Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Terrific Two Year Old

On July 2nd 2011, Joseph entered the terrific two year old phase. It was just a small do with family. It fell on a Saturday and we were in my hometown. Mum didn't thought we were celebrating. She's still not in the mood. But I was thinking poor little innocent fella. So just got a cake, sang Birthday song and cut the cake. That's all. I haven't even got this little boy his present. Sorry dearie. Be patient.

Birthday boy's cake.

Fuuuhhhh! Blowing out the candles with the help of jie jie.

Yay! Everybody clap!

Now to cut the cake.

The kids 'attacked' the pieces of chocolate first.

And now they're enjoying the cake.

My handsome terrific two year old, Joseph!
I can't believe my boy is a terrific two now. It seems like it was just yesterday that I held him in my arms for the first time. Kids really grow up so fast! Now he can walk, run and jump. He can do more things compared to a year ago. So fast even it's hard for me to keep up. One of the funny things he does now is the way he sings songs. He can't sing the whole phrase in a song so what he'll do is he'll only sing the word or some words at the end of a phrase. LOL. Check out my videos to know what I mean. Hope you'll find it amusing. Sunsetrose, here's to your request! I hope you enjoy the most..:P

Happy Birthday Joseph. Mummy loves you so very much and looking forward to many more terrific years together with you! I will always be proud of you..:)


  1. Joseph can feed himself very well, good.
    happy birthday to joseph too.

  2. Happy Birthday to little Joseph. Wah mummy can sing very well-ah - hou yeh hou yeh for mummy!! Your boy also, very cute. Don't you just love it when they start talking and singing. So, can plan for No.3 now la!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to Joseph :) Thanks so much for the videos. I really really loveeee the way he sings, I watched and watched it again...he even knows when you change the tone and try to follow..i like to oat oat oat opples and bononas...hou yeh, hou yeh!! And the 2nd video..huwah, Eli tak hirau u ehh...she jealous u never video her ka?

  4. Happy Birthday Joseph!! Many happy returns to him! Tht's a very beautiful cake, my boy's too gonna celebrate his 2nd Birthday nxt month!^^

  5. Did you know I gave you an award sometime back?

  6. Kok Ling: Thanks..;)

    Germaine: Thanks. Eh you call that well huh? lol. Aiyoh no lar, I close shop dy. You gave me an award? Sorry I didn't know. I'm so out of touch with the blogging world recently. Picking up the momentum soon ya. Thanks so much!

    Jenny:Thanks dear.

    sunsetrose: Thanks and you're welcome. It was my pleasure. Although I had to let the whole world hear my ugly singing. LOL. oh Eli jealous lor. That's y never 'hiu' me. So in the next video, i purposely featured her.

    Alice: Thanks! Is it? wah, our boys' birthday are quite close huh?

  7. Happy Birthday Joseph. Yeah I can understand what your mom felt, she is still mourning... but then, a small do to celebrate the little boy's birthday is good to cheer up the kids. Take care and hugs :)



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