Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ahoy Mateys! (Puppet Craft)

It has been some time since I last did craft with the kids. I was inspired by a puppet craft I saw on Pinterest and also the kids like pirate stuff. That is how the pirate puppet craft came to be. This craft needs toilet paper roll, a nifty idea to recycle and ahem..actually to reduce my ever growing collection of toilet paper rolls in the house. It's going to invade my kids cupboard very soon! 

Ok swaying back to the topic, this pirate puppet craft will be fun to make considering how cute they look and it's really not hard to do. 

You will need the following for the girl puppet:
1. 1 toilet paper roll.
2. Orange paper since I don't have beige.
3. Yellow paper for the hair or whichever hair colour you fancy.
4. Some cloth from any old clothes that you can't fit anymore.
5. Black magic pen.
6. 2 googly eyes.

Draw a straight line on the piece of orange paper and cut according to the line. The strip of orange paper should be a wide strip to make up the face of the puppet. 

Use the glue and paste the strip of orange paper around the top of the toilet paper roll. 

Measure the remaining bottom part of the toilet paper roll so that you can the length accordingly on the cloth. Paste the cloth around the bottom of the toilet roll.

Stick the two googly eyes then draw the nose and mouth with the black magic pen.

Using the toilet paper roll, trace a circle and cut it. Paste the circle right on top of the head to cover the hole. 

Cut strips of yellow paper about 1cm wide and paste it on the head to make the hair. 

And voila! The girl puppet.
You will need the following for the boy puppet:
1. 1 toilet paper roll
2. Orange paper
3. Black felt 
4. Cloth for the top and pants
5. 2 googly eyes
6. Black magic pen
7. White paper

Repeat the same steps as the girl puppet for the face and clothes. Only difference is the puppet has a top and pants now.

Do the same for the googly eyes and face. This time the pirate has a moustache. 

Draw a skull with two bones on a white paper and cut it out. Cut a shape of a pirate on the black felt. You need two pieces to wrap around the puppet's head. Glue the skull and bones onto the hat. And the pirate puppet is ready!

Ahoy Mateys!
Kids at play
So two down  for my toilet paper roll collection and the kids get to do puppet shows, a fun extension of pretend play which can hone some important learning skills like communication skills, social skills, creative skills and language skills. Now excuse me while I go watch their show. ;)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Just Singing

Hello there! I am still here. Having a blogger's block recently and suddenly decided to share some videos for a start.

The kids love it when I borrow nursery rhyme books from the library. I will sing to them or they will sing-along and sometimes do a performance for me. The fact that I haven't been recording a video of them of late, I thought I should wake my lazy bones up and record their performance before they're all grown up. Kids really grow up so fast, don't you think?

Do enjoy the videos!


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