Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Diaper Less Days Are Here

Yes, diaper less days are here finally. And hopefully it is here to stay and we can all look forward to diaper free days soon. Actually I've started to potty train Joseph since he was about 30 months old. But at that time, he didn't want to tell when he's about to wee wee and we had a few leaky incidents. I confessed I sort of gave up after that because I felt that why force him when he wasn't ready? With Elizabeth, she was easier because she was more co-operative and she started potty training much earlier when she was 1 year plus. Something I'm very proud of. Hehe.

So anyway, with Joseph you could say maybe I've slacked or maybe I have a different thinking now and decided to let him be until he is ready. Now that he can speak better, I gave it a try again at the beginning of this month March. It was a success! Slowly but surely Joseph is able to tell us when he has the urge to pee and the leaky incidents have been reduced. 

However, we still have a problem because he still refuses to do his 'big business' in the potty. He will either do it in his diapers or do it while standing up in the toilet. LOL. So gross because I have to pick his litter up (using lots of tissue of course!). Oh well, again until he is ready to poo in the potty. Keeping my fingers crossed.

After he washes up whenever he poos, this cheeky boy will run out of the toilet and do a little 'PG rated' dance with legs bend and wide apart while shaking his willy. He even has a song for his little dance. While dancing he will sing, "shaker, shaker shaker!" LOL. There is a video of him doing that but too bad it's not for sharing since I do not have a video editor that can blur the censored parts. 

Joseph is also improving in the vocabulary department. His favourite and most overused word is 'too'. Everything is, "too tired, too heavy, too high, too many, too sleepy!" LOL. Recently, he likes to say "Moozee". It's actually "excuse me" whenever he burps, hiccups, farts or wants us to make way for him. LOL.

So these are some updates on Joseph who is 32 months old now. In four months time he is going to turn 3!

Monday, March 19, 2012

4th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012

I've always wanted to be apart of the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Putrajaya and this year we really made it happen. It's our first time and I hope we will be there again next year. We were there on the last day of the event on Sunday so it was expected to be in a crawl as we approach the venue to find for parking.

I wanted to be a kiasu and arrive there as early as 7.30am to purchase the tickets for the hot air balloon tethered rides but alas we couldn't make it because hubby wanted to fill up his tummy first. Sob sob. :( In the end, we arrived close to 9.00am and the tickets were all sold out already! Disappointed. But since we're there we just joined in the crowd and it turned out to be an enjoyable outing after all despite the scorching weather. I got me self a sunburn can you believe it? Sob sob. Now I have a triangle shape on my back. LOL.

Elizabeth was really looking forward to the hot air balloon tethered rides and I had a lot to explain to her. Kids can really be a pain when they refuse to accept any explanations. :P We walked around finding for some activities and the kids were attracted to the giant inflatables. Then Elizabeth was attracted to the Zorbing ride. There were many people eager to try this ride out so we found ourselves waiting in line for nearly half an hour. I was so proud that Elizabeth was brave enough to try out Zorbing although halfway through I saw her panic striken face. Still she made it through. My hubby said he won't be trying Zorbing anytime soon after that experience. He said it was so hot and stuffy inside the ball, he couldn't breathe. LOL.

Initially, while we were queing for the Zorbing ride, we made plans to try out other rides but after that Zorbing ride, hubby called it quits. The weather was really hot. On our walk back to the car, the children saw a train ride and Joseph literally pulled me to it. They got the train ride and were happy campers.

We will try to be back next year and this time we must be more well prepared and arrive there as early as possible.

We can only soak in the view of the hot air balloons since we were too late for the rides.

And they're up. The same blue and white hot air balloons now up in the sky.  

More colourful ones. Lucky people. I'm so jealous of them because they got to ride on it.

Joseph, Elizabeth and me. I guess the more fancy hot air balloons will only make an appearance later in the evening.

Putrajaya lake and that beautiful bridge across it.

We saw people playing water orbs.

Powered parachutes in the sky.

Giant inflatables. Joseph wanted to give it a try.

Elizabeth was afraid at first but was tempted to try in the end. Bravo!
The Zorbing ride. Joseph enjoyed pushing the giant ball.

Elizabeth and Joseph having a train ride and then playing with bubbles.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another Year Older!

When I was a child, I used to be very excited and happy to celebrate my birthday. The cake, the presents all seem very appealing to me. I just celebrated my birthday not too long ago. Although I'm still excited and happy to celebrate my birthday, it is the aftermath when reality sets in that I realised I'm another year older. Aiyoh..getting older! But nevermind, I tell myself that we have to embrace our age with open arms and age gracefully..:)

I received two handmade cards on my birthday. One was from Elizabeth and the other one from my nephew, Brandon (with some help from Joseph) :P Handmade cards are always so precious right? Takes me back to my old memories of me making cards for my mum or dad for their birthdays. My sister and me always competing with each other to make the nicest card. I will keep the cards just like how my parents kept them. It will be touching for them just like how I was touched to know my parents kept them over the years.

This is the front of the card from Elizabeth. It was raining when she drew the card I guess. I asked why am I not on the card and she said because I'm looking at the card. LOL. The three figures depicts her father, brother and she herself.

This is the back of the card from Elizabeth.

She wrote this in the card.

This is my nephew, Brandon's card to me.

Brandon is my 14 year old nephew. He said Joseph also helped in making this card by pasting some of those hearts and scribbling on it. LOL.

This is what Brandon wrote in the card and since Joseph helped to scribble the card again, he wrote Joseph's name down on the card too. LOL.

This is the strawberry monster (Joseph!) who ate every strawberry on my birthday cake!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fish Craft

I haven't been doing any art and craft with Elizabeth for quite a long time until recently she pleaded with me many times to do one with her. She sounded like a broken record, repeating non stop every few minutes, I had to relent in the end for my own sanity. So while Joseph was having his afternoon nap, we did a fish craft together. It's pretty easy and I got the idea from Disney Junior's website and improvised a little.

You need felts. I didn't have enough felt for the fins and spots so I used foam paper for that. Draw the fish, lips, fins and spots.
Fold the purple felt to cut two fish shapes. Cut the rest too.
Place some cotton wool on one of the fish shape.

Carefully put the fins and lips at the correct part of the fish shape. Apply glue on the other fish shape and stick the two fish shape together (with the cotton wool, fins and lips in between).

Then apply glue on all the spots and stick on both sides of the fish's body.

Lastly, glue two wiggly eyes on each side of the fish. Poke a hole on the upper fin to put a ribbon through and tie a knot to it. Wala! You have a fish to carry or hang it around. See my girl so happy to finally do a craft. It's been so long.


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