Monday, May 30, 2011

Feel like a VIP

Not too long ago, I signed up for a Proton Exora VIP test-drive session and was lucky to be selected to join the event. I don't know what's in it for us that signed up but I just did it anyway since hubby and I were both interested in MPVs if we were to buy a new car one day. So it was nice that I got selected and I get to bring hubby along. The sad thing is we're not allowed to bring children along. Luckily I have my babysitter to turn to.

We were one of the early birds to arrive. So we got to enjoy breakfast longer.

Each couple were given a clipboard. This is part of the itenary for the event.

I even got a chance to meet a celebrity mommy blogger, Merryn. ;) One very hot mama.

There were brief talks on parenting issues as part of the programme.

Fullhouse Cafe in Sunway Giza Mall. Quite a cool venue to host the event. This is where the talks and briefings were held. Not to forget the meals provided too! That car is so super cute!

Do I look like a reporter? I'm suppose to be a VIP ler.

All the participants for the event. Everyone was excited to take the picture that we shielded the poor Exora car at the back. LOL.

All set to go! I am test-driving first. Route was from Sunway Giza Mall in Kota Damansara to Desa Parkcity in Kepong.

The car comes with GPS. (for high line in Exora only) 

My dear hubby testing on how it would feel to be a passenger right at the back row.

It's his turn now! What a poser.

When we arrived in Desa Parkcity, we were taken to the car park near the park for a performance test-drive session. The aim was for us to test the Advanced Braking System (ABS).

This was the car we drove. Nice?

One of the challenge for everyone to participate. The challenge is to put all the luggage, golf bag and a stroller into the boot as fast as we can.

While I was on my way to the washroom, I can't help but to snap a pic of this beautiful scenery of the park in Desa Parkcity.

Look at all the Exoras lining up.

We were treated to more food and talks when we returned to Fullhouse Cafe in Sunway Giza Mall.
All in all it was a good experience as I've never been to a test-drive session before. It was also not a normal test-drive as we had the priviledge to do the performance test-drive. What's more to be treated like a VIP. The Proton team were also very helpful and friendly. We were all given a series of questions to test our knowledge about the car and also 2 challenges to perform like the Storage Challenge and the Blind Fold Parking Challenge. It was great fun and everyone returned home with a prize, voucher and goody bag! ;)

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Stuff You'll Do For Your Kids

The stuff you'll do for the sake of your kids...









Become a human slide!

Can you imagine being used as a slide? I don't know where did they get that idea from but suddenly my legs were arranged while I was slouching on the couch. Then the next thing I know two monkeys were sliding right from my abdomen and down to my toes. It could be slightly painful at times from the pressing and the sliding movement. But still I withstand it for their sake for they couldn't get enough of it! Sliding down numerous times and even get agitated when you bend your legs. Tsk tsk tsk! Kids these days are so demanding. :P Wonder what they will use me as the next time. A see-saw? A swing? Haha.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bonding Time

Technology reigns supreme in this age and everyone has to keep up with it. Adults want to be tech savvy and now kids are also slowly being influenced by technology. I mean I don't condone playing games, being glued to the computer or those handheld games all the time but sometimes I think once in a while should be fine.

For my hubby, it is an opportunity for bonding time with the kids. Since the kids stick to me like glue more than him..:P So he doesn't mind playing games together with them because he likes it himself. And I also kasi chance to him la to be closer with the kids. Thank goodness Elizabeth hasn't got herself addicted and she knows when to stop. She will tell me, "Mummy, ok, I don't want to play already. Mummy keep it." Cool huh?

Elizabeth with her birthday present from last year.

Yes, even the game must be Little Einstein.

You can use the joystick or motion play. She chose the motion-activated so at least she gets to move it move it.

But of course Joseph wants to be a part of it too! Check out his awe. LOL.

Exaggerate only my hubby. Making it seem so exciting for Joseph.

Simple games meant for young children from 3 years old.

Elizabeth playing angry bird. Thanks to my hubby for introducing the game to her. *roll my eyes*

She can complete a level, the easy ones. When I can't complete a level, I become the angry one. Even angrier than the birds. That's why I'm not addicted. LOL.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Thieves In The Night

It's night time. What are those shadowy figures? Are there thieves in my house?

Am I seeing it correctly? Why are they small sized? Can you see clearer now?

Caught in the act! It's just my little dahlings playing with the torch light in the bedroom. Just give them each a torch light and they'll be so excited. Shining the torchlight everywhere and screaming in delight. Ah, it's so easy to make children happy, isn't it? If only it's always this easy to keep them occupied. LOL.

Friday, May 20, 2011


The weather is so erratic these days. Some days it would be so hot and you can feel the scorching sun burning your skin. Some days it would be raining cats and dogs creating flash floods. But even on hot days, many people are not keen to walk under the hot sun and if you stay home it can get bored sometimes. No wonder nowadays there are throngs of people hitting the mall. The air conditioned malls seems appealing with the hot weather and even can provide shelter when it rains. I'm one of the guilty one hitting the malls during the weekend..hehe. I can't help it also when you have a family, there is always some thing you need to replenish at home.

The children also enjoy going to the malls. They seem to know how to appreciate the cooling malls. :P Once we are changed to our outing clothes, they know they are going out. My hubby always say thanks to me they are now kaki jalan like their mother. :P So do you like going to the malls during the weekend or are you a kaki jalan like me too? Otherwise, where do you usually go during the weekends?

The kid magnet, Brandon (my nephew) and Joseph. Kids are always drawn to him. LOL.

I don't know why she became hyper, so I thought I'd just snap a pic of her.

Even in malls I have to bribe him with a biscuit to keep him busy.

The kids love this fountain in Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Mall. The carvings on the walls of the fountain looks like historical events that happened in Melaka.

Elizabeth on one of those rides again.

The kids enjoyed it. If it wasn't that small, I think my nephews would've hop on it too. :P

Like a pro changing gear. LOL.

Then papa want to play too.

Now it's Joseph's turn.
Elizabeth mesmerised by the big screen at the concourse of KLCC.

Uniqlo just open its doors in KLCC I guess. Can you imagine the queue going in the store?

These two are always attracted to carousels.

Thank goodness they don't always demand me to put in coins for them. I'm not a coin machine.

Elizabeth with the twin towers.

Yes, people do love to hang out at the malls.

They even invaded the water play park in KLCC.

Little girls look very sweet on swings, don't they?

This one looks wild on a swing. LOL

I spy with my little eye..

Joseph ran as fast as lightning at the huge playground. I think we burnt lots of calories just chasing after him.

Finally the fountain is up and running before we left KLCC.


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