Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cruising Together

After I typed that title, the song Cruising Together by Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis started playing in my head. Haha. Want to know what we did last weekend? We went on a Greenery Cruise at Mines City. The weather was cloudy that day and I was afraid it would rain. The moment we stepped out, it started drizzling and I told hubby optimistically that maybe the rain would stop once we reach The Mines shopping mall.

When we arrived at the ticket counter in The Mines shopping mall, we were disappointed to find out that only the Greenery Cruise was available due to the weather. Otherwise we would've opted for the Discovery Cruise+Musical Fountain+Animal Wonderland. Oh well, maybe next time when the weather is better. Greenery Cruise covers only the South Lake and it's a smaller lake compared to the North Lake.

We had the opportunity to see and feed swans. I've never seen a swan before and this close! That was actually the highlight of this outing. Of course, to see how happy and excited the children was the best and priceless.

View from above - the boat cruise.

The brochure says 'The Venice of the East'.

My excited daughter.

Other passengers of the boat.

The expert driver of the boat.

Coming out from the tunnel and into the South Lake.

The Greenery Cruise. So now we know why it's called the Greenery Cruise.

The driver stopped for us to have a look at the fishes of the lake. That's ikan talapia. Quite huge.

Then we fed the fishes too. Have to purchase the fish food from the driver.

View of the lake.

My two kiddos so happy.

Elizabeth was so happy she started singing. LOL.

Hello there!

Black swan. So beautiful and also reminds me of that Black Swan movie.

Hello there again!

Eating the fish food we fed.

What a beautiful pair of white swans.

A private boat belonging to the owner of a house by the lake.

This house was own by a son of an ex minister.

Bye bye swans!

Look at Joseph. My husband have to hold him tight.

There are a few restaurants and cafes by the canal joining the two lakes. The view should be a nice if you dine at one of those cafes or restaurants.

We can see some people just chillaxing or feeding the fishes, sitting along the canal leading into the shopping mall. 

So dark you might say because we are in the tunnel.

The only shopping mall you can sail into.

Last picture before we get off the boat.


  1. Thats nice, I didn't know you could cruise out of the shopping mall. The swans look lovely.

  2. That's interesting. I didn't even know got such a thing. You really know how to go discover things to do. I simply loved this song. It was one of my favourites - still is.

  3. sucn a fun trip!!! I remember going t Mines Wonderland..somethin like 2 years ago. the park is pretty fn too..but I've never done the cruise. Looks like I ought to give it a shot! :)

  4. MG: Now you know..hehe. Yeah the swans were lovely.

    Germaine: Actually I discovered it many many years ago when I was not married yet. Hey, one of my fav songs too.

    Martha: yeah you can give the cruise a shot. I'm sure your girls will love it.

  5. Wah nice wor!! I didn't know Mines got such thing! The last time I went there was like ermm... a decade ago? Only remember went to the theme park, sitting on the train ride and it broke down halfway and we all have to walk back to the theme park!

  6. I used to go to the MInes when I was living in Cheras but every since I moved, I have not been there for ages. Looks like a happy day for your kiddies. Enjoyed browsing through the photos and love to see your kiddies' happy faces!



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