Friday, April 20, 2012

Activity For Energetic Children

Got energetic toddler or preschooler? Do this.

Get your kids upside down in a fun game of "wheel barrel" where you lift up your child's feet and push him/her along as he/she walks on his hands. Good exercise for kids and ourselves too! Hehe. They liked it!

Have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why Are Children So Persistent?

Why are children so persistent? Or is it just my children? LOL. When they want something, they seem to 'die-die' also must have it! Are we just weak parents now? Always seem to give in to their whims and fancies most of the time? Of course, I tried to be strict. I tried to set rules. But sometimes, you'll just get tired and say, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! LOL.

Not all their whims and fancies are specifically bad ones, it's just that sometimes it's at an inappropriate time. Just like the times, when...

1. We were rushing to work and we were already at the door but Elizabeth insisted that she must finish reading her book first.

2. We were rushing to work again and Joseph demanded to wear his socks and shoes just like his papa although he is just going to the babysitter's house.

3. I arrived at the babysitter's house and saw that the children's eyes were glued to the idiot box then I announced that it's time to head home but they protested louder than a lion's roar.

4. I wanted to be done with my mopping as fast as I can because we had plans to go out but Elizabeth said she wants to be a handy helper and help me with the mopping.

5. I wanted to carry on with their bedtime routine but was stopped in my tracks and 'forced' to become a paparazzi to this celebrity.

6. We were travelling in the car and Elizabeth thought that it was too sunny, I had to give up my sunnies after much pestering.

7. Elizabeth wanted to copy nearly everything she saw on the telly and decided to camp in the house. Both children were hell bent in sleeping in the tent that night and I just waited to see how long it will last. Well, guess what? They gave up in the end. LOL.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Mother Dearest

Today is my beloved mother's birthday and too bad I can't be back to celebrate it with her because my hubby couldn't take leave. But I knew much earlier so I already celebrated with her in advanced.

Two weeks back, we went for lunch after church and took her to a restaurant called Good New World in Malacca. It was quite a satisfying lunch although mum said, "aiyo so expensive". But birthday is but once a year right? Anyway, mum was quite pleased.

Elizabeth, Mum and my nephew Benjamin.

Then I wanted a pic with Mummy. Joseph and my another nephew Brandon is in the pic this time too.
Abalone dish. Ordered specially for my Mum but alas she said she couldn't eat much because her teeth are not strong enough to chew.

Xiao Bai Cai. We must have greens because I have a little vegetarian(Joseph).

We can't go wrong with any sweet and sour dish because that is what my nephews love! So sweet and sour pork it is.

Sek Pan fish. It has already been attacked then only I remembered to take a pic. LOL. Four dishes for my family of small eaters excluding hubby and me. Hehe.
After the meal, hubby took a ride around. Something caught our eye and we ended up at The Eye On Malaysia area. We saw people playing kites. Some were really huge. It was a windy day alright but some of the huge kites still has difficulty going up into the sky. We found out that there was some kind of water fest going on by Tourism Malaysia. We also saw a lot of Perodua Alza lining up. Apparently, there was some sort of competition going on. It looked like a competition for modified cars.

We never knew that this existed! Apparently there were some sailing and dragon boat competition that took place here.

I really like sailboats and wonder how is it like to be on one.

Couldn't get a good angle shot but that long kite is actually a giant squid.

The 'kite flyers' are trying very hard to make the kites go up. Quite unique kites which I haven't seen before. Looks like a ring with thorns, a cat and a parachute-like kite.

This was the winner of the modified cars competition. From what I observe, he won because of his effort. It's the most decorated car there.

The interior on the driver's side. So fast and furious right? So much details and there's even decorated lights inside.

At the front passenger's side. Check out the tray for putting wine glasses. But I wouldn't want to decorate my car like that. Just not my style.

Back passengers can watch different movies with their own individual screen and can even play chess. Haha.
Check it out man. While you open your car boot and admire the speakers you can chill by taking a sip of wine.

All the Perodua Alza cars lined up. Some of the cars just modified their engines, added large speakers but not decorated extensively like the winner.
Ok this post was actually dedicated for my Mum. She has been strong and trying very hard to move on. Although I know you break down from time to time, I will always be there for you. Wishing you a beautiful lifetime ahead. And wishing that I can get to celebrate many many more birthdays with you. Happy Birthday Mummy. Love always. XOXO.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Mak Nenek Part 2

You would be surprised to know that the part 1 for The Mak Nenek that I blogged 3 years ago has the highest pageviews until today. I'm not sure why but you can view it here. Lets see whether this part 2 will have high pageviews also like the part 1.

Recently, the hubby went outstation for 3 days to attend a conference. So when he called to check in on us, the children wanted to have a chat with their papa too. These are two videos here (as if one is not enough) and hope you guys will enjoy it.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Day Of Fun For Lil' Dahling Part 2

Last Sunday, Joseph fell down from an office chair with wheels at home and accidentally bit his lips and it bled. It all happened in a flash when I had my hands busy. I just bathed for Elizabeth and was retrieving her clothes from the drawers for her to put on by herself. Joseph took the chance to start his mischief despite me reminding him many times to be careful and don't climb here and there. And suddenly it happened. It was funny how Elizabeth freaked out and didn't want to witness the 'blood fest', she ran into the kitchen and hid there so long I thought she was gonna camp there throughout the day. She's such a scaredy cat! I couldn't do anything much except stop the bleeding and carress him because it was on the lip and I can't rub any ointment, lotion or cream on his lip. He might lick it and swallow it. So we could only witness how his wound grew bigger, redder and the pus appeared.

So the next day, I was on leave because the babysitter was on leave to go back her hometown for 'Cheng beng' (the day where the Chinese Buddist visit the graves of their loved ones to pay respect). Since Elizabeth had her usual kindy class that day till half day, I seized the opportunity to have a day (almost, half day as a matter of fact) of fun for the other lil' dahling (Joseph) to make him feel better. I rarely get quality time just Joseph and me so I want to take full advantage of it.

I took off early to Bangsar Village. He was a little puzzled at first because he doesn't know what plans I've in store for him. We were quite early so there were ample parking space still. We went straight up to Kizsports & Gym. I wanted to let Joseph play in their Playland. He couldn't wait to go in and was just so ecstatic to be there playing exclaiming, "Fun!"  quite often. The fun didn't end until about 12 noon when I had to coaxed him to leave the Playland. He didn't want to until I told him that his Jie Jie will be waiting for us sadly.

His lips are already better today. Thank God! I guess kids' wounds tend to heal much faster than ours. So I hope he can have his beautiful, sexy lips back soon. LOL.

Start with the area for kids below 2 years of age first.

Then slowly progress to the area for bigger kids.

Balls! Balls! Balls! He is really in love with them. He took me by surprise by sliding down that slide down into a pool of balls. The balls must be the motivation. ;)

Always on the move.

He shouted, "Castle!" and I was impressed.

Joseph explored this whole area and I'm a proud mummy. So brave my boy! His sister might contemplate a few times before trying, I'm sure.


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