Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Lil' Prince

I've noticed I haven't blog about Joseph for quite a while. So I thought I might just do a post on his updates or milestones since I have goldfish memory. :P

My lil' dahling is already 2 years and 4 months old. How time flies! He is still my cheeky little boy and never fail to entertain me with his antics. I'll list them down to be cherished forever so that when I'm old and grey I'll look back at this list and smile.

1. He has grown up and is more understanding now. If you remember one of my old post about him here. He will scream and cry if I bathe with the door closed. He used to bang the door hysterically. But he is fine now with me bathing with the door closed. He would still knock sometimes and try to open the door but no crying fit already. Sometimes I would leave the door open and he does pay me a visit once in a while when he's not too engrossed with what he's doing. He'll open the sliding door and look at me for a while then close and leave. Finally, I can have some ME time while bathing. Yay!

2. When I switched on the lights in the morning to prepare myself for work, he'll call, "Papa! Geh (get) up! Coo coo coooo" (his version of a cockerel's crowing).

3. He has learnt to appreciate books more. Is more attentive when I'm reading a book to him. His sister's interest in books does have an influence on him. My efforts to read to him every night before bedtime are finally paying off!

4. He is still a vegetarian. LOL. Now he even  doesn't accept fish. The other day I tried feeding him a small piece of fish meat and he spit it out! The only way to get him to eat fish is to use my fingers to separate the fish meat into fish crumbs. If I want to get him to eat meat, then I'll have to mince the meat. *slaps forehead*

5. He is learning more words everyday but as usual we parents find it amusing when our toddler mispronounced words.

seven = yeyen
get up = geh up
eleven = e eh en
rubbish = bubbish
finish = ee ish
brush teeth = ah teet
see saw = shee shaw
close the door = clo a dor
drink water = ik ahter
hiccup = ciccup

6. When he is running along the corridor, I think the neighbours will know because he likes to make a racket. He'll say "aaaaaaaaaahhh" the whole time while running. Tsk tsk tsk.

7. He still enjoys making me chase after him when I want to put on clothes or diaper for him. Same ol' trick everyday!

8. He has grown accustomed to cheese which he was not fond of previously. Monkey see monkey do here because his sister loves to eat cheese.

9. He knows how to wear and take off his favourite croc shoes without using his hands. He still face difficulty sometimes though.

10. He is beginning to show a fond attachment to his pillow. Sibling's behaviour can really have an impact among siblings huh. His sister is like best friends with her 'bantal busuk'. Now Joseph is becoming best friends with his 'bantal busuk' too. He calls it 'bei bei' since his sister calls hers 'bao bei' (baby). He even wants to take it along whenever we go out or whenever he goes to the babysitter's.

11. He can sing more nursery rhyme songs now. His latest favourite is "Re, re, re your boat, eny down the sheam, me yi me yi me yi me yi, ife is but a deam." LOL. Can figure that out?

12. Most of the time he'll be the first to arrive when I summon them to brush teeth or go to bed. He'll shout, "Jie jie! Come!" Does he knows he is the youngest or not? :D

13. He used to say "mai mai" (that's don't want in hokkien, because the babysitter speaks hokkien to him). But now he has upgraded to NO for everything. "You want to drink yakult, Joseph?" "NO!" Even when he meant yes. These past few days, we tried teaching him the correct usage of No and Yes. Now it's "Joseph, do you want to eat pudding?" "NO!..Yes!" Oh well, he'll improve. LOL. Today morning when he woke up, I greeted him, "Joseph?" He answered, "Yes?" That's a good sign...


  1. What a cute lil' prince. He's growing up well and fast, just like my girl. And she learns and follows most of the things her Kor Kor does too! :)

  2. Kids grow up really fast, enjoy him now and more.

  3. @Kiddothings: Monkey see monkey do right? Just hope that they follow the good ones more than the bad ones.

    @Sheoh Yan: Yes I will enjoy him now. So I have to blog about it before I forget.

    @Liew: Thanks..your kids are very cute too..:)

  4. I can totally relate to #10 now!!! Ben will fuss when he can't find his small bolster! Aiyo.. I thought 32 months already won't have such thing but nooooooo.... so now he officially have a bantal busuk liao! :P

  5. Joseph makes me feel old too :)

  6. cute this post!! Yes, I always read bout your little princess, and so nice to read bout your prince now. :) Love the way he wakes your hubby up! haha..:)
    Keep recording..precious memories.

  7. Wow, he loves 'vegie' then?! Tht's impressive.. my anak only like meats... typical carnivorous.

  8. Oh yes, I had the same experince like u too. When I go to the bathroom, I have to open the door so that my small girl can see me....sigh** imagine I am doing big business. slapped forehead**

  9. Hi Carolyn, he sure enjoying himself. And kids are great fun.....but they sure grow up fast!
    Nice writeup, Carolyn.
    Have fun and keep a song in your heart.



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