Friday, April 29, 2011

Last Day

Today will be Elizabeth's last day of daycare in her kindy. She will usually be there for a full day and I will pick her up after work. So starting from the month of May, she will be getting a transport from her teacher who would be sending her home after classes. My babysitter who is taking care of Joseph, will also be taking care of her. How did I come up with this decision? Since Joseph is bigger now, I think the babysitter can handle two. Moreover, it's not difficult to take care of Elizabeth. She's already turning 5 this year. She seems to be liking the idea too(I interrogated her many times already). She chose to be with the babysitter even though I tempted her with the phrase, "you won't get to play with your friends anymore".

Since it has been decided, we'll just have to make the best out of it. Hopefully the babysitter can cope and hopefully Elizabeth will be happy. And of course hopefully Joseph will be happy too. The only thing worrying me a bit is whether I can cope with coaching her in her homework. Yes, you heard it right, preschoolers also have homework now. It's a competitive world. All this while I've been enjoying the benefit of not having to coach her in her homework because the teachers would help her with it. I mean I do coach only when she can't finish all her homework in school. But that is not everyday. Come next week and I have to start coaching her with her homework already in addition to all the other chores I have to do once I get home from work. It already sounds overwhelming. Hopefully I won't be giving up.

Can you believe one of the teacher said, "Oh so we won't be seeing you so often already". Are they starting to miss me? LOL. Elizabeth also asked me, " Mommy, so you won't fetch me in school but fetch me together with didi at didi's auntie's house, right?" She sounded so excited. Haha.

Elizabeth is a well-known crybaby in school. The teachers even joked about it. There was once the principal received her at the school gate when I dropped her off and Elizabeth was already on the verge of tears. The principal said, "It's ok. Monday blues lar." >.<
On another occasion, she cried in school after my husband left. One teacher asked her, "Elizabeth, today is what pau? Char siew pau, tau sar pau or ku pau? I don't want ku pau you know?"

Do you get the joke? Hehe. Have a nice weekend!

We don't even have to do homework when we were in kindy. Now preschoolers also have to do homework.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Latest obsession?

My little girl's latest obsession is..(drumroll) Madagascar. Yes, Madagascar the computer-animated movie. She has recently taken a liking to the movie and has been watching it so often that she is able to anticipate the next scene and I already can anticipate which funny scene will send her in a fit of laughter. Does this mean she will forget her other obsession with Little Einstein? Apparently no, because she still requested to watch it yesterday and I thought I would have to say goodbye to Little Einstein forever. ;)

By the way, in another unrelated incident, my daughter has her own room already and started sleeping in it a few months before my son was born. She has to give up her cot and make way for her brother. However, it wasn't a peaceful sleep for me because I have to endure her nightly visits and accompany her back to sleep. Some nights I just let her co-sleep with us because I'm too tired to argue with her or entertain her nightly visits. It can get a little crampy with our queen-sized bed, you know? Then recently for a few nights she has been sleeping through the night! Undisturbed sleep! I was so happy and excited at the same time that I didn't want to comment about it to my husband or even praise her for it. I was afraid to jinx it. Then yesterday I couldn't contain it anymore and told about it to my colleague. Thinking it should be safe since my daughter is not within earshot. Then just like magic she paid me a nightly visit at 4 AM this morning. Mumble..mumble..I shouldn't have told ANYONE at all. How ironic isn't it?

The look of concentration!

Meet Marty and Alex, Elizabeth's new best friends..hehe.
 A video to showcase her obsession..enjoy!

Monday, April 25, 2011


I have a few questions to ask. Have you ever fed your child..


cup cake...

sweet biscuits...
or any other junk food? I mean I know it's quite normal to give it to a child but Joseph haven't even turn 2. So I would like to know are any of you guilty like I am? What do you think?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Adventurous Sunday

I was inspired by a fellow blogger, Alice that all of a sudden I suggested we travel by train to our destination last Sunday. It was no surprise that my husband wasn't too keen on the idea but I think he has learnt not to argue with a persistent wife. :P He wanted to go to Mid Valley but I wanted to go to KLCC. We went to KLCC in the end. Wanna know why? It's not because I was persistent..hehe. Read on.

We were quite clueless when we reached the train station at Bukit Jalil. It is the nearest station to my house although there is another station in Sri Petaling too. Oh and before that, we still had to drive ourselves to the train station and find a parking to park our car. The drama started when we realised that from the car park to the train station, it was not disabled-friendly at all. I mean we are not disabled but my child was strapped in his stroller for heaven's sake. There were so many steps leading to the train station. Haven't they thought about the disabled or children in strollers? How is it that the government wants to promote taking public transport when everything is not built completely for everyone's convenience? So imagine how many steps we have to go through just to reach the station plus the stroller is not that light you know? My husband had to carry the stroller and I had to carry my son. 

Checking out the route map before embarking on our journey.

The ticket counter.

Not congested at this Bukit Jalil station. I nearly fainted when I saw the flight of stairs ahead.
Phew! Luckily got escalator here.

Eager kids waiting for the train.

Crowd is manageable here. Spacious waiting area.

And here comes the RapidKL LRT.

Don't be deceived by Joseph's look. He was actually excited. It's something new to him.
We boarded the train, RapidKL LRT to be exact, to Bandar Tasik Selatan for the interchange to KTM Komuter. This is when we met the next hurdle of our little adventure. We were in for a big surprise for little did we know that there were many people who have the same destination(Mid Valley). Not only that, this KTM Komuter came from Seremban. So you can imagine the amount of people who were already in the train plus the amount of people waiting for the train. We couldn't even get ourselves in because we had the stroller. We were waited for the next train to come but it was still jam packed like sardines. And we thought that there will be less people travelling during the weekend.

The KTM Komuter ticket counter.

Fortunately there is a lift at this station.

There's definitely more people at this station.

Joseph is starting to get fussy already. I had to keep him occupied with biscuits which he gobbled up to 9 pieces.

The KTM Komuter leaving us behind to try our luck with the next train. Everyone's gone except for us.

My lil' dahling is still not tired yet.

At the Bandar Tasik Puteri station, there is also the interchange to KLIA Transit which will lead us to KL Sentral station. Feeling so desperate, we did that exactly. When my hubby told the ticket seller our destination to KL Sentral, she gave us a surprise look and had to ask us the second time for confirmation. I guess nobody would be silly enough like us to hop on this train just to go KL Sentral not only because the fare was expensive but also most people are going to LCCT instead of KL Sentral! RM 8.40 for 2 adults. Now that's more expensive than a normal train ride. Of course with that amount we paid, there will some difference like speed because it is an express train, comfortable cushion seats and not crowded with people.

That leg space is for people to put their luggage but instead we put a boy in a stroller. Hehe.

Comfy cushion seats in KLIA Transit.

I told my hubby that he should've listen to me and go to KLCC instead. Somehow, I think that there will be less people going to KLCC compared to Mid Valley. Although we could've boarded the train to Mid Valley at KL Sentral, my hubby got phobia and changed his mind to KLCC instead. So that's how we ended up going to KLCC in the end. See, it's not because I was persistent..:P

At long last, we finally arrived at KLCC. All that walking got us feeling hungry and we searched for a place to have our lunch. I was too hungry that I didn't even snap any pictures. Joseph was also tired that he fell asleep even before we had our lunch. Alas, my hubby didn't have the mood to shop after lunch and we ended up only getting cupcakes from Bisou Bake Shop as a treat for the kids.

Just to show how crowded the train to KLCC but it was still a wee bit better than the crowd going to Mid Valley.

Bisou Bake Shop in KLCC where I got the cupcakes. Sinful but lovely indulgence.

Presenting the cupcakes anti-clockwise from the top, Red Velvet, Nutella and Dark Secret. I personally feel that the Nutella tasted the best.

I gave Joseph a few bites of my Red Velvet cupcake.

Elizabeth chose the Dark Secret because she said it looked like ice-cream. Now she still looks normal. 

Then she behaved a bit crazy.

Finally a bit scary? That's what sugar do to kids?

You know, Elizabeth finished up all the chocolate frosting and then decided she had enough. So Joseph grabbed the cupcake from me and ate it all up.

Chomp, chomp, chomp.

Chocolate cupcake monster!

All of Bisou's cupcakes. Make you salivate?

I think after this little adventure, my hubby will stay far away from trains until his phobia subsides. LOL. Or should I say until Joseph turns 3 or 4 perhaps? But even though he wasn't exactly happy with the ride, he still went on for the sake of the children. I overheard him asking Elizabeth a few times whether she is happy to ride a train and you can bet that hearing her answer is all that matters to him. Unquestionably, her answer was YES!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sporty Saturday

Last Saturday, we went for Elizabeth's kindy's sports day. She was super excited and asked a couple of times whether "parents can go or not?" I have to assure her many times that we are going along except her little brother. At least that morning she didn't make a fuss like most mornings. It's quite hard to wake her up for school and this little grouch always got me dragging her away from the bed.

Her sports day was held at a secondary school in Sri Petaling. The activities were carried out in the school hall which I felt was too small. It felt so crowded with the children and parents that it makes the event quite disorganised. But thank goodness it was held indoors for it was a rainy day that Saturday. There were short performances by the children before the games began. The games were simple ones and there are no winners or losers. Well, they're just preschoolers right? It's all in the name of fun and play.

Elizabeth enjoyed herself and was happy that we were there to participate with her. I think the best part for her was when all the children took turns to receive their trophy and bag of goodies.

The gathering of the children. She is from En-Owens class.

She got her 'thinking cap' already.

Smile for me, baby!

All the children getting ready for their march.

Aiyoh this girl really likes to put her finger in her mouth! Does anyone notice that the girls are all wearing pink and white shoes?

Elizabeth posing with her card before the short performances. Is she going to be an animal doctor?

Yeah! I'm done with my performance. Let the games begin!

I'm don't know whether she's more happy to get the trophy or the goodies. LOL.

Sorry about the second video. I know you have to tilt your head.

I'm sure you've seen in my other post that we go to the Bukit Jalil park quite often and last Saturday was no exception too. So I'll just share some images. This time we took the tricycle along!

Happy to go to the park.

Even happier to go to the park!

What a sweet smile, Elizabeth.

Paying a visit to the fishes.

Joseph insist on pushing the tricycle, replacing Papa's job.

Cycling around the park.

A very hardworking worker at the back there. :P

Sweaty, tired but happy. On the way for dinner now.
For dinner, we went to this new shop. Chilli Pan Mee Restaurant has arrived to Sri Petaling! They have branches in many other places like Kota Damansara and Puchong too. Now we don't have to travel far for our chilli pan mee. Overall, a very satisfying sport Saturday!

This was what we ordered. 3 bowls of pan mee (accompanied by 3 bowls of soup) and a plate of choy sum. That's my bowl of chilli pan mee before I gaul my bowl. Must eat with the chilli then only syok.

Elizabeth specifically requested that red bean shake and that's my fresh ambra fruit with dried sour plum. But actually I can't even find the sour plum, just the seed.

Like expert only. Joseph shared a bowl of pan mee without the chilli with Elizabeth.


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