Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Elizabeth is 5!

Another year and my baby is now 5 years old! It seems not too long ago when I blogged about her 4 year old birthday. Time moved on so fast. I wish I could freeze time! This year, her birthday party in school was done few days earlier because the real date falls on a Sunday. I did the usual cake ordering and prepared the goodie bags. Hubby has more time to help me with the goodie bags this year, thanks hubby! He also could make it for the birthday party in school this year. Thank God!

So what did the little highness wanted on her birthday cake this year? This year it's all about Disney Princess. She wanted Snow White and Cinderella to be on the cake so I ordered two cakes! One for the school party and one for the real day! The stuff for the goodie bags were purchased quite at the last minute so this time, I didn't make my own goodie bag like last year. Want to see how it looked like, click here.

My little princess with her Snow White cake.

A few shots before she blows the candles.

I want to have a pic too!

Blow! Blow! Blow!

The part where most kids are most excited about - get their piece of cake!

Erm..I know what you're thinking. Like one of my friend pointed out that this Snow White's dad must be Spongebob.

What does the birthday girl think of the party? With that smile, it must be a SUCCESS!

Everyone's busy eating their piece of cake.

The goodie bags filled with goodies..duh!

Very possessive la this bf!
The celebration never stop there. Two days after, we celebrated her birthday again in hubby's hometown. My mother in-law wanted to throw a small birthday party for her but her friend's grandchildren couldn't make it and Elizabeth's cousins were down with chicken pox. Nevertheless, it's a happy one for Elizabeth. My MIL sewed many dresses for her and she got her Cinderella cake.

Every birthday, I tend to discover that Elizabeth reaches a milestone. This year, I realised that she is more matured and she talks more like an adult. Like when she told her grandparents before we returned to KL,
"Ok bye bye, next time I will come to your house again".

Then when her father asked her to dance for us, she didn't want. When asked why, she just said,
"You join me lar". LOL.

We went for an event recently and I told her,
"You look disappointed, I'm sorry that they didn't have the hot air balloon ride as promised". She said a simple,

"I know".

Happy 5th Birthday my little princess. I love you more and more each day. Everyday, I'm learning beautiful and new things about you.  I pray to God to bless you with all the joy, happiness and glory in the world. May you sail through all the obstacles and challenges that come in your way to success. I am proud to have you as my daughter and nothing brings us more happiness than the smile on your face. I want to see that smile on your lips forever.

This is the Cinderella cake and they spelt my daughter's name wrongly! Hubby said this Cinderella got breast cancer. ROTFL.

Joseph is trying to imitate jie jie doing the peace sign. LOL.

My sweet little princess wearing one of the dress sewn by my MIL.


  1. Happy happy birthday to your sweetie! Her class environment looks nice!

  2. She's a sweetie! I laughed at Elizabella - I guess they wanted to rhyme with Cinderella. Also at Snow Yellow..haha!

    Glad she had such a great celebration. Happy 5th Birthday ELIZABETH!

  3. Your MIL sewing skill is so good. I love the dress that she sewed for Elizabeth.

  4. Wow...princess cake. Back then I adore all the fairy tale and princess stories very much. But when comes to my girl, she dont show any interest at all.....She will go for Ben 10..*slapped forehead**

  5. happy belated birthday Elizabeth :) I can't help laughing at the descriptions of the 2 birthday cakes. Hmm...wonder why the baker didn't put more effort on decorating the cake huh? I like Elizabeth's pretty dress.

  6. Hi Carolyn, happy birthday to your girl. Tell her a gentleman from Canada wishes her 'many happy returns of the day'.

    She sure has her mother's very attractive good looks too.
    Someday this young girl going to make young men have heart bypass, ha ha.
    Have fun, Carolyn, you looking good in pic.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. the pic of u at her school, u look like a kindy teacher! sweet :D

    Happy birthday 'elizabella' :P

  8. Jenny: Thanks!
    Germaine: Haha..never thought of Snow Yellow.
    Sheoh Yan: She's a tailor that's y..hehe.
    Yee Ling: Ben10? Aiyoh what went wrong? LOL. Mummy must start to influence her with princess stories dy.
    Mommy to chumsy: Yalor..a bit disappointed la. But what to do. Thanks for the wishes!
    Uncle Lee: Thanks! Will convey the message to her..haha. Thanks for the compliment're just too nice.
    Merryn: Thanks! Aiyoh I look like a kindy teacher ah? Die!

  9. she's so cute! so is the cake :)


  10. Happy Birthday to Elizabella!! :) Love the cakes and so much celebration! surely she feels loved. :)

  11. What a wonderful post for your pretty little princess! She is a lucky girl! She is well loved by Mummy, Daddy and Grannies. Wow, your MIL can sew very well. The dress is lovely! Please give your sweetie a big bear hug for me and tell her Aunty Quay Po wishes her a belated birthday.



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