Monday, July 18, 2011

My Son's Ah Pak!

My two year old son, Joseph can speak a few words but still not in sentences. While I go to work, my babysitter will take care of him for me. My babysitter's husband is retired. So he will be around when Joseph is at her place. Joseph was taught to call him "Ah Pak" meaning old man. So he calls him "Ah Pak" or "Pak". It's funny how he pronounces "Pak" because as my friend said his diction is very good, he pronounces "Pak-k-k". Sounds like a parrot right? Hehe.

One day, I brought back some books borrowed from the National Library. As usual, I read to my children two books before they go to bed. I read to them a book about Dora, a popular cartoon character. As I turned the page to this page...

..he shouted MAP!!! We were surprised, yep even Elizabeth. I mean I have a Dora the Explorer VCD (it was a birthday gift from my dad to Elizabeth :) ) But they have not been watching it for some time. I'm amazed at his memory. When I was his age, I'm pretty sure my memory was as good as a fly's.

Then we came to another page and he shouted PAKKK!!! This time we were not surprised at first, we were puzzled instead. Eliza and I looked at each other giving a "what's he talking?" look. Then he shouted PAKKK!!!!! again. Louder this time sounding even more like a parrot. Luckily he didn't flap his wings hands but finally he pointed to this..

Can you see that "Ah Pak"? Eliza and me literally burst out laughing. We understood now. Kids are so clever in a funny way huh? Nobody told him that "Ah Pak" meant old man and yet he can link that picture to an old man. Believe me my babysitter's husband doesn't look like that at all. He has a head full of hair and it's not all white yet. And of course he doesn't have a moustache. Oh and he says the lady in the picture is Mummy and Dora is Jie Jie. I'm amazed again.

And why is it that children nowadays like to talk like an adult? Sometimes when I hear Elizabeth talking, I can't help but feel that she's a mini me. LOL. When we were kids, I don't remember talking like an adult. We just played it safe incase we get a tight slap from our parents. So we talked like how a child should talk. But yesterday, Elizabeth acting like a real princess said this,

"Wei, you see, I told you not to drive like that. You make my water bottle drop down! Must drive slower. Always like to drive so fast."

My goodness. Do I actually talk like that? Hmm..maybe I should talk like how a child should talk from now on. ^_~


  1. do you show the picture to the babysitter's husband? see he laught or not.
    so cute.

  2. Hahaha...your little girl so cute! Ya-la must be talking like mummy-la, who else. Good your boy can associate words like that. Kids are like sponges when they learn.

  3. OMG lol! I can imagine Eliza saying that! lol SHE IS a MINI YOU!

    Wah, Joey got great memory oh! Good sign! Lets see if he can remember text books in the future as good as old people! lol If he sees Kenny, he'll say Ah Pak as well! lol.

  4. Pretty soon you will start complaining (on your blog )tht your boy kept chattering non stop like a radio DJ! LOL!

  5. Kok Ling: I wanted to show but always forget lar. Then it's time to return the books already.

    Germaine: Hey, why cannot be talking like papa ah?:P Maybe papa also talk like that?

    Alexia: Am I really that naggy? I better stop already then! LOL. Kenny doesn't look like that lah!

    Alice: No lar, still cannot fight with your son. Haven't turn two yet already can speak so well. in sentences some more!

  6. hey Carolyn..popping by. :) so cute the way you added that Pakkk to the p icture! hehe.. record and put here lar so we can listen. :) I agree that children nowadays are matruing faster and picking things up much faster! Must be the food.

  7. Thanks for dropping by prince n princess mum.

    Thanks for dropping by Martha! Finally. hehe. I missed u. Yeah, never thought of recording it down coz sometimes it's so hard to record. They wanna touch the camera and see the screen. Anyway, yeah must be the food. I agree.:)

  8. Hi Carolyn, I tagged you in a meme.
    Top Ten Things I wish I Could Do
    Feel free to ignore it if you think it is a waste of time. Haha.



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