Thursday, July 21, 2011

Top Ten Things I Wish I Could Do

I haven't done memes for so long.  I'm a little rusty. Usually I get tagged in Facebook and my memes are in there. Maybe this is the second meme in my blog? So here's my attempt and I hope no one will fall asleep. ;P Thanks MG from Mumsgather for tagging me. Here goes..

1. Be a SAHM (Yes, I do envy you SAHMs.)
2. Go on a holiday with the family. (So far I have not had a holiday with the family ever
    since I had Joseph)
3. Meet an old friend I haven't met for 14 years! (Correct me if I'm wrong..hehe)
4. Learn diving and obtain a diving license.
5. Bake anything on my own since helping mum to bake during secondary school don't
    count. Hehe.
6. Go jungle trekking.
7. Star watching and have professional equipment to watch stars. (Can't even see any stars
    here in KL lar...terrible!)
8. Be a supermum to my kids.
9. Ok I'm going to be a bit scary or morbid here for some of you but I wish I could bring
    my late father back to life. (Hope you still stay friends with me after reading this)
10. Going to the moon or space. (A bit far fetched but can this be counted ah?) Pandai
      berangan kan?

Ok I think there might be more but I just can't think of anything more at the moment. So from my list, I'm a right or left brain person huh, MG?

Now it's my turn to tag.

Liew Kok Ling


  1. Yes, some a bit far fetched - but what are wishes if not wishes right? You still can hope on baking, diving and SAHM (go hint to your hubby)

  2. 1. I'm sure that will happen in the future!
    2 & 3. Can kill two birds with one stone that one! lol
    4. Wah diving ah. Me too! We do together! lol
    5. WE need you an oven ASAP! Kasie! Oven STAT! ;)
    6. Ok this one you go sendiri one! lol Hate the pacat :P
    7. Star gazing ah. Noted! I have a telescope here we can use!
    8. Aiyah you're already a supermum mah! At least according to Eliza you drive like one! lol So fast! lol
    9. I think we all wish we could bring back our passed loved ones.
    10. Don't play play oh. Virgin Galactic already has a plane being built to go into sub orbital space for just $250,000.00! We just need to rob a bank and we're set!

  3. Oh hey, thanks for tagging me! I'll write up my reply and post it up soon ya since tomorrow and Sunday got posts lined up already... ;P

    As for #9, I don't think its crazy for thinking/wishing that. Even though it's been 5 years since my parents passed on, I still do wish they could be around today and see how I'm doing and enjoy my children...

  4. Germaine: Hubby also wants me to be SAHM but money not enough lar. Cannot live on one income. Sob sob.

    Alexia: LOL. never knew you also wish to go diving one day. ok set! Err..what is STAT? I also hate pacat but I'll still try. Eh that was not me driving lar. That was hubby actually. :P $250,000.00????? then it will always be a dream only lar. don't even dare to rob a bank ;)

    Jenny: Wah bz lady. Got post lined up already. Thanks for understanding. My heart goes out to you too coz I know how you feel..:)

  5. Hi!

    Nice post! I had prepared a list of 10 things to do before I die, and have been able to do most of them. Its very difficult to manage wok, kids,hubby and home! So I guess we are all superwomen!

    take care :)

  6. In short, you'd like to dive, watch stars and go to the moon. Haha. That reminded me of the time we bought a telescope for the kids. We told them we could see the moon but all we saw was some windows at a nearby condominium. lol. And no, I do not think you are a morbid person (far from it) and will continue to visit your blog. :)

  7. MG: LOL. That's what you derive from my wish list? hmmm..

    aiyoh..serious? the telescope can only go that far? then where to get a really good one? but i'm sure the good one will be highly priced too. sob..sob. there goes my wish.

    thank goodness you're not afraid of're most welcome then!



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