Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Nightingales

I took videos of my two lil' dahlings recently while they were both singing. They were already singing actually but I asked them to re-enact the scene again just for me to record it on video. Hence, the cue "1,2,3" from me at the beginning of the video. LOL. I know, I'm a crazy mother. I thought they looked so sweet singing that I have to blog about it so that I can view it next time when I'm old or they can view it next time when they are older.

The first video features Elizabeth singing in solfege and Joseph trying to sing in solfege too.

The second video features them singing with lyrics this time and don't miss the scene where Joseph is trying to do his unique 'peace sign' at the end of the video! LOL.

Memorable videos for me to treasure especially when they're not fighting or snatching toys from each other or hitting each other! LOL. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


  1. Hahhah...at least they still willing to re-enact for you to shoot the video of them singing. My girls will never want to do that. In fact I have to shoot from far far away without them noticing..ehhehhee

  2. Aw so cute! Jason with his peace sign. My girl will also try to sing along to her kor kor's yamaha music too :)

  3. u r not a crazy mother. u r just like the rest of us moms, we are so proud of whatever achievements our little ones did and oh boy, ur two kiddos can sure perform! :D

  4. my 3rd attempt at leaving a comment here...somehow I got error messages earlier. otherwise..give up. now i wrote a long comment..but 3rd time liao..sumarry...so cute. :) hehhee.. :)

  5. Yee Ling: Yeah at least they are still willing but sometimes not willing also ler.

    Germaine: Jason? Joseph lar..hahahahah. Your kiddos must be very cute too singing together. Record it la and show us.

    Merryn: Thanks Merryn for understanding..haha:)

    Martha: 3rd attempt? aiyoh poor thing. nvm at least get to comment finally. thanks!

    Jenny: Thanks dear!



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