Friday, August 27, 2010

Conversation with my daughter

Yesterday Eli asked for help because she needed to do her 'big business'. So I quickly put the potty seat on the toilet bowl and stool for her to climb up herself.

I waited for a while before she declared that her 'business' is done. She came down the toilet seat and I reconfirmed with her whether her 'business' is really done. Because sometimes there will be another round again. Our conversation went like this...

Me: You sure you're finished already?

Eli: Yes!

Me: Did you urinate?

Eli: No, I mm mm only. Sshh sshh still sleeping. That's why sshh sshh never come out.

And I just laughed. I didn't know sshh sshh can sleep.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spot me, spot me!

These are pictures of four babies at 1 year old. Can anybody spot which one is me? :P

Monday, August 16, 2010

God Sent

So focus to the TV
In this position for a good few minutes.

It has happened again! Baby Mozart is truly God sent. A real parenting gem for me. It has got this power over my babies from Elizabeth and now to Joseph. You just need some me-time or some time for chores without any disruptions? Just pop in that trusty DVD and you'll be free! Especially with a clingy baby, Baby Mozart can do wonders. When Eliza was a baby, I can even cook from start to finish.

Joseph is an active baby and clingy too. I was doubtful that Baby Mozart would work on him. But guess what? It worked too! I'm telling you it even works for demanding babies. Hehe. It was proven yesterday while I was wrestling with Joseph on the bed and Eliza was watching Baby Einstein. Yes, until today Eliza still watches it from time to time. Some of you might say wrestling? Wah, such a violent mom? That's because I practically have to struggle and wrestle with him when I change his diaper and clothes for him. Most of the toys or things I used to distract him doesn't interest him anymore. But then yesterday, when he heard the familiar tune from Baby Mozart playing on the tv, he stopped abruptly and was stunned for a few seconds. I could change his diapers and clothes without fuss. Just imagine, even the tune can control him. Put him in front of the tv with Baby Mozart and he won't budge.

I'm so glad for Baby Mozart and how it has helped me get my 20 minutes of time to accomplish whatever I need to do. Maybe Baby Einstein should get me to become their ambassador. Haha.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Miss I'm-The-Cutest

This is Miss I'm-The-Cutest. It's not a title I gave or she gave herself. It's just that she came in second for this contest at my company's event. She kinda like the camera when she's in the mood. I don't know where she learnt that peace sign while taking photos. Definitely not from me mind you.

So will this Miss I'm-The-Cutest grow up and become Miss Malaysia one day? Wah, not bad at all if this dream becomes a reality. I'm starting to fantasize. A few friends, friends who grew up with me, said she's a spitting image of me when I was young. Would that also mean that I'm cute too? :P Okok you're all allowed to vomit. Have a great weekend babes!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

More and more little footprints...

Little Joseph has been taking a few wobbly steps for some time now. Sometimes with aid, sometimes not. But as of last weekend, he started to take a few more braver steps and I think it's safe to say that he officially started walking already.

He's also a very active boy. Just yesterday, I went to the yard just for a few seconds and then I heard him wail suddenly. I found him lying on the floor. Apparently according to his sister's brief explanation, the car he was playing with made him fall. I still don't know the real situation until now but his mouth was bleeding and I got frightened. After a quick phone call to the Mr., he was fine already. Up and playing! And with the exact thing that made him fall! Unstoppable and undeterrable I must say. Everytime he falls because of a chair or a ball. He cries and shortly after that he will be playing with the exact thing that caused his fall. *shake my head*


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