Monday, July 30, 2012

Book Xcess Invation

I have a confession to make. I just cannot resist myself whenever I come across a book sale. I'll go bonkers! Normally it's easier to avoid the temptation because of the travelling one has to make to a book fair. But this time around, it's reversed because the book fair came to me! Not to me literally but to my office.

Book Xcess did a book fair at the lobby of my office and what convenience for us book lovers. How can I not make several pit stops anytime I can to browse through the books and see which books I can bring home. A chance not to be missed since most of the time their book fairs are held in shopping centres or exhibition centres. The book fair was held for three consecutive days and the response were overwhelming. I hope they come back again to do more book fairs in my office.

I was like a kiasu person grabbing the books I wanted and told the Book Xcess staff to hold the books for me because if I spend more than RM100 worth of books, I can apply to be a Book Xcess member. Then on the last day of the book fair when I finally did my payment, I made sure that it's more than RM100. That crazy huh?

So let me share with you the books I took home..hehe.

Book Xcess in my office's lobby! A popular corner where the recipe books are. (Photo courtesy of

The fiction corner. Photo courtesy of Thanks Siti!

This is 'my' corner. :P Photos courtesy of

Couldn't resist this book because of the 5 jigsaws inside and it's a book of manners. 

A two-pages shot of the book inside. Elizabeth already tackled the jigsaws herself.

An activity book for Joseph that comes with 50 gold stars and sticker badges.

Simple activities to prepare Joseph for pre-school. Gold star stickers to reward him after he finished a page.

A workbook for Elizabeth.

She's not doing so good in the Maths department, so I figure this book can help her practise.

Another activity book for Joseph.

Some 'note-to-parents' inside the activity book and the contents.

I told the kids that there will be a book fair in my office, so I asked each of them what kind of books they would like me to buy. Joseph said he wanted a cars book. So here it is as promised a Disney Pixar Cars book. The kind that he likes too with pull tabs and pop-up.

This is what I meant by the pull tabs. You pull the tab and there'll be some movement as if Lightning McQueen came to live.

An interesting box book. The title says it all. Book costs RM 19.90.

It comes with a book with lift-up flaps, some X-rays and some gadgets to experiment how your body works.

As usual, my princess asked for a princess book. So I got her this thick Disney Princess storybook.

Last but not least, since I've went over budget with the children books, I only bought this recipe book for myself. It is a book of recipes to do together with your children. Hopefully it will motivate me to do more cooking together with my children. :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

So Sweet

Maybe what the articles that I've read from Babycenter are true. Ever since Joseph hits 3 years old, his vocabulary and speech went on overdrive. It's like as if it changed overnight!

So I lost my voice and this is the second day I'm like trying with much effort to have a decent conversation. But yesterday morning, while I was preparing to leave for work, I started coughing and were trying to remove some phelgm from my throat (sorry, I know it's gross).

Joseph was already awake and he called out to me while lying on my bed. So I went to him and he said, "Mummy, go see doctor". I was like blank for a second and then I said, "Oh you mean you are asking mummy to go and see a doctor?" And Joseph answered, "Yes, mummy cough (make coughing noises), go see doctor ok?"

Awww..that's so sweet and it melt my heart. I'm on cloud 9. Maybe losing my voice wasn't so bad after all. Haha. Children really know how to touch our heart right?

Joseph my sweetheart.

Monday, July 23, 2012

My Boy Has A Ferrari..Porsche..BMW..

Joseph used to own just a few cars but now his collection has grown! I mean toy cars really. Hehe. Ever since then, this is how he plays with his toy cars everyday...

He seems to have forgotten and neglected his other toys and is just happy playing with the same toy cars everyday. So much so till he subconsciously influenced his sister to play along with him. I guess he just loves things on wheels and it must be a boy's thing. I'm sure those of you who have sons will agree.

Joseph and his toy cars are inseparable.

His toy cars collection at the moment. How nice if I could own some of the real cars myself. LOL.

The excited boy and his cars.
Boys will be boys...:)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Barbie Photo Shoot

Remember I blogged about a Barbie event I went to during the recent school holidays? The photos were ready to be collected about two weeks after the event but I only got around to collecting it last weekend. So here are the photos..(photos were scanned so the quality is not that good ok?)

What do you think?

We only get 1 FOC photo actually but if you like a few shots more, you would have to purchase it. You can purchase the softcopy or hardcopy. I chose the hardcopy that's why I have to scanned the photos. Note to myself though, Elizabeth doesn't really suit this hairstyle. LOL. Maybe I'll find the long curly wig next time. :P

If you are still interested to do this free photo shoot, you can still do it at the Barbie Store if I'm not mistaken. Not necessarily only at Barbie events. You have to purchase a certain amount which I can't remember and then you're entitled for the free photo shoot and one free photo. Till then..have a great weekend peeps!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Birthday Celebration Again

We celebrated Joseph's birthday again on the real date and since hubby said we have to control our budget, no trip to Genting Highlands. :( Instead we treat the birthday boy and his sister to a day of fun in a play zone called Kids E World at The Gardens Mall. It was RM 30 per child for weekdays. The kids had a ball of a time there and the best part is they can play all they want and then leave the play zone for lunch and return again for more play time. As long as you still have the tag around your wrist. 

This play zone provides just good enough for toddlers to early primary school children. Some of their play area are quite new to me which I've never seen in other play zones before. Since it's quite new, it's also clean. There's a cafe but we didn't use that facility. It's good for those who wants to grab a quick bite while waiting for their children to play. I think play zones like these provide an alternative on a rainy day or if you want to have a peace of mind knowing that your kids are in a safe, enclosed place especially with the rising crime rate nowadays.

These are the play area I haven't seen in other play zones. Maybe I've not been to many. LOL.

These play areas are more familiar and are found in other play zones too. The kids still had fun nonetheless.

The slides are their favourite and not forgetting the pool of balls.

More fun, fun, fun!

We went to Carrefour after all the playing. I'm not surprised that the birthday boy fell asleep.
I ordered beautiful Pororo and friends cupcakes from Sheryl my ex schoolmate who owns BunsInTheOven Cupcakery. The genius behind the beautifully 'hand made with love' cupcakes that tasted just as good too.
Aren't they the cutest? Joseph took Crong and Elizabeth took Pororo.

A family portrait before singing the birthday song. Birthday boy and his presents. Everyone seems to know he likes anything on wheels.
My boy is three! Puffff...
To end this birthday post, I've also submitted Joseph for Disney Junior Asia's Birthday Book for July. It appeared in the website already but yet to appear on TV. The birthday boy was not amused whenever the video was broadcasted on TV but still no picture of him. He showed his displeasure. Can't wait for it to appear lah to feed his satisfaction. LOL.

That's my handsome boy..hehe.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Joseph is 3!

How time flies with each passing year and each birthday celebration of our children. It seemed like only yesterday I held Joseph for the first time in my arms and now he is 3 years old. We celebrated earlier during the weekend in Seremban as his birthday falls on Monday, 2nd of July. It was just dinner at a restaurant and then we cut cake at home. Angry birds is all the rage still this year huh? Because that's what I saw at the cake shop. Angry birds on nearly every cake. So I got Angry birds cake for Joseph. Haha.

Happy birthday boy grinning from ear to ear. Green is not my favourite colour but I'm left with no choice because the red angry bird was a female bird. LOL.

Joseph thrilled when we're all singing the birthday song to him.

Huff and puff!!

Gong gong helped to cut the cake. Angry children greedily digged out the Angry birds' eyes and beak. Soon even the whites of the eye and eyebrows were gone too. But it was such a scary sight so I didn't take picture of it. LOL.

The many faces of Joseph.
Dearie Joseph, I'm very proud to be your mummy. You bring joy and laughter to my life. And I'm so thrilled to walk through life together with you and of course your papa and jie jie too. May you have a wonderful life filled with sweetness and happiness. And I'll always be there with you every step of the way. Love you forever..xoxo..Mummy.


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