Monday, September 6, 2010

14 months already

Can't believe my boy just turned 14 months old a few days ago. Just last month he could walk and recently I realised that his walking is more skillful. It's like one second I saw him at a spot and next second I know, he's already at another spot. He's already so fast.

Yesterday, we went to the park and let him walked freely. He was excited and looked so cute walking with his very straight body. He stopped many times to pick things up from the path. We even found a leave in his mouth! He was such a busy body and even stopped by to watch a baby having his porridge.

Do you know how long we have been trying to teach him to wave goodbye for goodness knows how long. He always refused to move his hand and even if we moved his hands for him, his hands would be always heavy. It's like he doesn't want to do or learn. Then one fine day about 2 weeks ago, we were at my brother in-laws place and he was having fun crashing on their mattress until it was time to go. I told him "bye bye", waved and was preparing to leave the room and suddenly he stood up, smiled cheekily and waved back! He finally waved back at me. Now he has no problems waving to people. But still has the habit of waving to people once they turn their backs. -_-

You know it's rewarding to be a mother once your love for your children are reciprocated.I was sitting on the floor watching the tv yesterday when Joseph walked towards me. I was waiting to receive him with only one hand open and he came right to my face to nuzzle and kiss me. I was pretty shock and amused, I can tell you. But after a few seconds, Elizabeth also came to give me a kiss and a nuzzle. Obviously, she saw what her little brother did and wants to show the same affection too. Nevertheless, I'm ecstatically delighted to receive those two smooches from my very own flesh and blood. Two smooches that make everything I'd done for them worthwhile.


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