Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Mak Nenek

This video was taken during my maternity leave in Malacca. Eliza's daddy was in KL and only came back to Malacca on weekends. So he would call everyday to check on us. So the little mak nenek was more than excited to get the phone and speak to her daddy. Don't you think she's quite an actor? Hehe

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Big Sister

Elizabeth is now officially a big sister. She didn't really know how to react when she first saw her brother. Even referred her brother as "baby". Slowly but surely I think it began to dawn on her that this "baby" is staying for good. She needs to be reminded to call this "baby" didi.

She doesn't show hatred towards her brother but you can tell she's jealous when she wants attention and she wants it like NOW! Even though didi is crying and needs my attention. But it's not that bad. She still kisses and smell her little brother and makes funny 'geram' sounds when she touches her little brother. Watch the video below!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Joseph is baptized!

Joseph is baptized today at the St. Francis Xavier Church in Malacca, one month after his birth. Little fellow still doesn't know anything but never mind dear, mommy has pictures and this blog for you to look back.

It was much easier this time to get him baptized compared to his sister. I think it depends on the priest from different churches. Some of them are more strict. Elizabeth had to wait until she was 4 month old to get baptized. So I'm thankful that I can quickly get it done before my maternity leave was over.

It was quite a surprised to see many babies baptized on the same day because when Elizabeth was baptized, there were only two babies including Elizabeth. Joseph's god father was my cousin, William. It was nice of him to agree to be Joseph's god father on such a short notice. I was anxious that Joseph would act up in church because the church can be hot. But thankfully he was pretty good most of the time except for milk time.

So yay! If next time hubby doesn't want to go church with me when I'm old, wrinkly and wobbly, I can always count on these two to bring old mommy to church. Haha.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Full Moon

Joseph is one month old today! We had a simple celebration. Nothing fancy and loud. Just a quiet one with only family members and a few relatives. We ordered some cakes with red eggs as a gift to friends and relatives. Joseph's hair and nails were trimmed and some of it were kept. It's a chinese custom which I'm not really sure serve what purpose. Haha. We also celebrated it with lunch at a restaurant in Seremban.

As you can see, this is part of his full moon outfit. Joseph is a 3.42kg baby at birth. But as the day goes by, he sort of shrink a little. Need to pack up some pounds. Haha. The confinement lady and my mom thinks that that was because I'm feeding him too little milk. :( That's why he lost weight. But I don't think so since he seems to be weighing fine. The doctor didn't say he's underweight.

It's difficult to take a family pic with a newborn because you don't exactly know when he will feel uncomfortable or cry. I'm still getting to know him. It's also difficult to take a family pic with a constantly moving toddler too. So these are two family pics taken in a hurry burry. Please mind my flat hair. I finally get to wash it and I washed it a few times with shampoo. So it became so limp. Haha. Actually I managed to negotiate with my mom to wash my hair before the full moon at 3 weeks. And then I couldn't wash it again for a week before I reached my 'independance day'. Haha. The things a mother had to go through. Sigh.


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