Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Two Angels

Eliza got her chicken pox injection last Saturday. Finally I decided to give the jab. Initially, I postponed it because I didn't want her to get injections like month after month. Well, not month after month actually but it sounds close enough. Well, Eliza was a great sport anyway. She cried a while only when she got the jab. I managed to ask a few questions to my paed.

First question was regarding her milk powder. Eliza is not much of a milk lover if you've been following my blog. So I asked my paed whether is it ok for me to switch to the milk flavour from original to vanilla. I'm concerned with the amount of sugar in the vanilla taste. Sounds like he still encourages the original flavour although he did mention that the vanilla taste had sucrose in it and not glucose which is better because glucose is sugar. He also mentioned that the level of sweetness is according to the milk regulations. I then asked him how many times a day and amount of milk should Eliza take at her age. His reply made the husband very relieved after hearing. The answer was twice a day and 6 to 7 fl. oz. would do. Eliza drinks twice a day or 3 times a day. My last question was solution for Eliza's constipation problem. As usual he said to eat lots of fruits like papaya, dragon fruit and banana. I was waiting for him to promote a product he is selling but he did not. I guess this doctor is not into direct selling or earning more. Haha. He did mention something funny though. He said if I change to a 'cheap' milk powder, Eliza won't have constipation anymore. Haha. I will consider this once Eliza turns two then.

If you follow my blog you will remember the Rude Awakening post. Eliza sometimes cries in the middle of the night or cries when it's bedtime. I've tried to just leave her to cry herself to sleep. Even though some parenting websites says it's perfectly ok, I felt very bad about it. To leave her to cry or not? What is your opinion on this? Sometimes if it's in the middle of the night, we will carry her and let her sleep in between us. However, for these past few days, I've been trying to stick to the same bedtime ritual and it seemed to work. No more crying? Is it because of the bedtime ritual? I'm not too sure but I really cross my fingers man!

Ok I know you must be anxious to know why I put my post title as "Two Angels". My best friend came up to KL recently to visit another good friend of mine. So they came to visit me on Monday which really made my day! I confess that I was a bit disappointed when my good friend said she'll call me back after discussing whether they are really coming or not for a visit. Even though I didn't want to force them because I know they're very tired and had an eventful day. Fortunately, I picked up the next call and they confirmed that they are coming! Yipee! I was really ecstatic. Anticipating their arrival. Then the two angels came. Actually I knew that they were at the door with my husband because I could hear voices. But I was trying to act cool la. That's why I didn't run to the door. :P Now you anyway you guys really made my day. Thanks for visiting and I'm so glad you both came. It's nice to be in a company of dear friends that we can talk for hours and hours on end. If only the next day wasn't a working day. I was driving back home yesterday and I nearly fell asleep. So I rang my husband to just have a chat and keep me awake. He suggested me to call my friend Su Yin and chat with them. Put the phone on speakerphone too. So that it's like a tele conference. I think he's crazy but he was saying that we had so much to talk yesterday. Haha..he noticed! Husbands...


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  2. Hey glad we didn't ka-ka-cau-cau you coz it was really late oredi.. and no lar, I told you I'll call again NOT bcoz we need to discuss whether to go or not, but bcoz we were in the car oredi when I was talking to you to ask if you were sleeping when a girl came to knock on my car's window to ask got coins or not, to pay for her parking ticket!!! Hehehehe.. so tak payah be disappointed okay! I was really very tired and my body was aching all over coz you know lar, that fitness freaky friend of yours dragged me to the gym.. hahaha.. but die die also must go visit you okay, we really had so much fun, must do this more often too... too bad it was getting really late and we had to leave, if not lagi can yak and laugh at more things!!!

  3. Ooo, so you pan cool only lar, hmmph. But it was a good coincidence that we met your husband downstairs. And it was great getting to meet you also and I also had a lot of fun chatting about old times. Must do this more often. You all also can visit each other mar, since both of you in KL.

  4. i thought u were the one who suggested to go to gym su yin?

    yeah lol. pan cool. hehe. don't tell me u expected me to flap my arms like a chicken meh?

    yeah su yin n i can do more often. no problem.



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