Monday, August 27, 2012

The Stuff You'll Do For Your Kids Part 2

Remember I've blogged about being a human slide for my kids here? Well, the stuff you'll do for your kids this time is become a human bull or horse. Hahaha.

My hubby becoming the human bull or horse to the delight of the kids.
It all started when the cheeky boy requested papa to turn and let him ride on his back. Hubby sometimes acts like a bull and sometimes like a horse, I'm also confused. The kids enjoyed it so much especially when papa does the bull or rodeo horse bucking and makes them fall off. Then they will ask for more, "Again! Again!" Good workout for papa! LOL.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Boy

Recently we celebrated my father in-law's birthday. We went hunting for a birthday present for him before we went back to Seremban, my hubby's hometown. So my hubby asked Joseph what he would like to give 'gong gong' for his birthday. The little tike said, "Angry bird...cake". We all laughed. He remembered he got an Angry bird cake for his birthday and I blogged about it here before. So that's what he wanted to get for his 'gong gong'. But in the end, we had my mother in-law's home baked cake and Joseph blew the candle first before the birthday man could even blow. 

He's quite a talkative boy and likes to join in our conversation. Like when Elizabeth is having a conversation with me he will add in a "mm..yes!" at every pause during the conversation.

He likes to compete with his sister and he will say, "Yay! I win! Awesome! Party day!" Must've learnt all these from the TV. Tsk tsk!

He can count from 1 to 20 sometimes until nearly 30. He likes singing songs. His current favourites now are the ABC song and "One, two pa pa shoe" (One, two buckle my shoe). He mispronounced it. LOL.

On days when he refused to sleep at once during bedtime, he'll tap me and say, "Mummy, I to you." Then he'll go on telling me of something that happened that day. My awesome boy is a joker and never fails to bring laughter in our lives. I must treasure all these moments, his hugs and kisses to me before he grows up. Although I do hope he will be as affectionate as now next time. LOL.

Joseph is 3 years and 1 month old.

Look Ma! No mouth!

Joseph proudly presenting is idea of a robot.

Joseph's robot now with an eye.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oreo Milk Shake

Kids love Oreo cookies. Maybe it's the "Twist, lick and dunk" advertisements they see on the telly that set their curiousity and once they've discovered it, there's no turning back. I might need to find out which advertising agency who came up with that Oreo campaign so that I can steer clear away from other product advertisements they're working on to avoid potential influence on my kids. Hmph!

The hot weather these days calls for something cold to cool down the system and I thought why not do a milk shake consisting Oreo cookies. That way the kids would be more receptive to try and it would serve as a cool, creamy, chocolaty treat. 

You'll need:
7-8 Oreo cookies (reduce if you're not a fan of sweet stuff)
2 cups milk
2 cups vanilla ice-cream

Place Oreo cookies in blender. When it comes to preparing treats for them, they are ever willing to provide some help. Hmm.. 

Add ice-cream and milk.

Blend until smooth.

Pour into glasses and add a scoop of ice-cream in each glass. 

Serve immediately. Joseph exclaimed, "Best!" 

Elizabeth drank it till the last drop. 

Wait, wait one more bonus picture. Kids all dressed up for a very important dinner! What do you think?

So, happy trying the Oreo milk shake!

Friday, August 10, 2012

We Were Here At KidZania Kuala Lumpur!

We have finally checked-in to KidZania Kuala Lumpur. I'm sure most of you mummies and daddies have heard of this awesome place. No need further introduction from me right? But just in case, you can check out for further information. So we've decided to pay KidZania a visit to see what the hype is all about. It was just Elizabeth and me because I feel that Joseph is still too young to enjoy fully. With the entrance fee of RM55 per child and RM35 per adult, of course you would want to accomplish as many jobs as possible so that is worth the money paid. So we planned the night before and shortlist the jobs that Elizabeth was interested to do. My friend borrowed me the map of KidZania that she got from her previous trip.

My decision to go KidZania on a weekday during the puasa month is really a wise one. It was not crowded. We don't have to be in long queues and wait long for out turn. There was only one school having their school trip there so it was still ok. Some jobs, Elizabeth even got full attention by the Zupervisor as she is the only performing the job. But it has its cons too. Some jobs require a customer but because she is alone, it's sometimes time consuming to wait until a customer comes along. The best is to bring a friend along. We arrived right on time at 10am and were delighted to approach the ticket counter at once without going through any queue. Let me warn in advance, be prepared for photos overload of Elizabeth's experience in KidZania ...

At the ticket counter, you will be given a 'watch', 'flight ticket' and a cheque. You will use the 'watch' to clock in and clock out when you want to do perform a job. After checking-in at another Air Asia counter as if we are taking a flight to a land called KidZania, we went to CIMB Bank to cash the cheque and were given 50 kidzos. Your child has to do everything by themselves once they enter an establishment. Adults are not allowed to enter and they can only watch their child from outside the entrance or windows. So first up, we went to AirAsia Skyrider Training Area because Elizabeth wants to be a pilot.

She got to don a pilot uniform! Yay! Oh and she don't have to wait long for her turn. Flight simulation looks quite real too. It's really cool. My princess so thrilled to earn her first salary!

The world of KidZania taken from upper floor.

Then we went to KPJ Healthcare Specialist Hospital. Elizabeth is needed in the Surgery Room. ;) But she has to wait first for the next session. There will be information on the jobs at the entrance of each establishment to let you know the capacity, duration, age requirement and lastly the most important thing whether or not the job earns you kidzos or reduce your kidzos. 

It's time for the Surgery Room session to start and the little doctors were ushered into the room to put on their uniforms, cap, surgical mask and gloves. Elizabeth seemed a bit afraid when she saw the dummy lying on the operation bed. The children got to remove the dummy's skin and see what's inside and take out some stuff from the body. After that, they even got to use the defibrillator paddles to revive the patient's heart.

Kids would love to go to Vitagen. It's their favourite drink so they would be interested to know the process of making Vitagen. And at the end of a session, they will definitely get a Vitagen. Younger kids will think that they are the ones who made the drink themselves. 

The happy look after getting a sip of her favourite grape flavoured Vitagen.

The job most kids are waiting for - to become a firefighter. Elizabeth enjoyed this job the most. The uniform also looks cute on the kids. They had to listen to a briefing and watch a video.  

Then it's time for action! This is where the fun part begins. It was like real. Kids were hurried off into the fire engine with the siren on and they chant "Kidzania..firefighters" all the way to the hotel on fire. When arrived they each get to spray water towards the hotel on fire.

See the look of concentration..hehe. There were light and sound effects of glass breaking and fire. The place were even slightly smokey. Elizabeth was so thrilled to earn salary from this job. She kept chanting "KidZania..firefighter" even after the job is done.

Then it was lunchtime and we had already planned for a Marrybrown burger for Elizabeth's lunch. So we head to Marrybrown and Elizabeth got to do her own burger. But I find it funny that the burger doesn't come with lettuce. Hmm.. 

While having our lunch, we just enjoyed looking at the establishments around us like the Theatre and the fountain.

As if the burger wasn't enough, Elizabeth went to make some sushi at Sushi King. She enjoyed it very much doing her own sushi and she got to bring home the sushi she made too.

Ayam Brand Cooking School was next. Elizabeth got to make a heart shaped sandwich with tuna, tomato and cucumber. We ate the sandwich she made after that and she got to bring home the heart shape sandwich mould too! She already asked me when she can do another sandwich again at home.

Elizabeth wanted to be a manicurist but since she doesn't have a customer, she had no choice but become a customer herself. She enjoyed it nevertheless proudly showing me her painted nails.

Elizabeth wanted to try her hand at the BHP Petrol Station. She learnt how to pump petrol. Maybe I can have an assistant to pump petrol for my car next time. ;)

Lucky for her this time she could do a job at Z-Mart because we made an agreement with another little girl her age to take turns to be cashier and shopper. Both girls got to be cashier and shopper. Seems like a good deal right? The shopper has to shop for stuff based on a shopping list given.

Elizabeth was attracted by the jewellery store. A girl is a girl right? So she got to choose her own beads and create her own bracelet. She wore it straight away.

Then she became an 8TV Quickie host. They gave her a baju kurung to wear and they were talking something about Ramadhan bazaar based on the teleprompter. She even appeared on the TV screen there. For a shy girl, I really applaud her for a very good effort. The show will be recorded and you can even purchase the CD later. I didn't purchase it because her voice was quite soft and I managed to record it myself.

Elizabeth likes to eat Oreo cookies so the Oreo Cookie Factory is definitely on our list. She learnt the process of producing Oreo cookies and got to take away a packet of 3 Oreo cookies which she devoured straight away.

The last thing she did was painting at the Painting School. I forgot to take a picture of her finished work because I was anxious to have a look at her pictures taken by the photographers at the Photo Studio.

Why I got anxious was because as early as 4pm they were already starting to announce the last session for most jobs and some even already were closed for the day. I felt that it was a bit unfair and we were a bit disappointed we couldn't do at least one more job. Most jobs don't take that long. It's about 20 minutes or less. They were already starting to turn off some lights. I felt like we were being chased away to go home. Parents quickly rushed to the Photo Studio to have a quick look at all the photos taken and thus tend to make a hasty decision. We left the car park at 4.30pm and it was not even 5pm yet. The weekdays session supposed to end at 5pm. Ticket price are not cheap so they should at least let us fully utilise the time we have there. Maybe let the last call be 4.30pm? Another complain is the price to purchase one photo is exhorbitant! At RM20 a piece! Goodness, I think they should revise their prices.

Apart from that, we have no other complains. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. A very good experience for kids and it was worth it because Elizabeth got to accomplish many jobs. The Zupervisors were very nice and polite too. They were professional in their job from the beginning till the end. Another good point was when Elizabeth was the only 'worker' and the session just started for a few seconds but some children came late and started to interrupt because they want to try to join the on-going session. The Zupervisors would inform nicely to the other children to queue outside and wait for the next session because the session has already started. I felt so privileged. They would not stop the current session just to accept the other late comers just because they only had one 'worker'. They showed respect and they are professional in their job. Kudos to KidZania's Zupervisors.

So head on to KidZania Kuala Lumpur. Truly an experience not to be missed.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What's For Breakfast?

We had wraps for breakfast! I thought of wraps for a change because I was starting to get a bit bored of bread. So when I came across these tortillas in Giant, I grabbed it straight away. It's not easy to find them in hypermarkets. You can put anything you like in the wraps but here's what I did with mine.

You'll need:

2 tortilla
2 eggs
1 tomato
1 slice of cheese
1 piece of ham (mine is honey glazed ham)

1. First, boiled the two eggs to make hard boiled eggs. You can even do scrambled eggs you if prefer it.

2. While waiting for the eggs to boil, take one piece of tortilla and heat both sides on a pan without oil. I kept the tortillas in the refrigerator. So to take away the chill, just heat them for a while making sure they don't burn.

3. Then I put a bit of olive oil on the pan and fry the ham for a bit. The hubby doesn't like the ham boiled just fried. So no choice lor.

4. Place the heated tortilla on a flat working surface. Cut the hard boiled eggs into cubes and spread them nicely in the middle of the tortilla. 1 hard boiled egg for one wrap.

5. Then place half a slice of cheese on top. The other half slice of cheese for the second wrap.

6. Place the piece of ham on top. My ham divided into half too. And top it with sliced tomatoes. Half a tomato for one wrap.

7. Fold the sides of the tortilla to the middle like the picture above.

8. Fold the tortilla at the bottom (or top, whichever you prefer), then roll it until the other end.

9. Then cut the wrap into half so that it's easier to eat I guess.

The wraps ready to be consumed. The hubby likes it! ;) Yay!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hari Raya Deco in Mid Valley Megamall and Suria KLCC

Hari Raya is just around the corner and like all festive seasons it gives all the malls especially in the Klang Valley a reason to deck their malls. It is a way to drive more traffic to the malls and give a festive feeling in the air. It will get the shoppers more excited especially if you're the one celebrating that particular festive celebration.

Since I frequent Mid Valley Megamall and Suria KLCC, I did not want to miss out on their decorations. I was pretty disappointed with what Mid Valley has to offer this year. I get it that they want to create a bazaar atmosphere but it seems to me that they didn't put much effort to their decoration. There's nothing to shout about and it's just like any other bazaar. I'm sure they can do better than that. What was even more disappointing was they didn't even bother to decorate the east and west wing of the mall. The Centre Court was already a disappointment. I don't know whether is it because they want to cut down their budget or they just want to gain more spendings from the shoppers with their overcrowded stalls at the Centre Court.

This is the Centre Court where usually the grandest deco will be. But this is just disappointing.

Another angle of the bazaar at Centre Court.

And another angle again.

At one corner of the Centre Court, there were some on-going activities. I think the participants were weaving some ketupats. I wouldn't notice this if I hadn't walked the whole circle of the Centre Court.

At least the decorations in Suria KLCC were better than Mid Valley Megamall. I can't remember what they did for last year but this year was quite a big Malay kampung house all decked up. It gives quite a kampung feeling when you look at it. I'm sure our Malay friends will reminisce back to their balik kampung days when they were young. It was not the greatest but at least more effort in their decorations. The kampung house also served as a stage for some performances to entertain the crowd. The Malay traditional songs and music definitely makes you feel the Hari Raya vibe.

This is Suria KLCC's effort. Sorry for the blurry photo because I was using my camera phone. ;)


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