Monday, July 7, 2008

Bukit Jalil Park

Another weekend flew by. Yesterday we took lil' dahling to the Bukit Jalil Park. And I've missed many chances for photo op because yours truly forgot to bring the most important thing one parent should always carry at all times..THE CAMERA. If no one was looking, I could've sworn I nearly bang my head to the nearest tree for my forgetfulness.

Lil' dahling was already so restless at home. I try to avoid the shoe area just incase she gets some brilliant idea and beg me to take her for an outing. True enough she spotted her shoes. She would bring her shoes to me and beg me to wear for her. She even knows which one is a pair. I had to divert her attention the first time because her papa was not at home yet.

After her afternoon nap and milk, we took her to the Bukit Jalil Park. It is a very huge park with ample parking space and you have to walk uphill slightly to the park. There are two children's playground at the entrance. And since it's the weekend, the park is filled with people from all walks of life. It seems to me that more and more families are practicing "family day" nowadays. Behind the playgrounds is the park with a pathway around a middle sized lake. People will either jog or do their brisk walking there or just go to the lake and feed the fishes.

Lil' dahling donned a hat quite big for a head but she doesn't seem to mind because she is afraid of the sun shining in her eyes. She was a darling, climbing uphill with us to the park and never once let go off her hands. She loves running too with one hand still clinging to either one of us. She seems to be afraid of falling down. When she feels tired, she will stop and say "bao bao" that means she wants us to pick her up. We took her to the lake to feed the fishes and tortoises. She was excited to see so many fishes swimming to the surface to rush for their food. We brought some bread along to feed too. I showed lil' dahling the way to feed the fishes by peeling some bread and throw it into the lake. Then I gave her the bread and asked her to do the same. Instead she just innocently, peel off the bread and popped it into her mouth! My husband and I looked at each other -_-. I think she's still too young to understand or either that she's a greedy girl. She might be thinking who cares about the fish? They've already had enough food. We took her to a bridge that goes across the lake and she said "fish, fish" a few times excitedly. I was beaming proudly.

Next stop was the children's playground. It was packed with screaming children. I thought of just letting lil' dahling have a go on the slide. Lil' dahling was thrilled to see children. I think she needs a sibling soon. She went down the slide with our aid. Tried to climb up the slide the wrong way instead of using the stairs provided. She walked on the suspension bridge and I was on the look out everytime she crossed it. I tried not to stop her because I want her to be brave and explore. But at the same time I was already getting anxious. The suspension bridge was a bit too dangerous for babies because the railings at the side was too far apart. A baby could fall off the bridge if lost balance. You should know why then I nearly freaked out.

We decided to leave before the sky turns darker and before the mosquitos start their feast. I could tell that lil' dahling had a marvellous but tiring time. She didn't mind to be strapped in her car seat and swallowed down one bottle of water.

Family outings are great. I missed my family outings during my childhood days. It's a wonderful feeling that you have fulfilled your duties as a parent and I left the park feeling contented.


  1. What a lovely post and enjoyable read. You are really a good mum who really enjoys the company of your daughter. I also sense that you are more than ready to have a second child. All the best to you ok? Ga Yau Ga Yau!

  2. Thanks although I'm still not sure whether I'm ready to have a second child. I don't know whether lil' dahling is willing to accept another sibling. Thanks anyway..



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