Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some opinion

Thought I would like to share some opinion I have on certain toys and baby stuff since I took some picture of it the other day just for fun. I think it would come in handy for some of you mother-to-bes or mothers

Lil' dahling's father bought this toy for her. It's from ELC (Early Learning Centre) at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. I think it's good for hand co-ordination when you take out the objects and try to fix it back to its place. Not only that, it's like solving a puzzle because you need to find which shape goes with the object. Need a little of brain thinking there. I also planned to put a sticker with the word of the object at the base of each shape. So that when I lift up each object, I can teach lil' dahling at the same time the word and name of the object. Which I failed to do just yet. (No time is always the excuse or forgot..bad mother) The only downside of it is the toy is usually put on the floor. So if you accidentally step on it, it will hurt a little because of the knob on each object. When we first gave it to lil' dahling to play, she likes to take out or pour even all the objects out. Later she discovered that she can actually put back the objects. But she gets so frustrated because she always put at the wrong shape! LOL. It takes some patience to teach her. She is quite impatient too. She usually manages a few shapes and then she'll give up. Tsk tsk tsk. Does she takes after me or her father? Hmmm.. I also teach her the name of the object. So far a few objects that she can remember are the Fish, Bear, Cat and "Car"(it is actually the Truck, I told her many times but she still insists that it's a Car -_-) Lil' dahling doesn't play with this toy everyday nowadays. Maybe she got bored of it already. But still I think it's a good toy. I have to start playing with it then only she'll come and join me.

This is one of her favourite toy at the moment. The brand is Little Tikes and we bought it from Parkson Pavillion. I think it's cute and musical toys are always a sure hit. Lil' dahling played with it nearly everyday. When the toy was new to her, she just banged on it. Nowadays she uses it with more "grace" singing along while playing with it. However, my only complaints are that the string should be slightly longer and the piano keys should be slightly longer too. The piano keys are not only short for lil' dahling but also for me especially when I want to play along with her. Oh by the way, the box for this toy comes with 4 song notes for our little tike to play. She wouldn't understand it now but I think she would when she's much bigger as the notes are coloured accordingly to the xylophone and piano keys.

I bought this Philips Avent Magic Cups after lil' dahling chewed and tore her Nuby sipster's nipple and it started to leak badly. Why I chose this brand to replace is because the Nuby one doesn't have its spare parts to replace the nipple but Philips Avent has. So if the spout give way I can always look for another one to replace it. It is also safe to use since it's not using polycarbonate material so that means it's free from Bisphenol A a toxic chemical which can leach into your plastic baby bottle when heated. The handles are ok although can be slightly longer for easier grip. Bottle is also non-spill so lil' dahling won't spill water here and there. She tried to do that many times but to no avail. Nyah nyah! I've read reviews of people complaining that the Magic Cups leaks. Actually for me, it is not problem. You just have to make sure the spout is at the bottom when you sip it. Maybe I should take a picture for this! Lil' dahling likes to drink from this cup maybe for her it's like a toy. LOL. She likes to sip from it and chew the spout. Of course, I don't like it when she chew the spout but sometimes it's difficult to stop her all the time. The spout is already rough from her teeth bites. I'll just leave it as it is until it is really bad then I'll change it for her.;)

Hope the reviews help some of you. Now it's time for my breakfast..hehe!

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