Friday, January 20, 2012

Kids Rule Our Weekends!

Once you have children and once they can talk well like my dearest daughter Elizabeth, they start to request or demand for stuff. Even the little one, Joseph is catching up and learning from his sister. As much as I do appreciate certain requests because sometimes I've also run out of ideas on what activity to do during the weekend but there are times when you have planned out an activity and she's not game for it. Or you're just too tired and about to lift your legs up and then there comes the dreaded request or demand. I don't know about you, I'm not saying they're like that every weekend but if you know what I'm saying then let's high five! LOL.

Here are a few scenarios of how my kids ruled my weekends:

1. I'm happily doing some household chores, little brother is asleep and big sister will suddenly come up to me and say she wants to do some art. She will bug me until I stop what I'm doing and bring out all her art materials.

2. The kids were watching the telly and suddenly papa wants to switch channels or switch off the telly because he said they've watched enough, Elizabeth will whine and Joseph will start a screaming fit. (this same case happens to mummy also). What excuse sometimes works for me is I'll say to Joseph that the TV is getting hot and once it's too hot it will explode and his face will become black because of the explotion. He'll relent sometimes..:P

3. You just came home from a tiring weekly grocery shopping outing with the family and have just put down the groceries when your girl starts asking whether she can go swimming or not. She won't take no or later for an answer. Don't they get tired?

4. I just finished reading to the kids their bedtime stories and was about to bring them to sleep (so happy to finaly get some me-time) when suddenly Elizabeth said she haven't played the piano. I should be happy that she is keen to play the piano but it clearly wasn't the right time.

5. Since morning, the kids have been chanting, " I want to go to the park, I want to go to the park..." and they stopped in the evening when we finally bring them to the park.

Have a great weekend and for those who are travelling back to hometowns for chinese new year, do drive safely. Enjoy the festivity and happy holidays!

Here's wishing those who celebrate, Gong Xi Fa Cai and may you all have prosperity in this year of the Dragon.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CNY Deco In Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens Mall

Last Sunday, we went to Mid Valley Megamall for some CNY shopping. So I took the chance to take some picture of their CNY decorations for your viewing pleasure. The decorations were beautiful for me but still I felt it was not grand enough. Grand enough if you use it for house decoration but not so for a mall. That's just my opinion maybe others have a different say.

CNY deco in Mid Valley Megamall's Centre Court.

Copy of IMG_3513
Another angle

Copy of IMG_3520
The CNY deco at the North Court of Mid Valley Megamall

Copy of IMG_3518
A closer look of the deco. Looks like a huge lantern with tiny lanterns within.
Then we hopped over to The Gardens Mall too since it's just beside Mid Valley Megamall. If it was not because we wanted to borrow their child stroller, we might not even drop by over there. The child stroller in Mid Valley Megamall were all taken up. Wasted because I actually prefer the stroller in Mid Valley Megamall. In case you parents have forgotten to bring your own stroller out for shopping(of all the things we have forgotten!), a tiny review her of the two mall's stroller. I prefer the ones from Mid Valley Megamall because:

1. it's new(they just got new strollers I think!)
2. it's more comfortable
3. more sturdy and safer
4. it has a big under-seat storage basket for you to put your baby bag and shopping bags
5. it has a hook to hang your shopping bags
6. it has a footrest
Copy of IMG_3466
The best picture I can find of the Mid Valley Megamall's stroller.
The ones from The Gardens Mall are:
1. not new, it has been there for quite a while. However, it doesn't look dirty
2. not so comfortable
3. not sturdy because it fell backwards before if there are shopping bags hanging and if the child is not sitting on the stroller
4. the under-seat storage basket is small and I had to squeeze the baby bag in it
5. it doesn't have a hook to hang your shopping bags. I had to hang them at their handle
6. it doesn't have a footrest so Joseph’s legs were left dangling.
Copy of IMG_3503
The Gardens Mall stroller.
Ok sorry for the diversion. Now back to the CNY deco in The Gardens Mall. The decorations are simple and nice but nothing to go ooh and aah about it. They have some props around as if to make us feel at home. It would be nice if those props are really in a home. It would be a nicely decorated home ready for CNY. Haha.

Copy of IMG_3522
The CNY deco in The Gardens Mall

Copy of IMG_3524
A view from top of the props along the shops. They are all different but I'm lazy to take picture of each prop.

Copy of IMG_3525
The CNY deco at the Isetan side.

Copy of IMG_3526
Elizabeth posing in front of a prop. They did put effort in decorating huh? How nice if my house can be decorated like this.

Copy of IMG_3527
Elizabeth with another prop. That room panel divider is beautiful isn't it?
So between the two, which mall fare better in their CNY decoration?  

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

When your child vomits

In the previous post, I've mentioned that Elizabeth was down with vomiting and diarrhoea. She is fine now and already started attending preschool this week already. So far, no crying drama from her and she is going through preschool very well. After all, the teacher replied that she's a big girl already, she's six years old this year(actually she just turned five last November :P) when I asked the teacher how did she fare on her first day in preschool. I'll be crossing my fingers that there'll be no crying drama this year because I've endured her crying dramas for two years in preschool already!

I want to also share on what to do when your child vomits from my experience and advise from my paediatrician. When your child starts to vomit a few times and keeps rejecting any food he/she has eaten, of course you'll have to take your child to see a doctor. Take the medication he has given and besides that, the doctor advised that I don't have to give Elizabeth anything to eat at least for half a day. Your child will be ok as long as there's water. Give your child 2 tablespoons of warm water every 10 minutes to prevent from dehydration and replenish lost fluids from the body. Elizabeth had it very bad that she even vomited out that 2 tablespoons of warm water a few seconds or minutes after I fed her. But I still have to continue giving her. Then after half a day if your child has stopped vomiting, you can start giving him/her plain porridge or soy-based or lactose-free milk. Once your child starts having diarrhoea that is actually good news because it means that the vomiting bouts are over and the diarrhoea helps to get rid of the virus in the body.

With that said, I hope none of this happen to your child but just hope that what I share could be of use if it should happen. Sharing is caring they say.

Some random pictures to end the post. Have a nice day!

My lil' dahlings watching television and sitting so close together at the corner of the sofa.

My hubby was teaching Elizabeth to count coins but Joseph arranging the coins instead.

Elizabeth learning to count the coins.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hello 2012

It might be a little too late but still Happy New Year to everyone! Last year, 2011 did not treat me very well so I'm wishing that this 2012 will treat me much better than the last. 

The new year started with my daughter Elizabeth being sick. I'm suspecting she caught the virus from me because I too fell sick during Christmas. Then I passed on the virus to my nephew and I'm guessing he passed it on to poor Elizabeth. We were all vomiting and having diarrhoea. She being so young had it worst. She vomited for 2 days and had diarrhoea at the wee hours in the morning today. She's became so thin but is doing better now. Hmm..makes me wonder how come I didn't became thinner despite all the vomiting and diarrhoea. LOL. :P Anyway, I hope this bad start to the new year doesn't mean anything and I'm still praying that it will be a good year for us. I hope she will be fit and fine to go to school tomorrow. It will be her first day of school since she missed a few days already. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed .

Since I've been weak during the Christmas time, we didn't really celebrate in a big way this year. My mum is still not up for it. So it was quite a quiet Christmas and New Year this year. We went to church on Christmas day even though I was not well and still managed to go out for our Christmas dinner. As for New Year, the kids were already asleep during the eve. So hubby and I just watched some fireworks from our balcony and then he resumed back to do his work on the laptop while I watched a midnight movie on the telly. Maybe next year we should bring the kids somewhere for the countdown huh? 

How did you celebrate your Christmas and New Year?

The Angry Birds and Doraemon cupcakes I got for my nephew's birthday. He loves anything to do with Angry Birds and Doraemon.

My sister and her two kiddos.

Joseph and his cute peace sign. Hehe.

Having fun time in Sunway Pyramid.

The kiddos on a sleigh. Part of the Christmas deco in Sunway Pyramid.

Christmas deco in Sunway Pyramid.
Christmas deco at The Curve.

Christmas deco outside The Curve.
Christmas in Mid Valley Megamall. Elizabeth was so brave to sit on Santa's lap again this year.

Christmas deco at Ikano Power Centre.
Christmas is in the air and on Elizabeth's nails! Cute isn't it?
Time to open all the presents on Christmas day!

Already so excited to tear down that present and yet I make him strike a pose for me..hehe.

The kids with some of their Christmas presents.


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