Saturday, June 26, 2010

Joseph's 1st Birthday Bash

My son Joseph turns 1 on 2nd July. But his birthday falls on a Friday and I had plans to throw him a birthday party since it is his first birthday. So we had to do it a week earlier on the 26th June 2010.

It was a beautiful Saturday, good weather too. Good for us because we had the party by our condo's poolside.

My family from my side came up in the morning to help me in some last minute preparation. But there was nothing much to prepare anyway because I've settled all the party favours the night before. I guess I was too excited.

The party was supposed to start at 5.30pm onwards so we went down earlier around 4.30 to decorate the venue and the catering came around the same time too to set up.

Guests started coming consisting of relatives and close friends. I hired a clown to jazz the party up. I'm glad that the guests enjoyed the food and the clown. Not forgetting the children loved the cupcakes and enjoyed playing games hosted by the clown. There were even small gifts to win. The party was a success. Yes!

But we won't forget the star of the show, the birthday boy. He was a bit moody at the beginning because he was hungry. But after that was dealt with, he was very happy and again. So well behaved even. I think his only complain(if he could talk) would be that he is feeling very hot! Not only the weather was hot but yours truly dressed him up for the ocassion in a college boy suit. It was quite thick..hehe.

Although the birthday boy was too young to know what's going on. I think he did have a nice time. :)

The birthday boy

Making funny faces

The birthday cuppies

Another cake for the birthday boy

Satisfied customers :D
Blowing the candle
Cutting the cake with help from papa

Ah now you can start eating the cakes

The two cousins with muka comot
Let the games begin


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