Friday, July 22, 2011

Putrajaya Floria 2011

Last Sunday, we went to Putrajaya for the Putrajaya Floria 2011 event. It's a flower and garden festival held at the Waterfront, Precinct 2, Putrajaya. Admission was free and so I thought why not? What made us interested to go was actually to see floats and the fireworks at the end of the float show.

The children were as usual excited to be able to go out. But were not so excited already when they had to squeeze among the crowd. It was crowded and everyone was fighting for the best view. The crowd made it hard to breathe and also made us sweat because of the heat. So that dampened the children's mood. The show haven't even reached to the middle of the show and the children already showed signs of wanting to go home. They were cranky and angry. So we left the place and already drove the car halfway until we discovered less crowd further down the lake! We quickly swerved to the roadside and parked our car there. We joined the less crowd there and continued with the show. The children were happy again. More space, more cooling and they don't have to fight for the best view because here we are right in front.

So I've learnt something from attending this kind of event is either you go there super early to get the best view or just go further away from the event where there's less crowd. Now what shall I do or where shall I go this weekend? Any ideas to share with me?

Float by YTL Hotel who won the Most Creative award.

Another angle of the YTL Hotel Float.

Johor's Float

Pahang's float. Pretty small right?

Terengganu's float. The winner for Overall Best Boat. Cantik ka?

The less crowd area where we stood. Overlooking the waterfront bridge too.

Tourism Malaysia. Nice colour.

Float of Perlis

Float by i-City - winner of Best Lighted. Think they must've stole some of their lighted trees and put it on the float. Haha.

Perbadanan Putrajaya..enough said.

Resort World Genting also took part. I recognised the logo first.

Brunei also took part. Think it's the only International contestant.

Float from Perak.

Ah this one I must surely say nice because from Melaka.

Let the fireworks begin!

This one looks like palm tree.


  1. Where to go ah this weekend? Desa Park City - la, your family's favourite place, no? Wah, very nice floats. I never knew they had such things.

  2. We were there last week too, but on Friday night! My girl loves the firework but my boy got terrified, lol!

  3. Hi Carolyn, love the pics, you a good photographer.
    Noticed Perak's float had the slogan, 'Yours to discover".
    Our Ontario slogan is 'Yours to discover' from wayyyy back.
    I very rarely go watch these shows as have never appreciated crowds. My wife too.
    We rather watch it on TV.
    But I'm sure your kids enjoyed the show.

    Go bring your kids fishing somewhere.....have a picnic too.
    Have a pleasant weekend.
    ps, is that Templar park still there, or Bukit Kanching? About 15 miles out of KL.
    Used to go there swim in the cool waterfall area.

  4. Nice picture of the bridge! :)

  5. Wow! So nice. I didn't know about this. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Germaine: I don't go to Desa Park City always. It's too far for me. :p I also never knew until I heard over the radio. Aiyoh so shy. you noticed my testing testing ah? That was actually for MG. I tried publishing blog post through windows live writer and it works!

    Alice: poor boy. got terrified. nvm, bring him to see more often then he won't be terrified anymore.

    Uncle Lee: I hate crowds too. But for the sake of the children..what to do. LOL. I don't know how to fish. Never fish before in my life. Not sure whether Templar Park is still there. But I can find out. Thanks for dropping by!

    Merryn: Thanks Merryn!

    MG: You're most welcome.

  7. i saw adverts for this..but missed it when I heard bout the crowds. I dislike crowds. but looking at your photos, i think it would have been worth the visit! so beautiful indeed! never least now I get to view it through your lense. :)

  8. Martha: I don't like crowds too but never been before and for the sake of the kids. Anyway, we discovered a less crowded place..;)



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