Friday, April 19, 2013

Proud Of My Girl

Yesterday my daughter brought back her results for her Chinese test. I didn't even know it's exam time, yo! Nor does Elizabeth knows it's exam time too. We were very sick one week and she missed school for a few days. So maybe she might have missed the announcement. 

Anyway, I'm so proud that I had to include the event of this proud moment in my blog. She got 100% for her Chinese test. From a girl who speaks English at home, I think she's done a great job. We were worried and she was also worried herself that she would face difficulty in school. But she made it. I'm so happy for her. 

I went through her paper and I can only read some of the Chinese characters. She can read all. Now, she's officially better than me. Haha. I hope it's a smooth journey for her from now in her Chinese subject. :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fun At Euro Fun Park

My kids have not been to a fun fair before. So when we heard there was a fun fair nearby, we went there spontaneously. Euro Fun Park is the name and according to their website,, they are the biggest traveling fair in Malaysia adopting the latest European ride technology. They are now at the car park of the Bukit Jalil stadium and it's close to home which is more accessible for us. Pardon me if the photos are not taken well. I left my camera at home and although I had to use my Samsung Galaxy SIII, I'm not that good at taking photos using my mobile phone.

The Ferris Wheel greeting us at the entrance.
The kids went crazy when they saw what was awaiting them as they were nearing the entrance. We were pretty impressed to see how large the Ferris wheel was and couldn't wait to see what else was installed for us. 

The entrance fee to enter Euro Fun Park and on top of that you have to buy tokens to play the rides! Not cheap I tell ya.
All smiles. All set and ready to go on the first ride they chose. 
Formula 3000 ride. The kids enjoyed this ride a lot.
Battery car ride. Joseph's favourite. Look at his ecstatic face.
Only Elizabeth dares to ride on this Mini Swing. Bravo, my girl!
Another ride involving cars. This is what will happen when you have a car-crazy son. Round and round they go!
More rides!
A fun fair wouldn't be complete if there's not one game stall right? So many game stalls here. Close to 15 stalls if I recall correctly.
Last ride on Samba Balloon before we call it a day. 
It was a big fun fair and we're impressed with the quality and condition of the rides. Not old and dirty. Quite your money's worth although it's a tad expensive. That's the only complain we have. Maybe that's the price we have to pay to get that standard. Although it would be better if the price is lower. So if you want to go there, choose your rides wisely. :) And I heard it will be around until end of this month.

Elizabeth was not satisfied as she intended to go on more rides actually. As we were leaving, Joseph said "Bye bye, fun fair!" He must be satisfied. :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Impromptu Art Lesson Again

As mentioned before my children do not go for formal art lessons. Now that Elizabeth is in Standard 1, they have art subject once every week. So far, the art she took home are very simple drawings and colourings using colour pencils. Then I noticed each time she gets a B for her drawings and I began to realise that maybe the problem lies with her colouring which is flat and there's no shadings. This calls for me to try my hand in teaching her basic shading using colour pencils.

I drew a picture of a bowling pin, a girl and a tree. Then I demonstrated to her how to do shading using just one colour for the bowling pin and got her to finish the rest of the bowling pin herself. Basically, I just taught her to use more pressure when colouring the darkest shade and release the pressure slightly as she move on to the lighter shade. So as to create a darker to lighter perspective.

Then we moved on to the girl and lastly the tree. This time applying different colours like dark green and light green for the tree.

I'm not the best teacher for art, haha. But hopefully she will learn and remember to apply it for her school art lessons next time. Good luck, sweetie.

Joseph on the other hand, will always request for a chance to splash some paint whenever he sees his sister is doing art too.

So here's his work of art. Hehe.

Enjoying himself making a mess.

Showing his effort. :)


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