Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend in Malacca

Just went to collect the photos I just washed during lunch. Yipee! More photos of little dahling on print! You cannot imagine how many photo albums I have of her already. When I showed to my colleagues some of them would comment, "What? Even in the supermarket also you can to take a picture?" Maybe she's my firstborn, I just had to take a picture be it anywhere. Wonder my future secondborn will have the same treatment or not? Anyway, I haven't washed her photos since March and 106 pictures is considered not much right? I got a very good deal also! The photo shops were having a war it seems so this shop that I went to is having a promotion. A piece for rm0.20! Cheap, cheap. Usual price is RM0.40 so it's like buy 1 free 1 deal.

I wanted to do some storytelling actually about my last weekend. It's nothing much but I finally went back to my hometown, Malacca. Feels like I haven't gone back for so long. I think the last time I went back was during Father's Day. I was already excited on Friday night and finished most of the packing that night itself. If it's the weekend to go back to Seremban, the husband's hometown, I wouldn't even bother to pack. I'll only pack on Saturday morning. LOL. Opps now you know how terrible of a person I am. :p

I woke up pretty early the next morning, even before little dahling woke up. Shaked my husband and heard him groaning. But I still don't give a damn because I want to go back as early as I can. I swear I packed everything but still after we dilly dally, the time was already 8.30am. Little dahling didn't sleep during the whole journey to Malacca. So I had to entertain her the whole time. It's a tiring job. Had to sing to her, talk to her, switch on the radio louder, let her drink water, let her play with my calculator, let her play with my membership cards and let her eat some of my breakfast. This is actually bribery according to a parenting magazine. According to some opinions it has some negative effects especially when it involves food. The baby might have food issues next time as an adult. But let's face it. It's really hard not to do some form of bribery. For me, it's more like distracting her before she starts to cry. If any mothers out there claim that they've never bribed their babies before, please do let me know. I sure want to learn a thing or two from you! ;)

As soon as we arrived at the doorstep(gate to be exact) of my Malacca house, I told Eliza that she's gonna meet her Tata(grandfather), Grandma, Brandon gogo and Benji gogo soon. The moment I said that she straight away sit up and stare into the house. Waiting anxiously and saying,"tata, tata!" at the same time. I can see that she enjoys her weekends in Malacca more because she has playmates. I will have a more peaceful time to myself. LOL. My mom will also feed porridge to Eliza for me. I don't have to cook because my dad will cook for us all right to even cooking the porridge for Eliza. Eliza was so excited that she didn't even take her morning nap that day. I would always be a lazy bum bum when I go back to Malacca. Falling asleep ever so often on the sofa while watching TV. Maybe I just took everything for granted because I won't be the only one taking care of Eliza. (Pssst..if I go back to Seremban ah, I can't really relax. Eliza will still bother me because she's not really close to my in-laws. Although I don't have to do the porridge but I still have to help out my MIL when she cooks.) I hope my husband doesn't read this.:P

Went to church with the family that evening. Little dahling was pretty hyper in church that day. She couldn't sit still. Walked along the knee stool so often, stood on the bench, wanted to be carried by different people, talked so loudly while pointing her fingers here and there, cried so loudly, wanted to venture out of the bench and we had to stop her many times. The best part that made me happy was when she cried a little and kept touching my baby bag. My nephew Brandon was so brilliant. He told me that he thinks Eliza wants to drink milk. True enough, she finished the whole bottle and I was the happiest mom on earth. You know how tough a chore it is to feed her milk!

On Sunday morning, we went to a park and let the children play at the playground. Little dahling was in a daze at first because she just woke up from her sleep. But later started playing along with her cousins. It was pure fun although our outing had to stop abruptly because the skies became darker and we thought it was going to rain. We went to Melaka Mall later to have our lunch and just do some window shopping. Eliza spotted some balloons and "aneh,aneh" for us to take it for her. Her wish is our command and her dad took one for her. We had early dinner that day before going back to KL. I deliberately prolonged the stay by having dinner first otherwise we usually head back to KL after lunch. I managed to drop by my friend's house, Margaret to look at her baby bump. LOL. She is 5 months pregnant and I can't wait to see her experience motherhood. So there you go, another good weekend gone.


  1. Don't worry, it's prefectly normal to pester the husband to go back Malacca as early as possible and then to delay as late as possible when it's come to head back to KL! Hahahahaha.. and what is aneh aneh? Sounds like ahnene :P Oooohhh Margie is preggy too? Then both of u can share your experience on pregnancy and motherhood oredi!

  2. Haha, perfectly normal eh? That means someone is just like me too. :P I got geng! That aneh aneh thing you can ask sunsetrose. LOL. It has a few meanings for her. It can be there there or give me give me. Yalah can share motherhood experience with Margie but I also want to share with you lar. Hehe.

  3. Wah, so nice lerr you all can prolong your stay in Malacca. I have to catch bus so want to prolong also cannot. Yes, 'aneh aneh' has a few meanings. Also can mean 'give me some more, some more~~'. So how is Margie's baby bump? big? small?

  4. Margie's baby bump looks much bigger than mine when I was 5 months pregnant ler. She is expecting a baby girl.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. My friend is in her 4th month now, also a baby girl... and lil'dahling, you gotta wait longer to share with me...

  7. Don't say like that Su Yin. There will be a silver lining soon.



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