reaching the car park, I started to worry by judging at the amount of buses and cars. Then as I was fast approaching the ticket counter, I saw the long queue waiting to go up the ship (started to cold sweat already!). After I enter the ship and saw the sea of crowd (like exaggerating only), I started to panick already! Never mind, I told myself to keep calm since I've come all the way. Might as well just get on with it and finish the journey. 

My mood was a little dampen by the crowd, so I didn't get to browse through every rack thoroughly. I managed to get four books though. The children and I are happy with the books just that I'm not so happy with the price. I only managed to get one RM8 book. >.< Oh well, can't stinge so much on books because books are precious and knowledge is power. Hehe. 

Port Klang Cruise Centre.

Can't get a nice picture of the boat with children who can't keep still..:P

Hey is that Spongebob Squarepants?

The Logos Hope Ship.

I took this pic while queing up. If you think this is not terrible, wait till you see inside.

Finally, it's our turn.

Take a pic while waiting for the short presentation to start. Elizabeth and her signature peace sign.

Joseph already getting restless and started to walk around.

All I see is just heads. I felt like shouting, "HOT WATER!" So that everyone would move aside and make way for me to walk at ease. LOL.

On the way out of the ship. The story of 'The Prodigal Son' there.

I'm Eli the sailor!

I'm Joseph the crew boy!

With Elizabeth it must be Disney Princess. This book for RM32.

This Toy Story book for Joseph at RM32.

This lovely book with a CD of Christmas Songs for RM8!

This book about Jesus for RM20.

Talking about books, that comes to the title of this post. I was reading the book "The Beginner's Bible:Jesus and the Children with Elizabeth the other day. Along the way she asked me some questions and I explained to her that Jesus loves all children, including her. In the book, the children also loves Jesus and loves to follow Him. So I explained to her that the children loves to be around Jesus because He is very kind, loving and helpful. She felt so good after reading the book that she exclaimed, "I love Jesus! He's so beautiful!"

I felt so good after hearing that and I have never been happier. So proud of her. ^_^

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Elizabeth's Annual Concert

It's nearing the year end already and in most schools there will be an annual or year-end concert. This is the second annual concert for Elizabeth. Even though it's the second year for her, she's still quite shy on stage. Nevertheless, she was still very excited about it and kept reminding us about the concert and to be punctual for the event.

Prior to the concert, I asked her several times what was her dance this year. Sometimes she told me that it's a surprise and sometimes she told me that she doesn't know. I asked her to sing the song of her dance for me and she told me she can't remember. I asked her to show me her dance and she did it very roughly. She said we squat down and then we just jump and jump and then turn around. It was vague so I couldn't quite make out what dance is that all about. LOL.

Then the real day of her concert approached and I sent her to her school before 4p.m. for her to change into her costume. So I've seen her costume, but I still haven't the slightest what dance was she going to perform. Then I had to leave her in school because the teachers need to prepare them and the children will travel to the concert venue by bus.

Hubby and I were quite anxious when we arrived at the concert venue before 7p.m. We still don't know what to expect even after we have read the concert programme. Her class will be performing a dance called "Jailhouse Rock". When it was her class turn to perform and the music started, I recognised the song straight away. Of course it's the song sung by the great Elvis Presley but I still don't know what kind of dance is that. LOL. Can you tell me?

Don't ya think I'm sexy in this costume?

Eeep! My girl kena 'pok mong'! (taken advantage)

I'm her makeup artist. LOL.

I think she was searching for us.

The closing of the concert. Look at that uncle taking photos there. 'Semangat!'

Can you spot Elizabeth singing with her mouth open wide? :P
You are welcome to watch this video and let me know what kind of dance that is..LOL.

Happy viewing!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Last Day in Penang - Day 6

You must be thinking, "It's still not over?" Well, I just thought of sharing the final hours before leaving Penang. :P After breakfast we went to Him Heang Sdn Bhd (GPS N 5 25.455 E 100 19.242) because I vowed to myself that I would never leave Penang without buying Tau Sar Peah (Tambun biscuits), those famous biscuits made of wheat flour, green bean, fried shallot, vegetable oil and salt. It's my all-time favourite so you know what to get for me next time you visit Penang ok? *wink wink*.

A box of 16 pieces of Tambun biscuits for RM 5.40.
We left Penang by Ferry this time just to let the kids have the experience. It was the right decision because they did had fun and enjoyed being on the ferry. So that's about it all about my road trip. Hope you all enjoyed reading it..:)

Waiting for the vehicles to leave the Ferry before we can enter.

Now it's our turn to board the Ferry.

Spotted Star Cruise while queing up to board the Ferry.

Whoa! Almost there!

And we're on the Ferry. We're still in the car.

Now we're all out of the car. Another ferry coming back to the island.

Penang bridge looked so small and far away.

Trying to take a pic with a struggling child.

A cargo ship.

Enjoying the experience.

The vehicles on the ferry. We're the only ones out of our cars. Those people must've been on the ferry most days of their life. :P

Goodbye Penang Island. That tall building must be KOMTAR.

Beautiful day.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Penang Day 5

It was a gloomy start in Penang on day 5. I was hoping the weather would be better but it still did not deter us from going out. After all staying in the apartment the whole time would be boring right?

The first place of the day was Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi or Khoo Kongsi temple for short (GPS N 5 24.850 E 100 20.264). It's a magnificent clanhouse hidden amidst the crowded gridiron of terrace houses and shophouses. It was not easy to find the temple and we nearly missed the entrance because it looked like a normal alley if you didn't notice the signboard. The entrance fee is RM5. We enjoyed our stop there. The architecture is really breathtaking and there's so much detail to the design. So intricate.

The view from my room at Golden View Serviced Apartments. Gloomy morning.

Khoo Kongsi temple - magnificent looking clanhouse.

Grand stairway to the three prayer halls.

Our attentions were drawn to these beautiful, intricate carvings on the walls.

In the large courtyard, facing the temple is a stage for Chinese Opera.

According to my hubby, each carving here tells a story.

I thought these kind of books only exist in the movies. It's so precious that they have enclosed it in a glass case.

The view of the temple at night is even more beautiful. This picture is in their musuem.

Many of us were fooled when we saw this because at one glance we thought there were real people dining there. This dining area is part of their kitchen.

One part of the kitchen. A tiny child model there. Hehe.

Zi Yu, my niece is interested in the kitchen.

The last time I saw this kind of cupboard was at my auntie's house many years ago.

If I didn't see this piece of information in their musuem, I wouldn't have known that the movie 'Anna & The King' was filmed here.

Father and son at the back part of the temple.
Next, we visited the Pinang Peranakan Mansion. (GPS N 5 25.070 E 100 20.471) I was interested to visit this place just because the mansion was used as one of the main drama set for this drama I watched before called 'Little Nyonya'. You cannot miss this mansion because it was painted bright green. The entrance fee for adult is RM10 and kids enter for free. Once entering the mansion, you can see antique furnitures, unique architectures and decoration all restored in good form. If you are into history, antiques, architectures or culture, I'm sure you'll find a visit to this mansion worthwhile.

Pinang Peranakan Mansion

The entrance to the mansion.

As you enter, this is what you see. That's the main staircase.

This is the front hall.

The children sitting on a typical antique peranakan bench.

This is a table for playing cards. Peranakan style.

She was considered a beauty during her time.

The husband of the lady in the pic above. The guide said he looked a bit like Leslie Cheung and Chow Yuen Fatt combined.

We are all seated at the family's dining hall.

This is the dining hall for western guests.

An old piano seated beside the main staircase.
This is the second storey.

This is the opium chair, long enough for a person to lie down.

Antique stereo system that can play old vinyl records.

This is what they call 'toilet' in the olden days. :P

A very old TV.

If I'm not mistaken this is a modern wedding dress after the British influence.

'Gung gung' and 3 of the grand children sitting on the love chair.

Antique camera. Imagine if we were to still carry this camera around. I won't even bother taking pictures!

Nyonya shoes.

A daughter's bedroom. Looks like a day bed right?

A future seamstress?

Traditional nyonya attire.

The girls want to be in the pic also. 'Kacau' only.

The wash basin and potty in the wedding chamber.

The bed in the wedding chamber.

The wedding head gear.

The dressing table in the wedding chamber.

The way leading to the cafe kum kitchen.
After lunch at Sin Hwa Kopitiam ( GPS N 5 25.848 E 100 18.768) for the tasty and famous Char Kuay Teow, we went to Toy Musuem (GPS N 5 27.903 E 100 17.740). This Toy Museum is at Jalan Tanjung Bungah and the entrance fee is RM10 for adults and RM6 for children. If you are still a child at heart, you will be happy to see the many types of toys featured in this musuem. One thing, I didn't enjoy about the museum was it seems badly maintained and there's a musty smell in the musuem. Anyway, we went there for the sake of the children otherwise I don't think I will be interested in the musuem.

Jack Sparrow : Savvy?

Lara Croft who likes to raid tombs. :P

Master Yoda, may the Force be with you.

Darth Vader: I am your father. He gives me the creeps.

Obi Wan Kenobi:You can't win, Darth.

Batman the Dark Knight. I don't understand why the Cheshire Cat and Pluto is with him. LOL.

Spiderman, who has great power and great responsibilities. ;)

One of my favourite Disney cartoon, The Little Mermaid.

Joseph was attracted by toy cars.

Shrek and his children?

The children showing 'suk suk' something they found interesting.

The chamber of horrors. Eee..

Barbie dolls!
Since the Toy Musuem is on the way to Batu Ferringhi, we went to Batu Ferringhi beach. The children had fun the most, dipping in the sea. Driving along the coastal road in Batu Ferringhi also gives a scenic view of the sea and beach. It was just relaxing.

Batu Ferringhi beach.

Joseph enjoyed playing with the water and sea shells.

Han Yang looked so happy playing with his father.

Suddenly there was a naked boy at the beach!

Joseph wants to go further into the sea. His clothes and diaper got all soaked up with water, so he wanted to get out of them and be naked. 

My father in-law managed to persuade Elizabeth finally to play in the sea.

My brother in-law playing sand with the kids.

Elizabeth only dared to stand in the water.

The rest were just happy sitting in the water.
 We went back to the apartment to get ourselves cleaned up and later went to Ocean Green Restaurant near to Gurney Drive to have seafood for dinner. The restaurant is just by the sea so you can hear actually hear the sound of waves splashing. But since the restaurant was crowded with people, the sound of waves were drown by the sound of people talking. Nice ambience and nice food. Worth a try.

Ocean Green Restaurant just beside the Gurney beach.

Paulaner beer. Not bitter at all.

Our quite scrumptious dinner. LOL.


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