Thursday, July 24, 2008

Funny stories

Story No. 1
My best colleague and I was going out for lunch the other day and I volunteered to drive. So while we were walking to the car, I've already taken out my car keys and walked to this car. As I was going to insert the key to unlock the car, my best colleague said...

S : Hey, that is your car right?
Me: No lar, this is my car la. (confidently)
S : Oh yes ah?

And then I realized..
Me: Eh, this is not my car la. (But my car key was already inserted halfway. Luckily, I didn't turn the key if not the car siren will go off.)
S : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I told you so. I'm going to tell F about this. He will surely laugh.
Me: Don't tell la. If you tell I will kill you.
S : HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I don't care.

To S, I will still kill you if you tell :P

Story No. 2
I'm sure most Malaysians know about the debate between Anwar Ibrahim and our Information Minister, Dato' Ahmad Shabery Cheek recently which was a live telecast on most major tv stations. Anyway, the next day after the debate, my colleague came in the office and asked me in malay.

Z : Semalam ada tengok debat tak? ( Did you watch the debate last night?)
Me: The butt? What the butt? I've never heard of the movie called the butt. (debat in malay sounds like the butt in english)
Z : Kalau dah blur tu, tak tengok la tu. (If you don't understand means you didn't watch)
Me: The butt? Semalam ada movie ni ke? (Was there this movie yesterday?) Errrr..the butt, the butt, ohhhhhhhh, DEBAT. HAHAHA.
Z : You ni asyik-asyik ingat buntut saje. (You are always thinking about butt only)

Yeah I know everyone, I'm the queen of blur.

Story no. 3
I was teaching Eliza flash card one evening. When I showed her one flash card, she will grab it from my hand and throw the card down on floor. Until I told her, "Don't throw the cards la, put it down slowly, slowly ok?" Then next card I showed to her, Eliza took it from my hand in a slow motion and put it down on the floor very very slowly while showing a very cheeky face to me. And then laughing in a cunning way. It was really funny. If only you guys can see her face expression. Priceless.

I'm also proud that she is understanding more and more words because it reflects in her reactions. These are the funny stories that I can think of for now. Have a funny day!


  1. Haha, I also lar, can be quite blur sometimes especially when not enough sleep. I always hear things wrongly.

  2. and not only hear things wrongly, sunsetrose. read things and understand it wrongly too. lol.

    it's ok birds of a feather flock together.

    you never laugh ah at me? i thought it's funny..:P

  3. Guilty of being blur often too :P lol Should start a club of Blur Women of the World! BWOW (BWOTW doesn't sound right lol :P) lol We three be the initial members!

  4. Count me in too. Just now my neighbour was telling me he's going to Malacca and I answered him "No, I didn't go back to Malacca" -____-"

  5. lol maybe being blur is a very common thing nowadays. is it the food? lol. BWOW sounds like lil' bow wow that rapper right? hahahah.

  6. Our Members grow!! lol We should have a tee shirt or something lol...

    Well yeah he's lil Bow Wow, we're just BWOW! lol



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