Thursday, July 31, 2008

Opps! She did it again..

Damn it! I said it too soon. Yesterday was the worst night. My Eliza woke up crying in the middle of the night at 1.10AM. I was dead tired. You know the feeling like you've just fallen asleep a few minutes ago and suddenly you have to wake up. That very tiring feeling. Feels like the heart was so heavy. Anyway, I fed her milk but she only drank like only 1 and half fl. oz. Made my heart boiled to a degree of 200 degree Celcius me thinks. Then I just left her in her cot to fall asleep by herself. She seemed alright with it so I fell asleep the moment my head touches the pillow. And then she did it again! She cried again at 2 plus. And I made her finish her milk which she did surprisingly. Very fickle minded la this girl. Then I put her back in her cot. Guess what? At 3 plus again she cried but not loud this time. More like persuasive cry (the 'manja' type). I ignored her actually, too lazy to get up although I could sniff a nasty pong. I finally decided to get up and check on her and true enough, she poohed at an untimely hour. Eeee. Cleaned her up and the husband also helped me. Poor daddy couldn't sleep properly after being woken up so many times. Then she was so alert already, she refused to go back into her cot. She wants to sleep on our bed. The little tike! As usual when I put her between us she always likes to kick me. I don't know why? I couldn't sleep and end up scolding and scolding her. I even switched places with the husband. But even with the switching of places, she still kicked me! What is wrong with her ah? I'm really confused and on the way of becoming a lunatic. I don't know how I finally fell asleep maybe because I was so tired. But then again, even on our bed this time she cried again at 4 plus. Every hour can you imagine? Her daddy was begging for her to give us a break. I really really don't know what's the reason this time. She was doing a lot of actions like tossing and turning, sitting up and then she curled up. It's like she doesn't know what to do. Guess what I have to end up doing? I carried her in my arms and pat her to sleep. She stopped crying but started to cry again when I was about to put her back either in her cot or place her on our bed. Smart ass I tell you! I thought she was sleeping? I couldn't stand in the end for it seemed like eternity. I forced her to lie on our bed and hug her tightly, patting every once in a while. I had to place my hand on her chest you know? Once I lift it up she wanted to cry again. Grrr.. I think I didn't sleep long enough for my alarm clock rang at 5.30AM. I was too tired to get up so I slept in and only woke at about 6.00AM to cook Eliza's porridge. The husband told me that she cried while I was cooking her porridge again. You know what was the reason? She was angry because I covered her with her blanket before I left the room and she hates to be covered. So her daddy had to pull away the covers and she continued sleeping. What a queen! Queen Elizabeth.

So sleepy today but had work to do. I thought I could steal some 40 winks in office today. But didn't manage to. I think I look like a zombie today and probably going to fall asleep while driving on my way home again.


  1. Eh, dangerous lar, fall asleep while driving. Please try not to ok? Chew gum or something to keep yourself awake.

    Aiyoh, how come Queen Elizabeth is like that? Hopefully it is only for that night if not poor thing you have interrupted sleep every night.

  2. I was shaking my head when I read this post.. kesian you.. every hour got entertainment! Why is she like that huh? Played too much in her babysitter's place? I can imagine your frustration coz your post was written in one very long paragraph except for the ending!!

  3. I know it's dangerous but really cannot help it.

    I really don't know what happened to her this Queen Elizabeth. LOL su yin, your comment was funny. So observant la u.



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