Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Trip to Legoland Malaysia

I'm sure most of you know that we can find a lot of 'Kids Go For Free' voucher to Legoland Malaysia last year right? I'm not sure whether these vouchers are still available this year. But I got mine through Toys R Us, Munchy's biscuits and Dutch Lady's milk packet drinks. Wanting to make full use of those vouchers before it expires, we made a trip to Legoland Malaysia end of last year.

Prior to the trip, the kids already knew about the trip to Legoland Malaysia. They were so excited and they kept harassing me with questions like 'how many days more?' Haha. As the trip was at the end of the year that also means rainy season. So it was not a surprise that the weather started out cloudy that day. I was praying hard that it would not rain. We woke up early that day and after the buffet breakfast at the hotel, we left for Legoland Malaysia. We arrived so early, 1 hour before its operation hours(10.30am). Sounds 'kiasu' right? LOL. It wasn't on purpose but we started the journey early just in case we got lost. The pros for arriving early were the queue..there were none! Haha. Also we got to take our own sweet time for toilet breaks and take some pictures before charging in. But when the opening time was drawing near, the crowd became bigger and people were already lining up to go in.

Caught this picture of the children sleeping before I woke them up. Angelic? 

Kids already running in even though we were early. The parking  lot was quite far and you have to walk quite a distance. So many ticket counters to accommodate when the crowd is big.

The famous entrance to Legoland Malaysia. The kids already peering in the theme park, can't wait to go in. Then when the doors were open they were greeted by a green dragon. 
The first thing we did when we entered was to obtain the Park Map then we proceeded to the rental counter to rent a twin stroller for the children if they get tired. But even before the trip, I've already surfed their official website at to get more information, look at their map and plan the activities. The children had their first ride at the Junior Driving School and Driving School. This is a very popular ride so do this ride first before the queue gets freaking long.

Joseph enjoyed himself immensely at Junior Driving School.  I think he went on the ride 4-5 times, I've also lost count. LOL. He was so happy that he could finally drive a car after being rejected at Kidzania. Cheers to Legoland Malaysia. 

Elizabeth however had a bit of difficulty at Driving School. Too many roads and road signs maybe? Rules to abide? She's a girl after all. Her cousin brother, Han Yang seems to be doing better. 
There were many interesting Lego creations around the park like the one at the picture above. It's Legoland after all, land of many many Legos. Haha. Too many that I didn't bother to take every single one otherwise this blog post will be too long. The Technic Twister Ride at the picture above is a very common ride in theme parks like those spinning cups. Suitable for young children although I'm not saying adults can go on the ride. Ahem!

The weather at this point was unpredictable. One minute it was sunny and one minute it was gloomy again. Thank goodness even if it was sunny, the sun wasn't scorching my skin. The Aquazone Wave Racers Ride looked like an interesting ride but too bad I didn't give it a try because Elizabeth chickened out and Joseph's height was not eligible for the ride. As you can see from the picture, the queue was getting longer by the minute. There were two islands for this ride and I don't understand why only one island was open even though the queue was getting longer. A lot of time wasted just queuing. The management should have opened the second island then it would make the queue move faster.

It was a relieved to enter the LEGO Academy as it was an indoor area and air conditioned. Good to get away from the heat for a while and cool down the body. We can build whatever we want in LEGO Academy and even proudly display our creations at their display area.

Then we headed on to another area of the theme park called LEGO Kingdoms. There we went to The Forestmen's Hideout (picture above). It's like a multi level playground so of course the children will enjoy. But make sure you keep an eye on your kids as they can get lost easily. It's a hideout anyway so you can expect them to hide away from you. Maybe I'm just paranoid after so many lost children cases.

Royal Joust Ride is suitable for younger children. They liked it and went on it twice. Merlin's Challenge Ride is a common ride at theme parks too. It can get too fast and I can see that Joseph was a bit terrified with the speed. 
I think there was nothing at Castle Stage but it is good background for photo opportunities though. Elizabeth enjoyed herself with Gong gong on Kids Power Tower Ride where you have to pull yourself up the tower with the rope.
We spent a lot of time at Build and Test when it started to pour. What a bummer. Then papa and the kids went on the DUPLO Express Ride and DUPLO Playtown while the rest of us went for a 4D movie experience at LEGO Studios. The kids still couldn't get over their 'scary' experience at Shrek 4D in Universal Studios Singapore. LOL.
The 4D move at Lego Studios were actually very kid friendly. The seats were stationary unlike the ones in USS. And there's no ticklish feeling like something is crawling up your legs too. LOL. It's all wind, rain or snow. No fire. That's why it's kid friendly in my opinion and the movies are not scary too. But still after much persuasion, the kids refuse to go and I can't force them right?

The movies available at Lego Studios. Take your pick or if you don't mind the queue, queue for all movies! LOL. Observation Tower and Beetle Bounce, common theme park rides too.

These three kiddos enjoyed it so much that they asked for a second round.
Surprisingly, Elizabeth enjoyed the Beetle Bounce ride a lot. I didn't put high hopes and thought I would have to calm two crying children after the ride. But it turns out I only have to calm one crying child after the ride (Joseph!) LOL. I think his experience would have been better if he had not been separated with his cousins during the ride. He didn't like the squirmish feeling in the stomach when the beetle bounced down I guess.

I heard Legoland is not Legoland if there's no Miniland. Mini replicas for you to 'wow' at. The Petronas Twin Towers looked like the real deal at one glance right?

Pharaoh's Revenge is an indoor playground. Lost Kingdom Adventure is a ride where you can find for lost treasure with the laser gun.

Legoland Express is a good way to hitch a ride around Legoland Malaysia just for the fun of it. Rescue Academy needs good team work. The parents can pump the lever to make the fire engine move and the children can spray water from the hose to the building to put out the fire. Parents can really burn a lot of calories for this ride man..phew!

Lego City Airport is another common theme park ride but still fun for younger children. Something new here is the boating school where you can maneuver and press the pedal to move the boat. Nice experience. Finally, I took a picture of the Lego Christmas tree. I'm not sure whether it is originally not lighted or it was because it was already closing time. Many people were seen spending a lot of time in the shops to buy some souvenirs or Lego toys before leaving the place. We were one of them...guilty as charged. Hehe. So go to Legoland Malaysia! I'm sure your children will enjoy it and you will not regret it..;)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Bento Workshop

This is an overdue post but I'll just talk about it anyway for memories sake. Last December, I signed up for a Bento workshop since it was the school holidays. Joseph was too young to join so I only brought Elizabeth along. I was searching for information on a preschool and it brought me to this website That's when I found out that the blog owner, Goh Ai Ping was an avid bento maker and she also started conducting some bento workshops. I was interested at once and signed up for one of her Christmas Themed Bento Workshops.

Elizabeth was excited to go to the workshop and actually she was not the only one. I was excited too. Haha. It was a small group of us as it was nearing Christmas and most people are away for holidays. Ai Ping was a very nice and pleasant instructor. She made sure we understand and follow her workshop at a comfortable pace. 

It was interesting and fun to learn how to do a bento and I think anybody can do it. You just need to be creative and have a lot of patience! Haha. I don't think I will have the patience to do it everyday as it can be quite tedious especially when you have pay attention to tiny details like doing the eyes or mouth. Children would enjoy doing it too. It's like playtime for them!

After doing the bento herself, she was quite anxious to try eating it. That's why bento works for some kids right? Hehe. To make it as appealing and appetising as can be right? The best is I made her happy that day. :)

I've bought some stuff for bento making actually before attending the workshop but I haven't gotten around to do it. After attending this bento workshop, I am inspired and I think I know where and how to start and go about it now..:)

Ai Ping and some friends have even started a facebook page and they are venturing into catering for  kids parties. You can check it out at their facebook page at Food Carpenter (Not a sponsored post, just sharing).

The ingredients and stuff needed plus the two cute food containers!

This is Ai Ping, the avid bento maker. Hehe. 

Elizabeth looking excited. We used Japanese rice and make the rice into a ball. Rice was mixed with soya sauce as a natural food colouring.

We managed to do Santa! 

We also learned how to do Rudolf the red nose reindeer and Frosty the snowman. The picture with the wincing snowman and reindeer are actually Ai Ping's. So pro right?

Participants so proud with their masterpiece! Pass ah? Haha.

This is the guru's masterpiece. We also learned to do Santa's stockings.

Ai Ping and the participants for the Christmas Themed Bento Workshop.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Playdough Activities 3

It's been a while since we've done any playdough activity. Then one fine day as Joseph was looking for snacks to munch in the kitchen cabinet, he discovered the playdough I kept in there. And then it's playdough time again. 

Joseph was as usual with his abstract creations and Elizabeth came up with two interesting playdough creation all by herself. 

Elizabeth's pumpkin. 

Her flower. Don't you think it looks like Calla Lily? 
Anyway, off topic here. Some updates on my children progress in school. Elizabeth doesn't cry anymore. Phew! That's my big girl. Everything's fine and dandy for now. Cross my fingers and toes.

Today morning, I went to speak with Joseph's class teacher for a while when I dropped him off at school. I accompanied him into his class and as soon as he saw his classmates, he greeted them, "Hello!" He sounded like a celebrity addressing his fans. LOL. His classmates were a bit stunned. Then I told him that I gotta go and he casually said, "Bye!" So I'm a bit baffled about his crying drama over the last few days. I asked his class teacher about it and she said that he is very ok in class. The headmistress also said that as soon as he entered the class, he would start playing with his friends. They said that it's a normal thing when they see other children cry, they will follow suit or maybe he just wants to be manja with me. Hmph! This boy is just crying in front of me when I drop him off but as soon as he enters the class, he's all good. I feel that he is just a drama king!  Maybe I should sign him up for acting or drama class next time. LOL. So another headache and mystery solved, I hope!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Drawing Circles

My little boy Joseph can draw circles already! You know with two kids in tow, sometimes some minor milestones nearly go unnoticed. Especially with the second child. The first child usually gets more observation from us because back then, we only have one child to look after. 

Anyways, when did he started drawing circles, I'm not sure. But all of a sudden that day he whipped out his doodle toy and started drawing circles. Then he proudly showed it to me saying, "Mummy! Look, circle!" What else, I whipped out my camera lah. The doodle toy comes together with a book. He tried to copy the picture with quite an impressive outcome. Considering he hardly draws at home. From my recollection, I think his sister draws more at his age. 

Doodling for the camera.

Proudly showing to the camera.

Trying to copy Lenny the Binoculars from Toy Story.
Then big sister wants attention and wants to join in too. So she started drawing space like planets and stars. She requested for her picture to be taken also. LOL. Kids, always want attention from their parents huh?

This is her version of Earth, Saturn and Moon. Hehe.

Now with other planets and stars even snowflakes. Look! She even wrote her name in chinese. I'm so proud of her. Thanks to Papa for making her practice during the holidays before school starts. 
On the other hand, Joseph's potty training has shown progress despite me being lazier the second time around. I was not as hard on him as I was with his sister. I haven't been using a diaper during his afternoon nap for already a few months. I didn't keep track of how many months exactly. He can now go to the bathroom to pee and even flush by himself. 

There's good news too in the poo project. It's been a few months too that he is brave enough to tell us he wants to poo. Now he sits on his throne with an additional baby toilet seat on the toilet bowl. Poos without fuss now. Previously, he used to be scared of the toilet bowl and wants to quickly come down. He used to suppress his poo from coming out too and waits until we put on his diaper at night, then he'll do his business. Got me so frustrated. Now when I put him up on his throne to poo, he'll say, "Mummy go, don't see me!" And I'll just leave him alone until he calls me to clean up for him. How cute and konon like an adult. As for the night time diapers, I still don't have the confidence to let him be diaper free. Some night he's dry but some nights his diaper is still wet. I hope diaper free nights will be here soon.

Joseph is 3 years and 6 months while Elizabeth is 6 years and 2 months.  

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Stepping Into Standard 1

I hope it's not too late to wish my readers a very Happy New Year and I hope everyone had a good start to the new year. I have been 'missing in action'. Maybe it's the holidays or maybe I've been experiencing a 'blogger's block'. LOL. Maybe it's the back-to-school chaos that's been happening. Elizabeth just started Standard 1 and Joseph just started kindy. I can't help thinking Elizabeth's is no longer a small baby anymore. My baby is in Standard 1 now! Boo hoo. So what's up in my life recently? Preparing them for school. From uniforms to bags to water bottle! My husband and I took a few days off from work to be with them.

So how did your children fare on their first day of school? Elizabeth did fine during the 1 day orientation and I thought I could breathe a sigh of relief. We did a trial run on that day. Woke her up, bathed, brush teeth, gave her breakfast, all the works. During orientation, the children went for a visit to their classes and around the school while parents listened to briefings by the headmistress, school chairman and head of the Parent Teachers Association. She did fine on that day.

Just after her bath with the uncombed hair. Hard boiled eggs with light soya sauce, her favourite and milk for breakfast. 

Giving a smile before setting off to school for her orientation. Her new school bag given by Grandma.
Then the real day came. She told me the night before that she doesn't want to go to school. I asked her why. She said that she's scared of the teacher. I said I don't see anything wrong with the teacher and she seemed nice. She said she was a little fierce at one point. But I told her that sometimes the teacher may seemed fierce just because they raise their voice. They have to raise their voice because they otherwise not everybody can hear her. That explanation was not enough apparently because she got teary eyed when she entered the school. Great scott! We even made it into Sin Chew's newspaper! LOL. History repeats itself. Her crying days in kindy are back? And I thought having Aiman, her good friend in kindy who is in the same class as her in Standard 1(what a coincident!) can make her feel better. She cried till day 4 of school and finally on day 5 it stopped. Thank God. I pray that this crying ordeal will be finally over.

We even made it in the newspaper ok. Hari ini dalam sejarah!

Trying hard to control her tears but it soon flowed after.

In a better mood already. Recess time with her meal. I catered food with the canteen first. See how it goes first then decide later once everything's more settled.

She's sitting right in front. An advantage for being one of the shortest in class? LOL. 
On the other hand, Joseph fared well in school. He was all smiles on his first day. Thank God! Phew! He always came home tired. I wonder if school is that stressful or he played too hard. LOL. Poor baby. And as if like taking turns. Suddenly he started crying on the 4th and 5th day. He was doing good so far. So I don't understand why. The teacher said he was ok in school. Maybe reality has set in and he knows this is not playschool. Anyway, I pray hard that he'll get over this soon.

This was on the first day. All smiles. Maybe he thought he was going to playschool. LOL.

Smiling for the camera. 
And you know what? Not only it'll be stressful for kids, it'll be a stressful journey for me now. What a bummer..hehe. With all the rush in the mornings, worry over their progress in school to making sure they get sufficient sleep. It's not easy for us mums huh? Now, I'm looking forward to the next school holidays. When is it? ;)


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