Friday, August 26, 2011

Guess What Animals Are These?

I've been busy today and haven't read anyone's blog yet. So sorry. It's time to go home already but since the traffic jam is terrible, I decided to a short post for a while before I leave.

Here's a picture of two animals drawn by Elizabeth. Can you guess what animals are they? Sorry no prize for guessing ah. But it's just for fun only. Hehe.

Ok balik la. I'll check you guys answer after I come back from my Raya break ok? For those who are travelling, I wish you safe journey. Selamat Hari Raya to muslim friends and Happy Holidays to the rest!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

About A Boy

Here is a video of my boy disrupting his sister's piano practise..

Things you might want to know about my boy..

1. He is a very manja boy and is even more so when he's unwell.

2. He doesn't allow me to close the bathroom door while I'm bathing otherwise he will bang the door hysterically. So I've no choice but to bathe with the door open. for the whole world to see.

3. He likes to stand at the balcony and watch the vehicles go by. Every now and then shouting, "Car! Bus! Lor-ee!(Lorry)" At first everything is a car to him. Then lorry is also a bus to him. Thank goodness he got them right sort of now.

4. He likes to irritate his sister especially when they just woke up in the morning and still lazing on the bed. He'll crawl up to his sister and lie on top of her body.

5. He likes to play chasing. He'll try to run away from us everytime we try to wear his diapers, change his clothes, feed him and even to get him out of the car. Phew! What a task. Got me panting I tell you.

6. He likes to play with toy vehicles or anything on wheels and run them on any surface even using us as his 'highway'. He'll run them along our legs to our body and right up to our head!

7. He's a vegetarian. Not exactly 100% vegetarian but he prefers vegetables over meat. Not many children like to eat vegetables but my lil' dahling here can even eat celery! He hardly eat meat unless it's finely minced or it's fried chicken. He'll eat most of the fried chicken's skin. Thank goodness he accepts fish.

8. He likes fruits especially grapes and likes to drink Yakult or Vitagen.

9. He hates to get his hair cut and scared the hell out of the hairdresser with his high-pitched scream.

10. He can be quite stubborn and wants his way.

11. He's an active boy who likes to run run run especially when we're out. That's why we still need to confine him in his stroller.

12. This cheeky little boy made my jaw dropped the other day. I went to pick my children up as usual at the babysitter's and she was telling me updates about Joseph. She was telling me that he was very cranky that day maybe because he was unwell. She was going on about what he did and suddenly he ran past us up and down the hall with his fingers stuffed into his ears and said "Aaaaa...aaaaa...aaaaa"(with a cheeky smile on his face). We were both stunned but it made us laugh in disbelief also. I don't know where he learnt that? Turning a deaf ear. As far as I know, I've not seen anybody done that in front of him before. What else is this cheeky boy going to do?

Ok quite a long list too. I'm now imagining what his reaction would be when he's older and reads this. :D Hope you enjoyed it. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tickling The Ivories

It has been 8 months since Elizabeth learnt playing the piano. She is taking Junior Music Course in Yamaha Music School. She wasn't doing very well during the first 5 months. She was left behind in her class because of lack of practise because we didn't have a piano to practise on. It was only during the 6th month we finally moved my piano up to KL that she started practising more.

She's no genius and still sometimes have difficulty reading music notes but I'm still very proud with her accomplishments. It's not an easy feat to get where she is now. Tempers flared, tears were shed but finally we got through. Hopefully she won't give up and learn to love music more.

Here are two videos of my lil' dahling tickling the ivories.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lazy Sunday?

It was suppose to be a lazy Sunday but we ended up

...going to the Bukit Jalil Park in the morning to have a picnic and walk.

All set and excited to go to the park and ride her tricycle.

We found a shady spot and start digging our breakfast. Bread with butter and cheese for Elizabeth, please.
We had bread with ham, cheese, butter and fried eggs.

Joseph only ate a little of cheese and yakult because he was interested in something else!

The 'picnic basket'. Is that a huge camera lense? I'm not that pro lar. It's actually a water tumbler to fill my hubby's coffee.

The terror was only interested with climbing..


..more cycling




..and pushing!

Going for a little exploring with papa to the stream.
..doing arts and craft in the afternoon at home.

Joseph doing some free hand drawing.

Elizabeth working on her craft.

Elizabeth happy with her finished giraffe. Got the idea from Merryn's website. Thanks Merryn!
..playing with lanterns at night.

Very apt suit with the lantern eh?

Elizabeth with a fish lantern.

Elizabeth with another rabbit lantern.

Then this caught the childrens' attention.

Poor lanterns were left neglected. They didn't want to go back so I told them they would have to once the candle burnt out.
Like I said, it was suppose to be a lazy Sunday but we ended up having a fun-filled day. Come to think of it, there is seldom a lazy Sunday for us!

What about you? How was your Sunday?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Life's Little Surprises

Kids can surprise you when you least expected it. I went to pick my children up from the babysitter yesterday after work. I had this conversation with my babysitter..

Babysitter: You're coming back late from work tomorrow right?

Me: Yeah. Eh, how did you know?

Babysitter: Elizabeth told me.

Me: Eh, but I didn't tell her.

Babysitter: She told me that you will come back late from work tomorrow. Her father will pick her up instead. She said you got buka puasa.

Me: LOL. Yeah that's true but I was planning to tell you now. I never told her. She must've eavesdrop on my conversation with my husband.

Way to go my little messenger. All this while I thought she was just busy reading, playing toys or in her own world. I never knew she was eavesdropping. She surprised me. What's even more surprising was she said buka puasa. LOL. Lets all hope she won't be delivering my darkest secret to my babysitter one day!

I had another little surprise yesterday too that I had to get it on video..(turn on the volume louder, Joseph's voice sounds like a mouse when he knows he's being recorded, must be shy)

I've never taught him the numbers 1 to 10 actually. Only if you count numbers 2, 8 and 9 because those are the levels we frequent at the place we stay. I'm really not sure where he picked up from because my babysitter said she never really taught him too. Or maybe he paid attention when I read the book to him. And I thought he didn't. LOL. So it's again another surprise for me. It looks like my little dahling here is interested in numbers. :)

Can't wait for the next surprise they're going to give me..;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Girl

Here are two videos about my girl who loves to read.

Things you might want to know about my girl...

1. She loves to read. I'm proud of this and hope she continues her love for reading until she grows old. :D

2. She doesn't like to go to school. Just today morning, she chose to stay at home versus going to school because her dad is not working today. Public holiday for those working in Selangor. What a bummer for me..sigh.

3. She is a small eater. Very picky with her food. To the point that sometimes I feel so stressful and feel like forcing all the food down her throat. :p

4. She likes to ask many questions in a day. Mind boggling ones sometimes too. Everyday is why why why. I might consider to set a rule to 10 questions per day. Kidding.

5. Her love of her life (besides me) is her little bolster. Everyday she will smell and kiss it even before she goes to school. She will come home looking for it. Her bolster have to be placed on the sofa each day before she leaves for school. There was once she can't remember whether she put it on the sofa or not and made me turn back and open the door for her again just for her to check. Her bolster case has to be the same one also. No replacement whatsoever. That's why her bolster case is fading already. LOL.

6. She loves to drink Yakult or Vitagen. Which kid doesn't?

7. She loves to eat cheese. The cheddar cheese slices kind. This one is like staple food for her.

8. She hates doing her Chinese subject homework. I think the many strokes of the Chinese character demotivates her.

9. She likes the colour pink. I wonder whether most girls do? Or maybe she just takes after me..:P

10. She loves her brother and is quite protective over her brother but still fights with him just like most siblings do.

11. She doesn't allow us to cut her hair short only the fringe. I'm still plotting to cut her long locks one fine day. It's getting too long already. That one fine day will come. I'm still plotting.

12. She can be very stubborn and only wants her way. Are all children like that?

13. Still cries when I drop her off at school. Not everyday but at least once a week. The trick that Santa will cut her name out of his list for Christmas presents because she always cry doesn't seem to work. I need help.

14. She feels safe sleeping beside me. Last night she slept in her own room with her dad because she was coughing a lot. Halfway through the middle of the night, she came to lie beside me and fell fast asleep. Awww..

Wow! I didn't expect to come out quite a long list. It can go on but I think it's enough for now. Hope you enjoyed it.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Snowy Sunday

The weekends always come and go in a blink of an eye. It's always not enough. Yesterday, Joseph had his first fake snow experience at none other place but Snowalk, I-City at Shah Alam. It's Elizabeth's second snow experience. Her first one was in Genting Highlands. We arrived there quite early before 7pm before the crowd arrives. But the funny thing was we didn't went straight to the Snowalk because the children were attracted by the amusement rides first. *slaps forehead* 

LED lighted trees were expected and even the float used during the Putrajaya Floria 2011 was there. So the children spotted the amusement rides first and we spent an amount of time there. The children got to play some rides and video games. We then proceeded to the purchase tickets for the Snowalk which were gathering more crowd already by this time. Joseph got to enter free because he is below 3 years old so we got worried whether there will be jackets provided for him. We were surprised when the lady at the jackets counter handed over to us a toddler jacket for Joseph. Phew! What a relief! Otherwise, we will just have to make do with the sweater I bought for him. So we were each given a jacket and entered Snowalk. 

It was nice at first entering a cold enclosure compared to the hot temperature outside. Then it got colder and colder. Thank goodness the jacket could keep us warm enough except for our hands and feet. We noticed some indian tourists were wearing wellington boots and were wondering how come we were not provided with the boots. Then I saw a sign that says the boots can be rented outside. There was also this guy selling gloves and ear mufflers inside. Everything is money! Tickets not expensive enough huh? So I told the children to put their hands inside the pocket and they will feel much better. And also to use the hood at their jacket. It really helps a lot instead of getting those ear mufflers. Since we are not renting the boots, we will just have to walk slower at slippery areas. 

Joseph especially enjoyed the cold experience. He was grinning from ear to ear and we caught him licking the ice so many times! Aiyoh. After the Snowalk, we went to the park where there were many LED lighted trees. They look so beautiful at night. I wonder whether they look just as nice during the daytime. Haha. Then it's time to go home. The children returned tired but happy. :)

My two cubs.

Eliza wants to take a picture with 'Melman'. Hehe.

Batman has received a distress call and is off to the rescue!

Not another ride again!

Joseph and Papa playing video game.

Now it's Elizabeth's turn.

This game is fun for the family. You sit in it and get to experience some motion while playing the game. A mouth gaping experience for Joseph but a nail biting experience for Elizabeth. LOL.

These video games must have a sexy babe in it huh? Hehe.

Taking a picture with the snowman while waiting for Papa to purchase the tickets to enter Snowalk.

Here Christmas comes early huh?
My boy looking like a china baby. Haha. He is from Harbin, China..:P
My happy children.

Joseph running in and out of an igloo.
I think Joseph is trying to lick ice again!

Elizabeth is looking out of an ice window. It's an ice house with ice table and two ice stools in it.

That black figure was not suppose to be there! lol. Elizabeth jumped in while I was taking the picture.

Picture taken by the photographer. We purchased the photos and since I don't have a scanner. I just took the photos again with my camera.

Look Ma, no hands! I don't need gloves!

A family portrait.

The park with LED lighted trees.

More 'pine' trees.

Cute isn't it?

I like the colours here the most!

Christmas tree in front, red lanterns at the back. I'm confused. LOL.

The Christmas tree again.

This is the float used during the Putrajaya Floria 2011.


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