Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Art Lesson

I did not sign up my kids for any formal art lessons. Maybe I don't want to burden my daughter with too many classes since she is already taking up piano and ballet. There's plenty of resources from the internet and I found this Colourwheel Clown Art Project to introduce the colour wheel to my kids.

First, you find a white card paper. I use a paper plate actually and cut it into a circle and then I drew the lines myself.

Then I asked them to paint the primary colours first. Red, yellow and blue on every alternate pizza slices leaving the other slices empty first. 

Next, I get them to mix the colours on a palette. Red + yellow = orange. So we paint the pizza slice in between the red and yellow, orange. Blue + yellow = green. Blue + red = purple. Same goes to the other slices. 

I then get them to paste the colour wheel on a art paper. Right in the middle. The colour wheel will be the body. Then the kids will have to paint out the face, hands and legs according to their imagination.

 Walla! Elizabeth's masterpiece.

Joseph's masterpiece. That naughty boy just wouldn't leave the clown alone. He enjoyed making it messy.

So that's one project you can do with your kids. Teaching art and some bonding time as well. You can introduce patterns as well like polka dots or stripes to the clown's socks if you like. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Reading Is A Good Habit

Yes, reading is a good habit right? My girl is quite a bookworm and now my boy has more interest in books compared to before. Hopefully he will become a bookworm like his sister also. Maybe he will once he knows how to read more words. 

Two videos here that are precious to me and I post it up for memories since I have a memory of a goldfish. :D

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Eep, I'm A Year Older

Yesterday was my birthday and although we always convince ourselves that age is just a number, we all wish that we could be 16 all over again right? Never mind, age gracefully as they say. ;)

We did the usual like singing the birthday song, cutting the birthday cake and dinner celebration. It's like any other usual day, I still went to work, my kids still drive me up the wall sometimes although they did some sweet things for me too and hubby helped with more chores. :) I don't intend to post any birthday celebration pictures because they didn't turn out quite nice. But instead here is a birthday note from my sweet daughter and a funny video of Joseph.

The front of the birthday note.

If you have trouble understanding her note because of the spelling and grammar mistakes, let me decipher it for you. "One little mother, the one I know. She loves me and cares me 1 million. I like to the same 1 million. From daughter."
This is the funny video of Joseph acting like a zombie or monster. I don't know where he got the idea from. Maybe the music from the book sounded quite dramatic. LOL. So tell me whether he is acting like a zombie or monster or ???


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