Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Final Concert In Kindy

Elizabeth had her annual concert recently. This time it's her final year in kindy. She was pretty excited and reminded us a few times. As usual I was her make-up artist again and I was quite satisfied with the outcome. Haha. During the concert, they have a graduation ceremony for the 6 year olds. I'm still waiting anxiously to purchase the concert dvd. It's still not ready. Here are some pictures and videos to share.

A quick shot before she leaves for her concert.

Elizabeth receiving her graduation certificate from her principal, Mrs. Lee.

A photo with Papa after the concert.
A video of her graduation ceremony. She looked so nervous and serious. Haha.

The performance - part 1. My girl looked so grown up compared to the first year she had her concert at 4 years old!

The performance - part 2. Her partner aka 'boyfriend' is Aiman. Changes every year. Tsk tsk tsk. The teacher even knows to partner her with Aiman since they're close to each other.

Parents are the proudest during their child's concert, don't you think? And that's why I make it a point to put up in my blog for memories sake. Just in case, my pc screwed up on me too! :D

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Playdough activities 2

Over the last hectic weekend, we still managed to squeeze in some time for playdough activities. No matter how many reasons I gave to turn down the kids request, they still insist with the whining, tantrum..you know the works. So the playdough activity time were done in quite a hurry burry but we still managed to produce this...

On the left is my flower and on the right is Elizabeth's flower. Neat right?

Joseph's masterpiece while we were doing the flower. LOL.

The 2 top photos are supposed to be birds. Oh well, I did try my best. Hehe. The bird behind is Elizabeth's. Then we both did a caterpillar and butterfly together.

Again another of Joseph's creation as we were doing all those.
Just some playdough ideas to share. Hope you all have fun!


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