Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kids Say The Darndest Thing

Yesterday while I was driving Elizabeth to kindergarten in the morning, we had this conversation...

Eliza: Mummy, why teacher Sabrina and you got this thing? (cupping her chest with her two

Me: (Pretending to don't understand) What thing?

Eliza: Neh, this thing big one. (still cupping her chest with two hands)

Me: Oh, next time when you're older you, will have it too.

Eliza: Then I will also have to wear inside clothes and outside clothes? (she meant bra and a blouse)

Me: Yes. (laughing)

Eliza: Why boys don't have that thing one?

Me: Girls and boys are different. That is why they are called boys.

Eliza: Boys cannot have right? If got then eeee...not nice one.

Me: Yes, boys cannot have. (laughing again.)

Eliza: Then boys wear what?

Me: Wear outside clothes only.

Eliza: Oh, no need to wear inside clothes right?

Me: Yeah.

Funny isn't it? Maybe it's time I tell her more about the birds and the bees. ;)

Getting excited to go swimming.

There my babe in a bikini. LOL.

I start her young right? Kaka. See she's wearing inside clothes. LOL.

The water was so cold but he still wants to swim.

Peace out!


  1. got so big ones ah?! I love these conversations! Your little one so s*xy in her bikini - tsk tsk tsk young ciku wearing bikini - alamak! (actually I've seen babies wearing bikinis too)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. hahaha ur daughter very sexy ...

  4. Germaine: Haha..that's y i was wondering. I think she meant teacher Sabrina's lar. Mine far from it. LOL you're so funny. Young ciku.

    Tracy: yalar..more sexy than me also. The mother never have a bikini in her life.

  5. wao, so sexy la Eliza, some more can pose like this.
    so she is wearing only inside cloths and no outside cloths lo.

  6. She is super pretty in her bikini, looks very matured!

    Wow, her teacher's boob must be F size one, lol... so obvious!

  7. we all know her teacher's or your boob size. ;P. hahaha

  8. Kok Ling: HAHA..yeah inside clothes only. sexy ler.

    Merryn: Thanks! Interested to find one like that? hehe

    Alice: Thanks. Haha not until F size lar. Maybe C? lol

    Martha: Mine like young ciku one lar..hahahhahaha.



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