Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kids say the darndest thing - Part 1

1. I was talking to my husband who was in the kitchen. I was walking into the kitchen with Lil' dahling following behind.

Me: Pa pa, you cook ah.

Lil' dahling: Pa pa..you..cook..AH!

The imitator.

2. I was showing a flashcard to Lil' dahling. It was the word and picture of a body with an arrow pointing to the armpit.

Me: Armpit.

Lil' dahling: Aa pit!

Then I showed a flashcard of a cat.

Me: Cat.

Lil' dahling: Cat! Cat! Now, now, now, now..(erm it's actually meow, meow, meow, meow. Please excuse her pronunciation. LOL.)

Me: Yes, clever girl.

Lil' dahling: There..see..aa pit!

As you can see, I've drawn the arrow at the cat's armpit. That was where she pointed. I couldn't stop laughing because I didn't teach her that.

3. When lil' dahling sees grey skies, she'll say "xia yu" even though it hasn't rain. And when the real rain comes, she'll get even more excited and say "xia yu! xia yu oh!" Repeating many, many times.

After coming out from the car at the parking lot, we can usually hear water gushing from the swimming pool. Guess what she said? Yes .. "Neh..xia yu oh!"

4. Lil' dahling has a new found love..for Yakult! I don't know who taught her that word because I didn't. But she will say "Aa kult" when she sees a bottle of Yakult.

Husband: Want to give her Y..A..K..U..L..T?

Me: Bring it out from the fridge and put aside first. Otherwise, it will be too cold for her.

A few minutes later, silly me forgot to spell it out.

Me: Did you bring out the Yakult? Maybe you can give it to her now.

Lil' dahling: Aa kult? Aa kult! Aa kult!

Darn, she heard it. Her ears is like telinga gajah.

This is how excited she is drinking Yakult.


5. My husband was reading the newspaper and I saw a picture of an Iphone. So I told my husband..

Me: There, that's the Iphone I was talking about. Look very cool isn't it?

Lil' dahling: Neh eye..eye!

Ran to her father and point at his eye and then ran to me and point at my eye. Lastly pointing to her own eye.

She's such a real kepochi. Listening to every bit of our conversation and I didn't even say eye. She just heard the "I" when I mentioned Iphone. *faint*

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Food glorious food

The pictures might suggest I've been cooking up a storm but it's actually various food I cooked over the past week and yesterday.

Stir fried broccoli with carrots

1. I usually boil the broccoli and carrots first in a pot of water before frying.
2. Put in a little oil then fry the chopped garlic till fragrant.
3. Add in the broccoli and carrots and stir fry until cook.
4. I use chicken stock sauce as the seasoning (the husband's favourite) and add in a little water.
5. Wait for the sauce to boil before dishing up.

Ginger chicken

Ingredients: Chicken, 3cm ginger (thinly sliced), about 2 stalks of spring onion.

Seasoning: 1 tbsp oyster sauce, 2 tbsp soya sauce, 1 tsp cornstarch, 1 small cup of water

1. Fry ginger in some oil until fragrant.
2. Add in the chicken and fry for a few minutes until cook.
3. Pour in seasoning and simmer until gravy thickens.
4. Add in the spring onion and stir for a while before dishing up.

Steamed fish in taucu

Ingredients: English threadfin fish (kurau fish), chopped garlic, ginger strips

Seasoning: Salt, pepper, 1/2 tbsp taucu

1. Season the fish with some salt and pepper.
2. Heat some oil in the wok and fry the chopped garlic.
3. Add in the taucu and some water.
4. Boil for a while and dish up to pour gravy over the fish.
5. Place some ginger strips on the fish and steam the fish for about 10 minutes.

Braised Hometown Pork Belly. (It's actually from the recipe book you gave me, dear best friend.)

Ingredients: 300gm pork belly, 2 pips garlic (minced), 3 chinese mushrooms (halved, soaked), 3 taufupok(cut into half and fold from inside out).

Seasoning: 3 tsp fermented soya bean paste or taucu (coarse), 2 tsp sugar, 1 tsp light soya sauce, little dark soya sauce, 1/2 tsp chicken stock granules, 300ml water

1. Clean pork belly and fats. Chopped into strips for later use.
2. Deep fry in plenty of hot oil until crispy. Dish up and drain well.
2. Heat up wok and add in little oil, saute minced garlic, add in pork belly and mushroom, stir until half cooked.
3. Add in seasoning and mix well.
4. Cover lid and braise for 20 minutes.
5. Return deep fried taufupok, stir quickly and dish up.

My simple curry chicken

Ingredients: Chicken of course! Potatoes, garlic, onion, coconut milk and my husband got this packet of home made curry sauce from the pasar.

1. Chopped garlic and onion into small dices.
2. Put adequate oil and fry the garlic and onion.
3. Add in the curry sauce and stir well.
4. Add in the chicken and potatoes. Bring it to boil.
5. Then add in the coconut milk. You can also add some salt or pepper for taste.
6. Cook until gravy is slightly thicken.

Lotus root soup

Ingredients: Lotus root, spare ribs, ground nuts, scallops and red dates.

1. Slice the lotus root and cut off the skin too.
2. Boil the ground nuts and lotus root first in a separate wok to get rid of the colour. Otherwise, the soup won't be so clear but have a rather dark colour. You wouldn't dare to drink.
3. Wash the red dates and spare ribs. Soak the scallops in hot water to soften them.
4. Fill up a pot with water and put it to boil.
5. Once boil you can throw all those ingredients inside and leave it to boil.
6. Let it boil for about 10 to 15 minutes before slowing down the fire.
7. Continue boiling with the slow fire for about 2 hours.
8. Add in salt before you serve.

Playgroup for Lil' dahling

I can't believe myself. I signed up for Lil' dahling to join this playgroup called Gymboree in Bangsar Village. It seems surreal because I can't believe I would spend that amount of money. LOL. Maybe this is what a parent would do for the sake of their child.

Actually I went to Gymboree one time before but I was late for the trial class so I just managed to ask a couple of questions and see how the class was conducted. This time I went in time to join the class. Eliza was excited seeing so many balls for her to play. She seemed ok playing with the stuff but when the class started, she was a bit scared already. It was "Push and Pull Day" so the teacher had a few activities including pulling string, pushing a big ball and etc. The kids had to line up for some of the activities for their turn but when it comes to Eliza's turn, she freaked out. I was a bit disappointed at first but then I didn't want to push her because it's her first time. Well, she enjoyed the music and dancing though. She's a scaredy cat this little girl. LOL. During bubbles time, the teacher blew a big bubble for each kid to pop and she freaked out too. During parachute time, where the teacher and parents will form a circle and hold the parachute up together. The kids were suppose to be under the parachute. The parachute is like a canopy. Eliza freaked out too.

I just hope my investment is worth the money and it will do good to Eliza. Otherwise, I'll kill myself..:P It's a year package with 54 classes of play, music and art. It costs me RM 1,780 and additional cost of RM 150 for membership fees. I'm sweating just mentioning the amount! There will be less facial for Mommy..do you know that young girl? Waaaa.....Less shopping too. Oh boo hoo!

Can't wait for this Saturday's class. I really pray and hope, Eliza will be fine and participate in the class.

Oh my another sister in-law (wife of TNBIL) delivered her baby girl already last weekend on the 30 August. I broke the news to my mom and received a few good naggings from her. *roll my eyes*. Want to know what that's all about? Well, she asked me when's my turn to get a second child. I know my parents are getting older and they want grandson from me badly. It's pressurising and even brainwashed me. Now I want a son badly too! And so the project begins...
Any tips? ;)


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