Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hello again!

Sorry for not updating my blog for sometime. A bit rusty here. So just thought I might kick it off by saying hello again.

Remember I did a post once about Joseph wearing shoes a few size bigger? See here. Now he has done it again. This time with MY shoes.

Kids really love to wear adult's shoes right? Maybe it's easier to wear and they can run off easily.

On a separate story, Elizabeth just had her mini concert for her Junior Music Course in Yamaha. Here are some videos if you are interested. Sorry that you have to tilt your head in the first video. I totally forgotten that I'm not suppose to record it that way. :P


  1. She's so cute and participative. My kids were watching her singing and asked for repeats - at least 3 times. Your boy in the previous post really flasher-la, hahaha!!!

  2. Thanks for the videos. She's still a bit reserved and self-conscious right? But at least she does the actions. Some of my Sunday School kids die die won't participate eventhough the music is so inviting, until I also cannot help it but dance along...haha, actually I HAVE to do it lar, no option wan..and Joseph..wow..he always manages to tease a smile out of me, even from his pics :)

  3. Your boy got good taste lah! Choose the right shoes to wear! :D

  4. Germaine, your son also goes to JMC right? I'm sure he's also participative. wah I didn't know my daughter have fans..hehe. oh my boy, memang flasher lol.

    sunsetrose, yalor. have to persuade her to do. haha you dance along? i can imagine. joseph look quite sexy in my shoes, right?:P

    Jenny, good taste like mummy right? hehe.



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