Monday, November 8, 2010

Elizabeth is 4!

My little princess is four years old already. I gave her a surprise party at her kindy on the 4th November, two days before her real birthday because her birthday falls on a Saturday and Friday was Deepavali.

I had to keep it a secret from her. Altough the teacher nearly spoilt my plan by mentioning it to her. Of course I tried to deny it after that and divert her attention to something else because she kept bugging me for her cake. So I did the goodie bags and cupcake topper in my office. Only took them home a day before with the cupcakes and hid them in the car boot until she went to bed.

The cupcakes with toppers. I only made the toppers.

The goodie bags

The next day, I had to dress up to pretend as if I had to go to work and send her off to kindy. Then I went home, waited until it's almost snack time and then off I go to the kindy again. Elizabeth was so surprised and happy to see me. The kids were all excited too. They dropped everything once they knew there is going to be a cake.

So the tables were set, we took photos, we sang the birthday song, birthday girl blowed the candles, they ate, they drank, they asked for more, they looked into their goodie bags and the kids were so adorable. I later told my husband about this and he said maybe I can be a kindergarten teacher. -_-

Oh Elizabeth got a new bf now. Haha. Last time it was Goh Yi Tong this, Goh Yi Tong that. "I want to have Goh Yi Tong's type of slipper." "Teacher Zee said Goh Yi Tong handsome boy." "Goh Yi Tong's t-shirt today is Ben 10." Now it's Jason this, Jason that. "Jason d0n't allow Goh Yi Tong to talk to me." "Mommy, Jason's house got toilet or not?" "Mommy, where is Jason's mommy and daddy?" " Iyer, Mommy you see Jason's eyes. So funny." Oh dear, I wonder who's next?

En-Beethoven class. That's Jason on her right.

That's Goh Yi Tong, third from the right with the peace sign.

The kids are singing to the birthday girl

Jason helping Elizabeth to blow the candles. How sweet.:P

This is Jason again.

After celebrating, I went home and the kids had to resume classes again. Then I picked her up again after her classes finished and took her out to 1 Utama as a treat. Let her on some rides and took her to a play zone. Her lunch was at Waffle World and she enjoyed it so much. "Mommy, why the waffle got ice-cream?" So surprised to see ice-cream on waffle and gave me the thumbs up many times.

Enjoying herself to the max.

This year, she had a double celebration for her birthday because we celebrated again on the real day, 6th November. The celebration wouldn't be complete without a cake and this year it's cupcakes again only difference is they are unique cupcakes of her favourite cartoon specially ordered from my junior in secondary school. Her work was marvellous and everybody admired it especially my little princess who exclaimed that she wanted Leo, the bespectacled one, "because Leo is a boy!" That's what she said. Haha.

Happy Birthday once again dearie. I can't believe that you have grown so much and it seemed like only yesterday when I first held you in my arms. Looking forward to many more wonderful birthday celebrations together with you. XOXO.

Her second set of birthday cuppies for the real day

We celebrated in Seremban with my in-laws and she chose the cupcakes for each of us.

Can't wait to get her hands on the cupcake before dinner


  1. I know this sounds bias but I think Eli is the prettiest in her class. Ooo..Jason now eh? Both also cute in their own way. If I were her, I also won't know who to choose! Haha. I think she really enjoyed her birthday. What a great Mom you are :) Inspire me to be Sunday School teacher again.



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