Thursday, July 31, 2008

Opps! She did it again..

Damn it! I said it too soon. Yesterday was the worst night. My Eliza woke up crying in the middle of the night at 1.10AM. I was dead tired. You know the feeling like you've just fallen asleep a few minutes ago and suddenly you have to wake up. That very tiring feeling. Feels like the heart was so heavy. Anyway, I fed her milk but she only drank like only 1 and half fl. oz. Made my heart boiled to a degree of 200 degree Celcius me thinks. Then I just left her in her cot to fall asleep by herself. She seemed alright with it so I fell asleep the moment my head touches the pillow. And then she did it again! She cried again at 2 plus. And I made her finish her milk which she did surprisingly. Very fickle minded la this girl. Then I put her back in her cot. Guess what? At 3 plus again she cried but not loud this time. More like persuasive cry (the 'manja' type). I ignored her actually, too lazy to get up although I could sniff a nasty pong. I finally decided to get up and check on her and true enough, she poohed at an untimely hour. Eeee. Cleaned her up and the husband also helped me. Poor daddy couldn't sleep properly after being woken up so many times. Then she was so alert already, she refused to go back into her cot. She wants to sleep on our bed. The little tike! As usual when I put her between us she always likes to kick me. I don't know why? I couldn't sleep and end up scolding and scolding her. I even switched places with the husband. But even with the switching of places, she still kicked me! What is wrong with her ah? I'm really confused and on the way of becoming a lunatic. I don't know how I finally fell asleep maybe because I was so tired. But then again, even on our bed this time she cried again at 4 plus. Every hour can you imagine? Her daddy was begging for her to give us a break. I really really don't know what's the reason this time. She was doing a lot of actions like tossing and turning, sitting up and then she curled up. It's like she doesn't know what to do. Guess what I have to end up doing? I carried her in my arms and pat her to sleep. She stopped crying but started to cry again when I was about to put her back either in her cot or place her on our bed. Smart ass I tell you! I thought she was sleeping? I couldn't stand in the end for it seemed like eternity. I forced her to lie on our bed and hug her tightly, patting every once in a while. I had to place my hand on her chest you know? Once I lift it up she wanted to cry again. Grrr.. I think I didn't sleep long enough for my alarm clock rang at 5.30AM. I was too tired to get up so I slept in and only woke at about 6.00AM to cook Eliza's porridge. The husband told me that she cried while I was cooking her porridge again. You know what was the reason? She was angry because I covered her with her blanket before I left the room and she hates to be covered. So her daddy had to pull away the covers and she continued sleeping. What a queen! Queen Elizabeth.

So sleepy today but had work to do. I thought I could steal some 40 winks in office today. But didn't manage to. I think I look like a zombie today and probably going to fall asleep while driving on my way home again.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Two Angels

Eliza got her chicken pox injection last Saturday. Finally I decided to give the jab. Initially, I postponed it because I didn't want her to get injections like month after month. Well, not month after month actually but it sounds close enough. Well, Eliza was a great sport anyway. She cried a while only when she got the jab. I managed to ask a few questions to my paed.

First question was regarding her milk powder. Eliza is not much of a milk lover if you've been following my blog. So I asked my paed whether is it ok for me to switch to the milk flavour from original to vanilla. I'm concerned with the amount of sugar in the vanilla taste. Sounds like he still encourages the original flavour although he did mention that the vanilla taste had sucrose in it and not glucose which is better because glucose is sugar. He also mentioned that the level of sweetness is according to the milk regulations. I then asked him how many times a day and amount of milk should Eliza take at her age. His reply made the husband very relieved after hearing. The answer was twice a day and 6 to 7 fl. oz. would do. Eliza drinks twice a day or 3 times a day. My last question was solution for Eliza's constipation problem. As usual he said to eat lots of fruits like papaya, dragon fruit and banana. I was waiting for him to promote a product he is selling but he did not. I guess this doctor is not into direct selling or earning more. Haha. He did mention something funny though. He said if I change to a 'cheap' milk powder, Eliza won't have constipation anymore. Haha. I will consider this once Eliza turns two then.

If you follow my blog you will remember the Rude Awakening post. Eliza sometimes cries in the middle of the night or cries when it's bedtime. I've tried to just leave her to cry herself to sleep. Even though some parenting websites says it's perfectly ok, I felt very bad about it. To leave her to cry or not? What is your opinion on this? Sometimes if it's in the middle of the night, we will carry her and let her sleep in between us. However, for these past few days, I've been trying to stick to the same bedtime ritual and it seemed to work. No more crying? Is it because of the bedtime ritual? I'm not too sure but I really cross my fingers man!

Ok I know you must be anxious to know why I put my post title as "Two Angels". My best friend came up to KL recently to visit another good friend of mine. So they came to visit me on Monday which really made my day! I confess that I was a bit disappointed when my good friend said she'll call me back after discussing whether they are really coming or not for a visit. Even though I didn't want to force them because I know they're very tired and had an eventful day. Fortunately, I picked up the next call and they confirmed that they are coming! Yipee! I was really ecstatic. Anticipating their arrival. Then the two angels came. Actually I knew that they were at the door with my husband because I could hear voices. But I was trying to act cool la. That's why I didn't run to the door. :P Now you anyway you guys really made my day. Thanks for visiting and I'm so glad you both came. It's nice to be in a company of dear friends that we can talk for hours and hours on end. If only the next day wasn't a working day. I was driving back home yesterday and I nearly fell asleep. So I rang my husband to just have a chat and keep me awake. He suggested me to call my friend Su Yin and chat with them. Put the phone on speakerphone too. So that it's like a tele conference. I think he's crazy but he was saying that we had so much to talk yesterday. Haha..he noticed! Husbands...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Funny stories

Story No. 1
My best colleague and I was going out for lunch the other day and I volunteered to drive. So while we were walking to the car, I've already taken out my car keys and walked to this car. As I was going to insert the key to unlock the car, my best colleague said...

S : Hey, that is your car right?
Me: No lar, this is my car la. (confidently)
S : Oh yes ah?

And then I realized..
Me: Eh, this is not my car la. (But my car key was already inserted halfway. Luckily, I didn't turn the key if not the car siren will go off.)
S : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I told you so. I'm going to tell F about this. He will surely laugh.
Me: Don't tell la. If you tell I will kill you.
S : HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I don't care.

To S, I will still kill you if you tell :P

Story No. 2
I'm sure most Malaysians know about the debate between Anwar Ibrahim and our Information Minister, Dato' Ahmad Shabery Cheek recently which was a live telecast on most major tv stations. Anyway, the next day after the debate, my colleague came in the office and asked me in malay.

Z : Semalam ada tengok debat tak? ( Did you watch the debate last night?)
Me: The butt? What the butt? I've never heard of the movie called the butt. (debat in malay sounds like the butt in english)
Z : Kalau dah blur tu, tak tengok la tu. (If you don't understand means you didn't watch)
Me: The butt? Semalam ada movie ni ke? (Was there this movie yesterday?) Errrr..the butt, the butt, ohhhhhhhh, DEBAT. HAHAHA.
Z : You ni asyik-asyik ingat buntut saje. (You are always thinking about butt only)

Yeah I know everyone, I'm the queen of blur.

Story no. 3
I was teaching Eliza flash card one evening. When I showed her one flash card, she will grab it from my hand and throw the card down on floor. Until I told her, "Don't throw the cards la, put it down slowly, slowly ok?" Then next card I showed to her, Eliza took it from my hand in a slow motion and put it down on the floor very very slowly while showing a very cheeky face to me. And then laughing in a cunning way. It was really funny. If only you guys can see her face expression. Priceless.

I'm also proud that she is understanding more and more words because it reflects in her reactions. These are the funny stories that I can think of for now. Have a funny day!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vote for lil' dahling!

Please vote for lil' dahling on
It's now on Page 1 but if there's other addition it will go to the next page and so forth. So be on the look out ok? Thanks a heap! Look out for the same picture as in my blog here. That's my Elizabeth. Please continue to vote...hehe

Some opinion

Thought I would like to share some opinion I have on certain toys and baby stuff since I took some picture of it the other day just for fun. I think it would come in handy for some of you mother-to-bes or mothers

Lil' dahling's father bought this toy for her. It's from ELC (Early Learning Centre) at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. I think it's good for hand co-ordination when you take out the objects and try to fix it back to its place. Not only that, it's like solving a puzzle because you need to find which shape goes with the object. Need a little of brain thinking there. I also planned to put a sticker with the word of the object at the base of each shape. So that when I lift up each object, I can teach lil' dahling at the same time the word and name of the object. Which I failed to do just yet. (No time is always the excuse or forgot..bad mother) The only downside of it is the toy is usually put on the floor. So if you accidentally step on it, it will hurt a little because of the knob on each object. When we first gave it to lil' dahling to play, she likes to take out or pour even all the objects out. Later she discovered that she can actually put back the objects. But she gets so frustrated because she always put at the wrong shape! LOL. It takes some patience to teach her. She is quite impatient too. She usually manages a few shapes and then she'll give up. Tsk tsk tsk. Does she takes after me or her father? Hmmm.. I also teach her the name of the object. So far a few objects that she can remember are the Fish, Bear, Cat and "Car"(it is actually the Truck, I told her many times but she still insists that it's a Car -_-) Lil' dahling doesn't play with this toy everyday nowadays. Maybe she got bored of it already. But still I think it's a good toy. I have to start playing with it then only she'll come and join me.

This is one of her favourite toy at the moment. The brand is Little Tikes and we bought it from Parkson Pavillion. I think it's cute and musical toys are always a sure hit. Lil' dahling played with it nearly everyday. When the toy was new to her, she just banged on it. Nowadays she uses it with more "grace" singing along while playing with it. However, my only complaints are that the string should be slightly longer and the piano keys should be slightly longer too. The piano keys are not only short for lil' dahling but also for me especially when I want to play along with her. Oh by the way, the box for this toy comes with 4 song notes for our little tike to play. She wouldn't understand it now but I think she would when she's much bigger as the notes are coloured accordingly to the xylophone and piano keys.

I bought this Philips Avent Magic Cups after lil' dahling chewed and tore her Nuby sipster's nipple and it started to leak badly. Why I chose this brand to replace is because the Nuby one doesn't have its spare parts to replace the nipple but Philips Avent has. So if the spout give way I can always look for another one to replace it. It is also safe to use since it's not using polycarbonate material so that means it's free from Bisphenol A a toxic chemical which can leach into your plastic baby bottle when heated. The handles are ok although can be slightly longer for easier grip. Bottle is also non-spill so lil' dahling won't spill water here and there. She tried to do that many times but to no avail. Nyah nyah! I've read reviews of people complaining that the Magic Cups leaks. Actually for me, it is not problem. You just have to make sure the spout is at the bottom when you sip it. Maybe I should take a picture for this! Lil' dahling likes to drink from this cup maybe for her it's like a toy. LOL. She likes to sip from it and chew the spout. Of course, I don't like it when she chew the spout but sometimes it's difficult to stop her all the time. The spout is already rough from her teeth bites. I'll just leave it as it is until it is really bad then I'll change it for her.;)

Hope the reviews help some of you. Now it's time for my breakfast..hehe!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend in Malacca

Just went to collect the photos I just washed during lunch. Yipee! More photos of little dahling on print! You cannot imagine how many photo albums I have of her already. When I showed to my colleagues some of them would comment, "What? Even in the supermarket also you can to take a picture?" Maybe she's my firstborn, I just had to take a picture be it anywhere. Wonder my future secondborn will have the same treatment or not? Anyway, I haven't washed her photos since March and 106 pictures is considered not much right? I got a very good deal also! The photo shops were having a war it seems so this shop that I went to is having a promotion. A piece for rm0.20! Cheap, cheap. Usual price is RM0.40 so it's like buy 1 free 1 deal.

I wanted to do some storytelling actually about my last weekend. It's nothing much but I finally went back to my hometown, Malacca. Feels like I haven't gone back for so long. I think the last time I went back was during Father's Day. I was already excited on Friday night and finished most of the packing that night itself. If it's the weekend to go back to Seremban, the husband's hometown, I wouldn't even bother to pack. I'll only pack on Saturday morning. LOL. Opps now you know how terrible of a person I am. :p

I woke up pretty early the next morning, even before little dahling woke up. Shaked my husband and heard him groaning. But I still don't give a damn because I want to go back as early as I can. I swear I packed everything but still after we dilly dally, the time was already 8.30am. Little dahling didn't sleep during the whole journey to Malacca. So I had to entertain her the whole time. It's a tiring job. Had to sing to her, talk to her, switch on the radio louder, let her drink water, let her play with my calculator, let her play with my membership cards and let her eat some of my breakfast. This is actually bribery according to a parenting magazine. According to some opinions it has some negative effects especially when it involves food. The baby might have food issues next time as an adult. But let's face it. It's really hard not to do some form of bribery. For me, it's more like distracting her before she starts to cry. If any mothers out there claim that they've never bribed their babies before, please do let me know. I sure want to learn a thing or two from you! ;)

As soon as we arrived at the doorstep(gate to be exact) of my Malacca house, I told Eliza that she's gonna meet her Tata(grandfather), Grandma, Brandon gogo and Benji gogo soon. The moment I said that she straight away sit up and stare into the house. Waiting anxiously and saying,"tata, tata!" at the same time. I can see that she enjoys her weekends in Malacca more because she has playmates. I will have a more peaceful time to myself. LOL. My mom will also feed porridge to Eliza for me. I don't have to cook because my dad will cook for us all right to even cooking the porridge for Eliza. Eliza was so excited that she didn't even take her morning nap that day. I would always be a lazy bum bum when I go back to Malacca. Falling asleep ever so often on the sofa while watching TV. Maybe I just took everything for granted because I won't be the only one taking care of Eliza. (Pssst..if I go back to Seremban ah, I can't really relax. Eliza will still bother me because she's not really close to my in-laws. Although I don't have to do the porridge but I still have to help out my MIL when she cooks.) I hope my husband doesn't read this.:P

Went to church with the family that evening. Little dahling was pretty hyper in church that day. She couldn't sit still. Walked along the knee stool so often, stood on the bench, wanted to be carried by different people, talked so loudly while pointing her fingers here and there, cried so loudly, wanted to venture out of the bench and we had to stop her many times. The best part that made me happy was when she cried a little and kept touching my baby bag. My nephew Brandon was so brilliant. He told me that he thinks Eliza wants to drink milk. True enough, she finished the whole bottle and I was the happiest mom on earth. You know how tough a chore it is to feed her milk!

On Sunday morning, we went to a park and let the children play at the playground. Little dahling was in a daze at first because she just woke up from her sleep. But later started playing along with her cousins. It was pure fun although our outing had to stop abruptly because the skies became darker and we thought it was going to rain. We went to Melaka Mall later to have our lunch and just do some window shopping. Eliza spotted some balloons and "aneh,aneh" for us to take it for her. Her wish is our command and her dad took one for her. We had early dinner that day before going back to KL. I deliberately prolonged the stay by having dinner first otherwise we usually head back to KL after lunch. I managed to drop by my friend's house, Margaret to look at her baby bump. LOL. She is 5 months pregnant and I can't wait to see her experience motherhood. So there you go, another good weekend gone.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life as a mother

Motherhood. I've noticed my social life after being a mother has dwindled. And my life after working hours has become so routined. I will resume my mommy duties everyday after work like a switch. I'll leave the office as early as I can so that I have more time at home. Nearly everyday I will nod a few times even while driving. I know it's really dangerous but I can't help it. I don't know what's happened to me but ever since becoming a mommy, I'm like so sleep deprived.

After fetching lil' dahling from the babysitter, I will returned home to cook dinner. Hard to believe right? I've never loved cooking and still never will until today. But situations have forced me to pick up cooking. Cooking sessions will always have interruptions these days ever since lil' dahling can walk like a pro and she has explored every nook and corner of the house. Her toys also lost its appeal already and it won't sustain her for long. During her crawling days and when she has just learned to walk, cooking can be so peaceful. I can just leave her and finish my cooking without any disruptions. She will be happily exploring the house and won't even care to check on me. But nowadays as she is more matured and aware of her surroundings she just won't leave me alone. I fixed a child gate at the kitchen door but never use it all the time. If I use it, Eliza will be so angry and cry inconsolably until I open the gate. She is already bored exploring the kitchen and now wants me to carry her even though I'm washing the vegetables or chopping the garlic or even frying the dishes. I even sacrificed my money and fixed Astro just to get the Playhouse Disney channel thinking that it would save me from my troubles. It served its purpose at the beginning but now the programmes only interests her if there's singing and dancing.

Once the great feat is over, I will feed her fruits then scoop her up and put her in the cot while I take my bath. So far, she's been obedient and will wait for me until I finished bathing. However, she won't cry provided the shower room door is opened halfway so that she could see me. I will chat with her while bathing to keep her upbeat. One task down and coming up next is dinner time.

Dinner time is her favourite. She likes to sit in her own chair and eat together. I will give her some rice with some vegetables and meat which she will try to eat on her own with a spoon but uses her hand if she gets fed up with the spoon. I won't wash the dishes first but try to spend quality time with her before her bedtime. It is just a short time anyway because dinner usually finishes around 8 plus. I usually put her to bed at 9pm. I will either teach her some flashcards, watch tv with her, sing, dance or play with her. According to parenting tips, we must have a bedtime routine and babies love routines. My bedtime routine for her goes something like this. It starts with cleaning her face and bum bum area. She used to brush her teeth while I clean her but I need to get a new toothbrush for her since she chewed the rubber off. After changing her diapers it will be storybook time which she looks forward too. Then I'll put her to bed.

Usually I seldom face problems putting her to bed. But yesterday was exceptional. She cried for no reason and didn't want to sleep. She wants me to pick her up from her bed and sleep together with her on my bed. But I have tons of things to do some more like doing the laundry or preparing her porridge to name a few. So her papa volunteered to accompany her. She was ok at first but suddenly demanded for me. And then the crying started again. I gave her milk but it was not what she wanted. So how do you think I feel? I 'merajuk' la. I left her to cry while I pretend to go to sleep. Her papa kept showing his pity on her but I warned him not to soften. I guess he melts easily more so than me. I didn't want to give in for some time. Somehow, I feel that Eliza knows I'm angry with her but she didn't dare come close to me. But when her papa tried to console her she pushed him away. My husband kept saying that she only wants me so desperately. Wow! That makes me feel proud but still angry with her at the same time. Finally I gave in and allowed her to come up the bed. I thought it was over but she cried again and kept nudging me. My husband said she's asking for forgiveness. LOL. So I turned to her and caress her to show that I've forgiven her. She still doesn't want to go back to her bed but guess where she ended up sleeping? On my chest! I made her sleep beside me but she went back on my chest again several times until I gave up. She placed half her body on my chest but her legs were on the bed. I guess she's afraid that I would leave her again. Next thing I know, we all fell asleep. I woke up abruptly around 3am to find her beside me already. So I carried her and put her back into her cot. Lets all hope this won't happen again today. Pretty please God..LOL.

Having second thoughts of becoming a mother? Don't be. I hope this post won't slash all your plans to become a mother. This is part and parcel of motherhood. It will all be worth it and in times like these makes you appreciate your own mother even more. It is not easy being a mom but I'll try to take it as a challenge and take it in stride.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Bukit Jalil Park

Another weekend flew by. Yesterday we took lil' dahling to the Bukit Jalil Park. And I've missed many chances for photo op because yours truly forgot to bring the most important thing one parent should always carry at all times..THE CAMERA. If no one was looking, I could've sworn I nearly bang my head to the nearest tree for my forgetfulness.

Lil' dahling was already so restless at home. I try to avoid the shoe area just incase she gets some brilliant idea and beg me to take her for an outing. True enough she spotted her shoes. She would bring her shoes to me and beg me to wear for her. She even knows which one is a pair. I had to divert her attention the first time because her papa was not at home yet.

After her afternoon nap and milk, we took her to the Bukit Jalil Park. It is a very huge park with ample parking space and you have to walk uphill slightly to the park. There are two children's playground at the entrance. And since it's the weekend, the park is filled with people from all walks of life. It seems to me that more and more families are practicing "family day" nowadays. Behind the playgrounds is the park with a pathway around a middle sized lake. People will either jog or do their brisk walking there or just go to the lake and feed the fishes.

Lil' dahling donned a hat quite big for a head but she doesn't seem to mind because she is afraid of the sun shining in her eyes. She was a darling, climbing uphill with us to the park and never once let go off her hands. She loves running too with one hand still clinging to either one of us. She seems to be afraid of falling down. When she feels tired, she will stop and say "bao bao" that means she wants us to pick her up. We took her to the lake to feed the fishes and tortoises. She was excited to see so many fishes swimming to the surface to rush for their food. We brought some bread along to feed too. I showed lil' dahling the way to feed the fishes by peeling some bread and throw it into the lake. Then I gave her the bread and asked her to do the same. Instead she just innocently, peel off the bread and popped it into her mouth! My husband and I looked at each other -_-. I think she's still too young to understand or either that she's a greedy girl. She might be thinking who cares about the fish? They've already had enough food. We took her to a bridge that goes across the lake and she said "fish, fish" a few times excitedly. I was beaming proudly.

Next stop was the children's playground. It was packed with screaming children. I thought of just letting lil' dahling have a go on the slide. Lil' dahling was thrilled to see children. I think she needs a sibling soon. She went down the slide with our aid. Tried to climb up the slide the wrong way instead of using the stairs provided. She walked on the suspension bridge and I was on the look out everytime she crossed it. I tried not to stop her because I want her to be brave and explore. But at the same time I was already getting anxious. The suspension bridge was a bit too dangerous for babies because the railings at the side was too far apart. A baby could fall off the bridge if lost balance. You should know why then I nearly freaked out.

We decided to leave before the sky turns darker and before the mosquitos start their feast. I could tell that lil' dahling had a marvellous but tiring time. She didn't mind to be strapped in her car seat and swallowed down one bottle of water.

Family outings are great. I missed my family outings during my childhood days. It's a wonderful feeling that you have fulfilled your duties as a parent and I left the park feeling contented.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stay the same

Last weekend my dearest best friend came to visit me. Something that I've always been waiting for. My husband even told her that I've been saying it for "million" years already.

It was really an enjoyable weekend with her. Although I didn't take her to many places due to some matters that cropped up, we still simply enjoy just to be in each other's company.

Not only was I excited when she visit but little dahling was excited too. Little dahling is talkative and likes to talk to me in her baby language. But this is the first time I see her talking so much to a person she seldom meet. I think there must be some bond or connection between them coz I sure never seen her grown accustomed to a stranger so fast. I think my best friend has a very likable face in children's eyes because my nephew also seem to like her. LOL.

Instead of just bringing her to shopping centres this time I also took her to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. This is one of the high points of our sweet weekend together. At least for me la! I don't know about you my dear best friend..hehe. I really enjoyed dressing up together and it's my first time to the orchestra! Of course I'm more than excited. It was a nice experience although half of the time we don't know what the conductor is talking about. I won't forget the times when we look at each other thinking about the same thing. I couldn't stop sniggering when we smelt the strong smelling air freshener at the same time. We look again when the orchestra started to play the waltz from The Sleeping Beauty.

The weekend endly so quickly and I felt that the time together will never be enough. Anyway, thank you my partner in crime for making my weekend a sweet one. I'm thankful that our friendship still remains the same even though we had a minor misunderstanding just before you came. The spark is still there and we still laughed our hearts out. Laughter is truly the best medicine. I'm looking forward to meet you again and I'm sure Little Dahling feels the same. I can't believe she cried after you left with her oh-so-poor-thing face. She didn't even shed a tear when my in-laws left that day too. Maybe you should rethink your career move and seriously think about working more with children. Heck maybe you can even open a playgroup or kindergarten. Anyway, I dedicate this song to my dear best friend..

Don't you ever wish
You were someone else
You were meant to be
The way you are exactly
Don't you ever say
You don't like the way you are
When you learn to love yourself
You're better off by far
And I hope you always stay the same
'Cause there's nothing 'bout you I would change
I think that you could be
Whatever you wanted to be
If you could realize
All the dreams you have inside
Don't be afraid
If you've got something to say
Just open up your heart
And let it show you the way
Believe in yourself
Reach down inside
The love you find will set you free
Believe in yourself
You will come alive
Have faith in what you do
You'll make it through


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